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HDNet just announced a partial card for their next show, and once again it’s pretty tame. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m amazed they’ve put a guy they cut from the last show in the headliner’s spot. If they really think Sean Salmon is headline material, why the fuck was he originally mid-card on the first HDNet show? And why did HDNet can Salmon over a contractual mistake last time?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have no problem with HDNet taking their time and building up to a big level. But you’ve got smaller promotions all across America throwing bigger shows and making money. Considering the resources HDNet has, why the fuck can’t they get their cards up to the point where they aren’t bad on paper and worse on screen?

After taste testing some Xyience during a recent Low Blow, we could definitely tell you that you SHOULD be paid to drink that shit. And it looks like most of the fighters who were sponsored by Xyience agree … a bunch of them have told Xyience to fuck off when they didn’t get their moneys.

I was kinda wondering why the tide of fighters holding gay cans of ‘Sour Apple’ Xyience in the Octagon dried up. Here’s a list of fighters who ditched Xyience due to non-payment:

  • Sean Sherk
  • Rich Franklin
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Forrest Griffin
  • Matt Hughes

And here’s some other fighters that experienced problems getting paid but may or may not still be with the company:

  • Josh Koscheck
  • Mike Swick
  • Cung Le

Looking at the Xyience website, that’s 8 fighters out of the 9 shown on their page. The only guy not bitching is Anderson Silva, and that might be because no one understands Portuguese or because no one’s dumb enough to try and fuck over Anderson Silva.

Overall, it’s a pretty balls situation. And while Xyience has recently paid off the debt they owed to several fighters after an infusion of cash that’s rumored to have come from the Fertittas themselves, it’s how a company operates when they’re low on funds that tells you if they’re sketchy or not. And yes, these guys are sketchy … sketchy mc-sketch-a-lots.

**UPDATE** You can add Drew Fickett to the list of fighters who got stiffed.

Thanks to Mr. Theplague for cookin’ this up (I think). I think it’s a major improvement over ‘Rapid Fire

That whole Kevin Randleman staph infection shit was pretty horrific, but didn’t really come close to the nightmare that is 2 girls, 1 cup. But Randleman has never shied away from a challenge (see Randleman / Crocop), so it looks like he’s going for a win in round two. Witness more pictures of his nasty fucking staph infection. Or don’t, if you plan on eating in the next two to three hours.

Originally when I heard that Mike Pyle was pissed with EliteXC, I figured stories would come out justifying his position. I mean, this is Gary Shaw we’re talking about: a big fat tracksuit wearing boxing promoter. He’s gotta run his shit shady and treat people like shit. But now the details are coming out and Mike Pyle is looking like quite the douche:

Mouth: Yes absolutely, so does it make you upset when someone like Gina Carano is being…

Pyle: THANK YOU! Thank you very much. This is a woman! I’m being put behind a woman to be on the undercard. I don’t have time for that man! That, right there gives me the idea that they don’t-and some of the people they chose to promote can’t even stay out of fucking jail long enough to make their fight.

Don’t think I’m taking that quote out of context. Over at FightOpinion they got the rest of his tirade and Pyle keeps up the fact that as a man he deserves a spot above women because women’s MMA is a joke. Also worth reading are the ignorant fucking comments from people who agree “Yeah, female MMA *is* a joke!”

Hey, I dunno what fucking shows people are watching. I’m sure there’s boatloads of shitty female MMA out at Wild Bob’s MMA and Chicken Wing Night, but to say there’s no quality female MMA is RETARDED. In fact, the main reason I don’t get to see more good female MMA is because of dumb rednecks who think women don’t deserve divisions and organizations to fight in. Fuck you guys.

While I agree that I’m not the biggest fan of how Gary Shaw runs his female division, I do understand from a business perspective that he’s growing the division the best way he can: by marketing marketable fighters. Maybe if Mike “Pyle of Shit” had a more marketable name, he wouldn’t be stuck in the undercards. Or maybe if he hadn’t just washed out of the IFL. Just a thought.

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