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Last week, Jennifer Tate got the dubious honor of being the first female in MMA to test positive for a banned substance. I’m sure there’ll be a big asterisk next to this feat because it was only weed and not steroids. She was fined 500 bucks and ‘suspended’ for three months, which basically means she wasn’t really suspended at all. Just goes to show that if you’re gonna smoke dope, do it in California and not Nevada.

No word yet on if her positive was caused by a contact high from living in Stockton … home of everyone’s favorite chronic Nick Diaz.

We know … it seems like every IFL related blog we write is called ‘The IFL is dumb’ or something similar. But that’s only because every other day they announce more fucking stupid news. Like today:

The International Fight League (OTC.BB: IFLI – News), the world’s number one team-based professional mixed martial arts league, and YouTube, the world’s leading video sharing Website, today announced a video sharing partnership designed to expose IFL content to a larger worldwide audience.

IFL short form videos are already some of the highest volume sports pieces on YouTube, with in excess of over one million views in recent months. This partnership is expected to significantly increase that potential audience.

I swear to god that Gareb Shamus puts out a press release every time he takes a shit. The fact that they’re ‘teaming up with google’ to show videos on Youtube and use adsense is underwhelming to say the least. Also worth noting is the bullshit they write about their vids being ‘some of the highest volume sports pieces on YouTube’.

To put things in context, lets take a look at the MMA related videos I’ve put up on Youtube and Dailymotion: Rich Franklin sees his own death, K1 Dynamite sucked balls, HEROs gong show, and Michael Bisping knew he lost (which was deleted, fascist fuckers). Total number of viewers over the past 3 months: 280,000.

Now lets take a look at the IFL’s videos. The official uploader of IFL vids is JoshIFL and he’s got 203 videos, most of which don’t even have 1000 views. The highest views on a fight related video is 35,000 for the Pat Miletich / Renzo Gracie video. In fact, if you add up ALL of the fight-related IFL videos, it adds up to 267,000 views.

That’s right … my four shitty videos have more views than all the IFL fights on Youtube. And that’s not me tooting my horn : That’s me saying “Wow, that’s pretty sad.”

But don’t just use me as a meter stick! Just to show you how little people care, check out the pathetic numbers the IFL is pulling on fights that should be getting good views:

  • Last week’s Bart Palaszewski vs.Chris Horodecki fight : 669 views
  • Last week’s Alex Schoenauer vs. Vladdy Matyushenko : 518 views
  • Carlos Newton vs. Matt Lindland : 1258 views
  • Renzo Gracie Vs. Igor Zinoviev : 1718 views
  • Ben Rothwell vs Ricco Rodriguez: : 3726 views

Anyways, just thought I’d point out that the IFL gets less views than people like The Garv. And they smell bad. The End.

Leave it to the sick sick world to take something me and my sister did and turn it into some kind of perverted game.

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t remind you gomers that don’t scroll down that there was a new Low Blow radio show posted up around 2am last night. We talk EliteXC and UFC78 plus pontificate on the return of Evan Tanner and the possibility of MMA on CBS. It’s really not terrible sorta, so go check it out!

It was Kendall Grove’s birthday party last night, and he spent the whole night with his arms up in the air like he just don’t care. Lets hope he remembers to keep those hands up next time he fights because he kinda forgot to do that against Patrick Cote. Happy birthday, Hawaiian gangsta … here’s hoping you make it through another year!

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