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On Nov 25th, Mark Hunt swallowed his dignity and did some pro wrestling crap. If you thought he might come out of this with his pride intact, the above photo should prove otherwise. The good news is that Hunt announced after the fight that he wanted to fight twice on NYE, once for HUSTLE and once for Yarennoka.

Of course, everyone knows pro wrestlers lie about everything so god only knows if this will happen. Personally, I’d love to see an exhausted Mark Hunt get smashed by some random individual, so I’m totally down. Pro wrestling might be stupid, but it’s not easy and does tend to exhaust you. If Mark Hunt does pull this off, I’m gonna give him major props and my second “Big Testicles” award of the day!

The only way this guy could have a better name is if he was Winner McNever Loses.

Kid Nate still hasn’t gotten back to us about our Guida/Huerta bet. It’s okay if you don’t have the balls to play, Nate. Just let us know and we’ll see if there’s anyone else out there who’s stupid AND brave.

Remember that event which we thought was a total scam? Well, it turns out that it might actually be true, since MMAWeekly has just written an article about it and confirmed Ken Shamrock’s participation.

Of course, there’s still a lot of questions left that need answering … like why the hell this event is happening in Manilla when the company throwing the event is based in Las Vegas? And why are none of the fighters including this event in their list of upcoming fights?

Still seems pretty sketchy to me, but at least we now know there’s an actual company out there trying to get this event off the ground. If it actually happens or not will be something to wait and see.

Dave Meltzer breaks down the thought process the UFC went through when seeking a replacement for Matt Serra:

St. Pierre and his management team called UFC after getting news of Serra’s injury, and asked for the match. At that point, UFC officials were looking at presenting either Josh Koscheck or Thiago Alves, with the latter having the better shot since he was coming off four straight wins. Jon Fitch, who may have been the first offered the fight, turned it down, because he had gained significant weight and felt he couldn’t make weight in a healthy fashion on short notice. His camp, San Jose’s American Kickboxing Academy, suggested Koscheck, who is closer to the 170-pound weight limit, would have made an interesting opponent for Hughes. The only negative was Koscheck was coming off a loss to St. Pierre on Aug. 26.

St. Pierre was thought off limits. He already had a guaranteed title shot in April, with his home city of Montreal close to locked up as the location. But with seven months between fights, St. Pierre was getting antsy for competition. He had even talked of competing in amateur wrestling at the Canadian national level. St. Pierre, with no competitive wrestling background, outwrestled Koscheck in his win.

So basically if it wasn’t for GSP stepping up and saying “I want this fight”, we could have ended up with a gigantic turd of a main event. So again, I just want to say “Thank you Georges for having the balls to do this!”

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