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Guy Mezger has been a busy bee lately, taking HDnet’s existing MMA network and ramping it up for 2008:

Our goal is to produce 24 live shows a year. That’s with us and HDNet Fights partners. We plan on having fresh TV because we’re going to show part of the shows live and part of them taped. We will have fresh TV; around 4 of them a month. HDNet Fights and HDNet Fights Presents should have the highest employees of mixed martial arts athletes in the United States; which again is helping out the fighters.

What this means of course is we’re going to be seeing a whole bunch of MMA that isn’t really fit for TV consumption. I’m a huge fan of MMA, and I used to watch everything I could get my hands on. But back in the day, the only shit that got taped was serious major league stuff.

With this HDNet stuff, they’re teaming up with promotions which are putting together cards featuring numerous newb fighters … many of whom haven’t even hit 5 fights. These guys are green as hell, and the fights look amateur.

So yeah … it’s great that HDNet is putting this money into MMA and down the road it’ll be a good thing. But right now for me as a fan it just means a whole bunch of really painful MMA.

Attempting some tricky counter-intuitive fighter alchemy, Joe Silva is matching up the fast and exciting Sokoudjou against deliberate and boring Lyoto Machida at UFC79. I’m kinda surprised that the UFC has decided to debut Sok against Machida … the African Assassin was like the Houston Alexander of PRIDE, and it would only take one knockout on an Ultimate Fight Night to put the beefy black judoka over the top with everyone.

Instead, they’ve matched Sok up against a fighter who’s known for stifling his opponent’s offense and earning himself calculated decisions. So it’s really a question of who can force their game plan on the other. If I was Sokoudjou my plan would be to rip the fucker’s knee in half, because he’s apparently really good at that.

Alessio Sakara’s last fight at 205 may also be his last fight in the UFC if he’s unable to beat UFC virgin James Lee at UFC80. While Lee has an impressive 12-2 record with 9 submission wins, most of these were against total scrubs. Also, Lee’s favorite finishing move happens to be the heel hook, which stopped working in the UFC around 2003.

I wouldn’t write Lee off completely though … his last win was against Travis Wiuff at Pride 33 so if Sakara gives him an opening, you know this boy can take it and win with it. Will Sakara’s special meat be up to the challenge??? Only time will tell!

UFCGirls is the best place to go for … UFC girls. And with the addition of ho-bag horse face fake boobed Edith Larente, they’ve been having a field day finding a ton of incriminating photos of her. Edith also goes by the name of Annabelle, which is but the first glamor shot porn aliases that has been uncovered so far. But hey, I don’t think badly of Edith for these … she’s got to pay la rente, right? Haha. Edith Larente needs to pay la rent. Haha.

Most of the pictures we’ve seen of Edith so far have been ‘bored egg sucking at ringside’ pics or ‘weird angle glamor boob shots’. Here’s some pics of her in semi-normal poses so you can get a look at how totally average she is.

Last week, Fedor stunned the universe by defending his Open-Weight Combat Sambo title in Prague in front of a rousing crowd of dozens. In other words, no one bothered to come check it out, even with Fedor’s involvement. Hell, even two of Fedor’s opponents didn’t make it to their matches, meaning Fedor won by default after one fight. Fedor’s thoughts on the tournament:

“This fourth gold medal ended up being the strangest. For the first time in my career all my opponents refused to step on the mat. I admit similar situations have happened, they’ve asked me to hit more softly on the head to avoid injuries. Not to mention in the 2002 Worlds, when I signed up for the competition, 7 fighters immediately quit the tournament, but what happened this time in Prague had never happened to me before,” declared the former Pride champion.

For all the bluster of Fedor being the ‘face of Combat Sambo’, it seems pretty clear at this point that no one but Fedor wants Fedor competing. All he’s doing is keeping other Sambo guys from winning some medals and fame for themselves. It’s like Barry Bonds showing up at a t-ball tournament and crushing everyone year after year. Give it up, man. You’re #1, we fucking get it.

Other sites might be trying to make this out as proof that the UFC really shouldn’t have been anti-Combat Sambo, but I don’t buy it. The Combat Sambo thing was probably a footnote at the bottom of the crazy demands Fedor’s management was asking for.

My take on this is similar to my take on Mark Hunt’s new pro wrestling career or Josh Barnett fighting a cross dresser … I find it sad that these guys are reduced to doing this lame shit instead of fighting the biggest matches of their lives in front of tens of thousands.

For God’s sake, this is like the beginning of a bad movie sequel where the main character re-assembles the team and finds his comrades doing all sorts of embarrassing shit to make ends meet.

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