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Check out … Luke has been unusually productive today. Hopefully he hasn’t been fired from his job or dumped by his girlfriend.

I spent all last night working on the K1 Gong Show video instead of prepping blog posts for today. Now I’m stuck not being able to do anything today or tonight either. So I’m afraid you won’t be getting a fix until tommorow. Which sucks, because there’s TONS of shit going on in MMA, and of course I’m your only source for news! Right? Right.

Anyways, for now here’s my olive branch: last night I went over my UFN11 picks with Caleb from MMA Predictions for their radio show. You can check that shit out here, it’s short but sweet. In regards to the Low Blow, we’ll be recording the show right after UFN11 so you can expect that show to go up around 2am Wednesday night.

Wow. Just wow.

Just like the fashion world, the MMA world revolves around seasonal trends. The Summer season’s big trend was steroids – nandrolone was totally hot, and boldenone made a surprise comeback. This Fall season the trend is shifting to focus on judging: Bisping / Hamill has set the tone for the coming months and everyone is going to run this thing into the ground. But just like Uggs and gigantic sunglasses (I call them 21st century paper bags), not all trends are good or warranted.

Case in point: the Nick Diaz / Mike Aina fight. Yeah, Diaz looked like shit. And yeah, Mike was doing a pretty good job of throwing leather. But while the fight itself was a close one, the end result is really not worth crying foul over the way Hamill/Bisping was. Of course, there’s always a number of things that make you go hmmm:

Diaz took scores of 30-27 and 29-28, while Aina won by a count of 29-28 on one judge’s scorecard. Y! Sports scored the fight 29-28 Aina. The judge who scored the match 30-27 Diaz was spotted chatting on his cell phone at one point during the fight and spent a chunk of round 1 with his back turned to the fight, engaging a woman sitting at the press table in a conversation.

One has to wonder if anyone would be calling the judge out if it wasn’t for the fact that he scored the fight 30-27 for Diaz when you’d have to be blind not to give round 1 to Aina. Obviously ICON Sports president Patrick Freitas is thinking that by clarifying that little oopsie, everything will go away:

(an initial scorecard reading of 30-27 for Diaz was incorrect, said ICON Sport’s Patrick Freitas)

Of course, depending on the size of your tinfoil hat, this may seem just a bit too convenient for you. And hey, I can’t blame you … who’s going to believe anything a sleazy fight promoter says, especially when they’re trying to downplay controversy? Once again, I gotta say it: Running in an unregulated region is fucking wicked. It gives me days and days worth of writing material for this site.

The most interesting thing about Denis Kang is the fact that he spells his first name with one N instead of two. I’m not going to deny the fact that he’s a great fighter … he clearly is. But for some reason I just can’t get all hot and bothered about this guy like I am about Georges St Pierre. And apparently Dana White is the same, because he ‘let’ Kang sign with K1 HERO’s.

When it comes to a bidding war for top dogs, I’m sure the UFC can outmuscle anyone’s offer if they want to. But when it comes to a guy who’s huge in Korea but an unknown Stateside, how much money can the UFC really justify to try and bring him over? It’s a real shame too, because Kang was one of the few middleweights available who could have taken the fight to Anderson Silva. Now the UFC is stuck going to plan B and signing Ryo Chonan instead.

There was an interesting quote from Kang in the article that I wanted to comment on:

“I was scheduled to fight on September 11 in the Spirit MC tournament, which was my first shot at winning a title,” says Kang. “I told Dana if he’d let me fight in the tournament, I’d fly right back to Vegas and jump right into doing the show but they didn’t want me to do that. I wouldn’t budge and they wouldn’t budge so we both kind of agreed that it would be best for me to take the fight in Korea. I did and I won the belt.”

He did it and he won the SpiritMC belt. And a few matches later he shattered his hand defending that belt, taking him off the market for months and scratching him from appearing in the final PRIDE shows. So if you ever want a perfect example of why the UFC doesn’t and shouldn’t allow it’s fighters to fight for other organizations, here’s exhibit A.

**UPDATE** We originally referenced Kang’s quote as being related to his March 2007 fight in SpiritMC. He was actually talking about way back when in 2004. We’ve changed the article so we still sorta make our point. Thanks to the guys at MMANews who are constantly berating me for not knowing my shit!

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