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Okay, something is fucking up. When I start sounding more like Dog the Bounty Hunter than Fightlinker, I know there’s a problem. And no, this isn’t just related to one post … I’ve felt fuckered for the past day and a half. If it wasn’t for videos of Mike Pyle making an ass of himself and some chick kicking fat dudes in the belly, yesterday would have been a complete wash as well.

I’ve got 10 blog articles sitting here in front of me, and they all fucking suck. Time to go to a Tibetan monastery for the afternoon and meditate. I’ve lost my inner asshole and must find him again.

**UPDATE** Mojo found!

Sure, we all saw this last year when it first came out. But it’s still worth a smile on a cloudy day, right?

Another day, another wacky move by the IFL. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but I still find it funny that the IFL fired both their black coaches on the same day. Overall I have no idea why they continue to slowly axe team after team. It’s like being at work and having 10 layoffs a day for an entire month … just decide what the fuck you’re doing and DO IT. Don’t drag it out, you dumb fucks.

Of course, the IFL still isn’t known for their great planning skills. The fact that they switched up their tournament halfway through proves that point pretty well. And if they end up really scrapping the team format, then all these firings do is create a lot of negative press and ill will. Congrats again to the IFL for doing everything wrong!

Unconfirmed reports floating around the internet point to this big nasty lump on Nick Diaz’ knee as being infected with staph. That now gives our good pal Nick two excuses as to why he lost! Of course, if this does turn out to be staph, there’s a few things I gotta ask:

  • How the fuck did Diaz get cleared to fight with that thing?
  • What’s going on with Nick’s body that he can’t kick this staph problem?
  • Who’s in charge of washing the mats over at Cesar Gracie’s?

**IMPORTANT UPDATE**   We’re cockheads, and we cut off the credit on this photo, which goes to the very talented Esther Lin. In a battle between hot MMA photographers, I think she totally wins, and I encourage you to go check out her work at her Flikr page. And if you happen to run a MMA magazine *cough*Hywel*cough* maybe you should buy a few photos from her. Just a suggestion!

Looking at Joe Lauzon, you’d figure he probably has to drink a cup full of tiny lead balls to hit 155. The guy looks like the “Before” picture from a bowflex ad. But appearances can be deceiving, because this dude weighed 185 pounds on Wednesday afternoon and is cutting 30 fucking pounds in 48 hours.

This is apparently the standard cut for Joe, although God help him if he doesn’t make weight. Just look at Travis Lutter, Gabe Rudiger, and Chris Price, who all failed to make weight and have fallen off the face of the earth for their crime. I can’t imagine Dana White being happy if Joe misses the cut after bragging about being 30 pounds overweight two days before weigh-in.

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