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Off to Nashville today, so no posts today!

Here’s some video of a chauvinistic guy getting his ass handed to him by a girl. This doesn’t surprise me … didn’t Royce Gracie teach us that skill trumps size? There are probably about 10,000 chicks in Brazil alone who could tool the majority of guys wandering around wearing Punishment clothes. And past the fact that they’ve got technique on their side, they’ve also got the fact that most guys won’t hit back until it’s too late. Me? I’m a sucker punch kinda guy. That shows that I respect women enough to know I couldn’t take them head on.

I’m just glad Jason is doing more productive things than potentially pissing off Zuffa. My favorite bit is where they say that afro dude does nothing … that’s exactly what me and Jake noticed too. Of course we also have our suspicions that he’s the guy who actually does all the real work.

I’ve always been impressed with Clay Guida, and that was before I realized he’s small for a lightweight. Check out these two snippets from interviews with him:

“Me and my brother (fellow MMA fighter Jason Guida) were contemplating, ‘man am I going to have to go up to 170?’ you know? Because for a while they didn’t have the 155’s. Granted I’m a small 155er but I fight with a lot of heart and a lot of emotion. You know for a while there I didn’t think I was going to get the call and when I did-I think it was well deserved. I put the time in the smaller shows to really be tested on a higher level of competition, and you know, I did everybody proud and I did myself proud. Now that’s behind me and I’m looking to the future. That’s what I think a true champion is made of. What’s next, what’s coming up?” says Guida.

Just 5-7, Guida has no problem making 155.

“I don’t even cut weight. I could be down to weight in a day. Obviously my height helps me to be down to weight but I don’t really ever get too out of hand that way. That way I can put the extra time in the gym as far as instructional and technique rather than having to worry about being in the sauna, getting extra workouts in to keep my weight down. That’s pointless to me.

After reading this and going over his fights, I gotta say: Clay is freakin’ crazy fighting at lightweight, and he’s gotta update his arsenal and get away from chokes. In one article he refers to chokes as his ‘bread and butter’, and while that might be fine and dandy on the independent circuit (or against Frank Trigg), the majority of top guys in the UFC are nearly unchokable. Just look at Sean Sherk, who barely has a neck to choke. And Aurelio is one of the greatest BJJ fighters in MMA, meaning he could fend a mean rear naked choke even if he was in a vegetative state.

All in all, I think this fight might be a set up … I think Zuffa might be looking to have Guida down in the WEC at 145. And I can’t say I disagree with that line of thinking … I think Clay would be an insane force at 145, and possibly the only guy out there right now without slanty eyes who could beat Urijah Faber. Of course, being a true Guida maniac, I’ll be rooting for him all the way on Saturday. But knowing he’s got a weight class to cut down to makes me much less worried for his career if he loses.

Apparently there’s no such thing as working internet in Georgia. I’m back in Tennessee now so things should return to normal, and we’ll be attempting to record a radio show over Skype or something tonight, although no promises on that working.

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