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Okay, right on the heels of saying “bye Ali” we now say “Hello nurse!” to the new maybe-permanent ring girl. Here’s the deets on her:

Word on the street, her name is Edith Larente. Edith’s a Canadian, Montreal native, 25 years of age, and last night was in deed her debut.

Out of all the hot Montreal bitches, the UFC had to hire the one who looks like a spray tan Alanis Morissette. Oh yeah, and the one who also has a bunch of slutty pictures of her with grapes on her vagina.

I’m willing to bet that this chick has porn out there somewhere … Montreal is the Canadian capital for porno, and this chick definately looks familiar to me. I’ve probably already masturbated to her on one of the many Montreal based porn websites.

All in all, I give a general thumbs down. She’s got retarded bazooka breasts and her expression most of the time is akin to someone sucking on a rotten egg. She deserves to be one of those EliteXC dancing tramps, not an Octagon girl.

I’m sure you all noticed that Ali Sonoma, the cute little blond ring girl we’ve all gotten used to, was replaced at UFC 78 with a huge breasted horse face. There was much speculation as to what prompted that switch … perhaps the UFC wanted a more ‘authentic New Jersey trash’ look at ringside?

Well, if you were hoping this was just a one time deal and Ali would be back soon, I’m here to burst your bubble. Here’s a note from her myspace:

“I am no longer a ring girl for UFC-I am proud to say I am moving up to bigger and better things. There is always a time when you get comfortable at a job-you seem to lose focus on what your main goal is-I guess I got a little comfortable myself, of course, I loved the fights, loved the experience, but my real dream is to actually speak on camera, to act, not just shake my booty for the crowd. ;-) (even though it was a lot of fun while it lasted and I met some amazing people)”

Personally I’ll really miss her always entertaining commentary on issues like dogfighting. What I won’t miss is the visions of a jerry-curl Diego thrusting away whenever I look at her. Well, maybe I will miss that a little bit. Oh, and on that homo tip, hopefully the above picture washes away the taint you got from our 1000 post picture.

I’m not one to post shit I read on forums as gospel truth. But I’ll happily post a link to a post where someone else does. That way when this turns out to be bullshit, you all hate on them instead of me!

This link takes you to a supposed conversation fans had with Joe Silva just before UFC 78. There’s a shitload of information, and here’s some notable highlights:

  • The Leben/Martin fight was originally supposed to be Tanner/Martin but Tanner turned the fight down ‘with no explanation’ … the fact that Joe Silva wasn’t aware that Evan was in the middle of an alcoholic crash at the time kinda worries me.
  • Says they’ve been having trouble getting in touch with CroCop’s management to set up another fight.
  • Stated that they didn’t plan to let Yushin Okami leave but his last performance plus crazy contract demands caused him to leave. In other words, “He asked to be paid like a top contender, but we were only willing to pay him like a top boring contender”
  • Claimed Josh Barnett was just ‘too much of a pain’ to deal with, and that he’s a big Japan freak so probably wouldn’t want to sign with the UFC anyways.

Anyways, there’s tons more where this came from … just keep in mind that all this could just be bullshit cobbled together by some bored forum monkeys.


In what looks like the continuation of a disturbing trend across the US, the California State Athletic Commission has started to come down on ‘smoker’ events, which are glorified sparring matches to give gym members experience. Here is the full letter Tribull MMA in San Jose just got regarding his limited contact smoker – half the matches were 16 oz gloves and headgear while all small glove fights were no strikes to the head.

Of course, you all remember that Din Thomas over in Florida got thrown in the clink and had FEDERAL charges put against him over a similar kind of event.

It doesn’t exactly take a brain surgeon to understand the difference between events like this and REAL mixed martial arts events. Perhaps if the CSAC had a way to differentiate and regulate smokers as amateur MMA, all of these issues could be solved. Unfortunately, the CSAC has basically said it’ll take them TWO YEARS to set up the framework for amateur MMA to occur.

As it stands, if you’re an MMA gym in California (and god knows, there’s more MMA schools there than Chinese convenience stores), you better watch out: the CSAC is coming after your smoker.

It sure seems like Vadim Finkelstein is in the process of going rogue and fucking M-1 Global over. But you would think he’d at least have the courtesy of giving the M-1 Global guys a call and telling them what’s up so they wouldn’t look so clueless. From the M-1 Russia site:

M-1 Global will hold its press-conference on November,21 which will be dedicated to the first event of the organization. The event is scheduled to take place on New Year’s Eve at the Saitama Super Arena. Mixfight M-1 will be represented by Vadim Finkelstein and Fedor Emelianenko.

And now here’s what’s up over in America:

The confusing part is that I spoke to representatives for M-1 Global on Monday night who confirmed that Fedor would be fighting on New Year’s Eve in Japan but that the card would not be an M-1 Global event. Instead, Fedor was being “rented out” for the evening so that he could compete on a card being organized by the Japanese as a way to bid farewell to PRIDE fans.

Normally I’m pretty good at figuring out what’s up in the world of mixed martial arts, but this is just getting so weird that even I’m doubting myself. Japan is a strange place, where fight promoters can say they’re hosting Fedor vs Jesus Christ on the moon and people would just ask if Fedor thinks the moon’s harsh conditions are going to affect his cardio at all. Anything is possible, anything can happen, and god knows how this will all unfold.

I’m sure Zuffa is busy laughing their asses off at the situation M-1 Global has gotten themselves into, but if I were them I’d be paying more attention to the fact that the company they bought out seems to have risen from the grave to throw events once more.

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