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On the Bandwagon:

  • Joe Lauzon: The guy steamrolled Jason Reinhardt and is only going to get better. No matter how much of a goof he is, I can no longer keep claiming he’s just been lucky up to this point. The boy’s got some serious skills.
  • Akihiro Gono: I haven’t gotten to see the fight, but I saw all I needed to see from the 10 second highlight. Zebra stripe tights and a sick armbar to boot? Sign me up for the Gono express!

Off the Bandwagon:

  • Michael Bisping: No, I’m not off the Houston bandwagon like the rest of the universe. But I am off the Bisping bandwagon. I gave him a pass when he almost fucked up against Elvis. And then I gave him a pass on the Hamill fight because really … who really expected Hamill to show up with firepower out of the blue? But at this point I’m sick of Bisping … he had two rounds with a gassed Rashad Evans to win my loyalty and he blew it.
  • Spencer Fisher: I think Cung Le has better takedown defense than Spencer Fisher … the King looked like an absolute scrub in this fight and if you’re gonna pick one fighter who was ‘exposed’ in this event, it was Fisher.

Everyone ignored:

  • The fact that Rashad Evans gassed hardcore (again).
  • The fact that Frankie Edgar had nothing in his toolbox past takedowns and guard passing.

Everyone said:

  • That Bisping got some karmic payback for the Hamill fiasco. I gotta agree, if Bisping didn’t have some serious douche points that needed redeeming I probably would have been angry about that judgment. That said, the only thing that could have made that match more farcical was a tie.
  • That Houston Alexander has been ‘exposed’. Like his lack of ground game wasn’t already as obvious as a gigantic 50 foot penis shooting multicolored laser beams.
  • That Karo can’t finish fights. Welcome to what we knew last year, people.

When will 2 girls 1 cup die? After every single MMA fighter out there has posted up a video of them watching it!

“Houston goes after guys with guns blazing like someone just raped his mother!”
-Joe Rogan on ESPN

“We would like to apologize for the comments made by Joe Rogan moments ago”
-ESPN on Joe Rogan

And this is why some fans complain that the UFC puts out a ‘less than professional’ image. It’s like asking your guido cousin to dress nice for a night at the opera and the idiot wears his leather jacket and white jeans. They don’t even realize they’re dumb. They just don’t fucking get what’s right or wrong and when or when not to say certain stuff.

It’s amazing that someone like me has to point out that you shouldn’t make analogies about mom rape on ESP fucking N. Ah well, at least he didn’t say ‘children‘ instead of ‘mother’.

One of the secrets that slipped out during UFC 78 was the fact that Dan Henderson would be fighting Anderson Silva for the middleweight title in Ohio on March 1st. This is great news for me because the Fightlinker crew as a general rule never misses the Ohio shows, and I loves me an Anderson Silva ass-whupping.

Also good to note is that both Dana White and Dan Henderson were smart enough to do what needed to be done: Dana ponied up a mountain of cash for Hendo and Sokoudjou, and Dan Henderson dropped back down to middleweight where he was needed most. With Hendo-Silva set for March, that gives the UFC 6 months to sober Evan Tanner up or develop another middleweight to the point where it wouldn’t be a joke for them to face the Spider.

Of course, let’s not forget Rich Franklin, who should be due for another Anderson induced rhinoplasty by the end of 2008. All of a sudden the MW title picture that looked so grim a few days ago is starting to shape up! Let’s just cross our fingers and hope Dan doesn’t suddenly get a mysterious knee injury while training.

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