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Pfft, not likely. I’m a pretty big fan off MMAWeekly because they ask the fighters I wanna hear from the questions I want the answers from. Plus they’re not egotistical fucktards like the guys at Sherdog (except Jordan Breen – he’s so dreamy). However, the one thing I don’t like is their tendancy to suck some pretty smarmy cock from time to time. I’d dig up some examples but fuck you, I’m 7 hours into a 22 hour Law & Order marathon and can’t be bothered.

Anyways, back to Mark Coleman. Here’s the passage that has me shaking my head:

It could be argued that Couture has been more relevant to today’s mixed martial arts’ scene, but looking at the fight on paper they are roughly the same age, currently have identical 15-8 professional records, started their MMA careers in the UFC within a year of each other, and come from strong wrestling backgrounds. With the strong name recognition of each, it might be a fight that a segment of fans would want to see, although Coleman would likely have to take another fight in the UFC first. And that is all banking on the fact that Zuffa is willing bring him back to the Octagon.

Yeah, ‘it could be argued’. That’s like saying “I’m not about to say it, but I guess someone COULD say it.” Now I don’t want to come off sounding too negative (because this site is all about sunshine and puppies), but Mark Coleman is over the hill. And while I’m not against two over the hill fighters going at it (winner gets a rascal scooter and bumped up in line for a new kidney), Randy Couture isn’t exactly over the hill. Actually, last time I checked he was … um … Heavyweight champion of the world or some junk?

This just goes to show you how absolutely clueless Mark Coleman is to the reality of his own limitations. I remember thinking this same thought back when he went up against Fedor: Mark must either think the beating is worth the money/exposure, or he really thinks he can win (aka he’s delusional).

This is why the UFC doesn’t want to deal with guys like Coleman, Shamrock, and Frye : they still think they can bang with the top guns, and they consistently get the tar beaten out of them match after match. It’s only a matter of time before one of them just up and dies in the ring because they’re too stubborn to stop.

It seems like not a month goes by without Brandon Vera saying he’s gonna be back in action ‘soon’. I was getting worried because July was almost over and the only Vera sighting has been on that reality show Fight Girls. Hey, I don’t blame him … with the way the UFC’s HW division has been stacking up lately, I’d be hiding with the women too.

Anyways, Vera has finally popped back up spouting the same message he was saying last month and the month before and the month before. Fortunately for his fan, I think this time things might actually move forward. Not only has an actual arbitration date been set, but there’s some relatively solid rumor-mongering going over at UFCMania that the UFC is prepped to stick Vera in the octagon with erstewhile contender Andrei Arlovski. Yippy skippy. I love it when two guys I don’t like face off in the octagon … you’re pretty much guaranteed to see one of them get their asses kicked.

Continuing the trend of big companies releasing substandard garbage, we’ve got Cage Rage with perhaps the ugliest piece of promotional shit I’ve ever seen. And that says a lot. I know everyone has a cracked copy of Photoshop on their computer nowadays, but how the hell did this get past quality control? I imagine the scenario going something like this:

“Hey check out this very cool poster I made for the next event, isn’t this like totally awesome?”

“Wow, it looks like totally kicking asses. This is like totally the most cutting edge design I’ve ever seen in my total life! I love the urine yellow background. It’s major dope.”

“Do you like the phat hip-hopper writing? I got it off of! Respect.”

“No way, I do not believe it. It is looks way too much professional to be free.”

“Yes way dude. Now lets go ass fuck each other!”

“It’s your turn to pitch.”

Hey everyone, it’s oldschool sensation Pat Smith! Pat is one of the original UFC guys, fighting in UFC 1, 2, and 6 plus a ton of Japanese promotions. After nearly 7 years off the circuit, Pat has returned. He was actually in Montreal fighting about a month ago, but I fucked up and went to the venue on the wrong day and ended up seeing a fucking Eagles cover band. What a waste of 40 bucks that was.

Anyways, I don’t advise watching too much of the video because Pat Smith’s girlfriend may turn you to stone or some shit. To save you the trouble, here’s some of the key nuggets of wisdom from Mr Smith:

  • Pat was the original Headhunter and challenged Paul Buentello for the name. Paul apparently pussied out
  • He destroyed one of Randy Couture’s “top guys”
  • He challenged Tim Sylvia, Wanderlei Silva, and Bob Sapp but no one would step up
  • The fights are ‘way much more dangerouser’ in Europe and Japan than America
  • Foreign tournament fighters are ‘stronger brain-thinking persons about themselves’ than their American counterparts.
  • Joe Silva wants Pat Smith back in the UFC to fight Frank Mir

If you’re mainly a UFC kinda guy, you may not know who Paul “Semtex” Daley is. Well just so you know, Paul is the current Cage Rage welterweight champion. His Muay Thai strikes are so effective his nickname refers to a plastic explosive used mainly by terrorists. There’s talk of Daley facing off with Nick Diaz down the road, which is pretty much the only interesting matchup EliteXC can pull off past setting up a ” target=”_blank”>Saw-like scenario between Diaz and Jake Shields. But this post isn’t about Nick Diaz or Jake Shields. It’s not even really about Paul Daley. This post is about Paul Daley’s girlfriend, who is fucking hot. Click the more button to see several pictures.

Special thanks to the Underground Forums for bringing these pics to light. However, you should all thank me for lifting these photos out of the southern-fried retard debate about black guys dating white chicks. Practically every post on there makes me drop IQ points … I’m amazed I’m actually able to string together coherent sentences after reading half that shit.

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