Matt Hughes is once again banging the “I’ll move up to middleweight” drum:

“If Rich [Franklin] looses then I would move up and fight Anderson [Silva]. I would never fight Rich.”

If you’ll remember, Matt Hughes had talked about moving up in weight right after Anderson Silva dismantled Rich Franklin the first time. Back then it actually made sense … Hughes had just lost his welterweight belt and the middleweight division was really sore for title-shot talent. If Hughes had followed through the first time, it could have been him facing Silva instead of Marquardt last weekend.

However, the comment doesn’t make much sense now. Hughes is busy with the Ultimate Fighter season 6 and set to fight Matt Serra around the end of the year. There are now two pretty big ‘ifs’ in the way of Matt moving up: If Rich loses, and if Hughes loses to Serra. While I’m pretty sure the first one will happen, Hughes losing to Serra is out there in probability land next to “Me fucking Rachelle Leah” … in other words, slightly unlikely.

I do understand why Hughes didn’t move up the first time. Rich wanted another kick at the can, and Hughes didn’t want to look like a pussy running from the welterweight division. However, it would be interesting to see what happens to them both if they lose their respective matches. Is there a move up to light heavyweight for Franklin? He’s been looking pretty fucking miserable the past few fights, and maybe a hard cut and shitty diet have something to do with it. For Hughes, the middleweight title would be easier to hold on to than the welterweight belt.

I guess we’ll see.

Hey everyone, just a quick note … it’s gonna be a slow site today. Probably around 4-5 posts over the entire day. Just an FYI so you don’t think I’ve abandoned you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dana White doesn’t always tell the truth when he talks to the media. Often times he’ll say things to create a buzz. Other times he will say things to try and force negotiations through with fighters. In the case of telling Yahoo Sports the Wanderlei Silva fight is off, my bet is this is just the latest bit of hardballing that Dana White is doing to try and push the deal through. Let’s look at the two key bits in this article:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is scrambling for a main event for the company’s planned Sept. 22 show at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., after light heayweight Wanderlei Silva told UFC president Dana White through an intermediary that he did not want to fight Chuck Liddell.

But White said Wednesday he was told by a member of Silva’s Chute Box team that Silva did not want to fight Liddell. White said the deadline for having the fight made was Wednesday.

Lets see: the fight is off because a ‘member’ of Silva’s Chute Boxe team said Silva didn’t want to fight Chuck. How beleivable does that sound, especially since Silva has confirmed the fight on his website? And how fucking lax is it that the writer Kevin Iole didn’t flex his journalistic muscles (or awaken his journalistic integrity) and actually contact someone from Chute Boxe himself to confirm Dana White’s statement?

Dana White is basically using the Marty McFly attack: Call the guy a chicken, and see what happens. I’m just literally amazed that Kevin Iole is so far up Dana’s ass that he’ll just pass along whatever he’s told without doing even a little bit of research. Of course, I guess that’s the price you gotta pay to get your stupid fucking face on the Countdown shows, huh Kevin?

So Kevin … what about the post on Wanderlei Silva’s site which says he was ready to fight? What about contacting Chute Boxe and confirming Dana White’s statements? How about you stop being a fucking buttboy for the UFC and actually do some real reporting?

I was holding off on posting something about Wand-Chuck because I’m sick and tired of reporting ‘almost maybe’ news. I’m a sensitive motherfucker and I’m tired of getting my hopes and dreams crushed over and over by the general MMA news sites. I’m looking directly at you, Loretta Hunt. Just because I want to have sex with your vagina doesn’t mean you can get my hopes up about Ken Shamrock.

Anyways, things look firm enough now to make a post. Sam Caplan translated a post on Wanderlei Silva’s official site which basically says “The fight is happening on September 22nd”. So that’s good enough for me. Now we just have to see what the MMA Gods do to try and deny us this fight again. Perhaps Silva will get hit by a bus. Or Chuck’s penis will be sucked clean off by a horde of hot club bitches. Anyways, lets just cross our fingers and think positive thoughts.

Well, looks like the Rich Franklin video is really really popular. After 13,000+ views on Dailymotion it got yanked, and now it’s only on Youtube, where it is#18 on the list of top 20 sports videos of the week. It has spawned about 30 threads across the internet and has spiked our traffic pretty hardcore. So hopefully people who have come by stick around and enjoy the site.

Fun fact for all you new peeps: posting in the comments section makes me a happy webmaster, and happy webmasters post more funny stuff. Thanks everyone for your support, and don’t forget to tell a friend if you like the site.

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