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So I’ve already bitched the UFC out for sugar coating Roger Huerta’s ride to the top while pitting Clay Guida against a who’s who of lightweight powerhouses. For the life of me I didn’t understand why the hell the UFC continued to feed Clay to the wolves bout after bout. Well, it turns out it’s because they … like him? From an article on InsideFighting:

The UFC leadership also gave lots of words of encouragement to him, according to Guida.

“They came up to me personally and said they thought I got hosed. Joe Silva said ‘We don’t care, you can lose ten fights like that and we’ll keep you.’ They said. ‘We had you winning.'” says Guida.

“[UFC co-owner] Lorenzo Fertita invite me to Vegas to workout with him and he said I was the most exciting fighter on the card and possibly in the UFC right now. That’s a pretty bold statement and it was definitely very complimentary.”

Joe Silva is such a snakeoil salesman. I’m sure he’s saying they’ll keep Guida forever, but one lackluster fight and they’ll likely toss him out just like they did with Nick Diaz. The reality of the situation is all these wins give you a reputation as a fighter who just can’t win the big fights. Just ask Joe Riggs how that’s worked out for him so far. Plus, words are nice but a man’s gotta get paid! UFC contracts usually pay double for a win, and Clay’s been robbed twice now. Here’s where you gotta cross your fingers and hope Dana White is really throwing some money around under the table.

Anyways, statements like the one above make me more hopeful that Clay’s fight will be shown at UFC74. That’s right … the fight may be the swing match or might not be shown at all. Boo-urns.

One of the big questions I was asking over the past week was “Where is Sean Sherk?” Within a few hours of the positive results breaking, Hermes Franca had already delivered a tear-jerker novella to MMAWeekly explaining the sad turn of events that led to him having to juice. Sherk on the other hand was harder to get a hold of than a Gracie vacationing in Spain. There were interviews with his coach, his teammates, and others. But no word directly from Sherk. Well, now we’ve finally got a few words from the Muscle Shark through a Myspace bulletin:

I am appealing the doping allegations!!

Sean Sherk the UFC lightweight world champion has filed an appeal against the doping allegations of the California State Athletic Commission, and has retained Howard Jacobs to represent him in connection with those charges.

Mr. Sherk issued this statement:

“At the present time I cannot explain the positive drug test in Sacramento California. I know I have never used any steroids or any other banned substances, I am investigating possible causes of my positive test with my attorney. I have never cheated, all of my success has come from hard work and dedication to my sport!”

Don’t let the two exclamation points at the beginning of his post fool you … Sean Sherk has a pretty fucking slim chance of being cleared of doping. However, he’s taken one step in the right direction by hiring Howard Jacobs to defend him. Despite having the ugliest website on earth, Howard knows what he’s doing.

Howard is the dude who’s managed to keep the Tour de France from stripping Floyd Landis of his yellow vest or whatever the fuck you get for winning that shit. And Floyd is guilty as sin, so that’s pretty damned impressive. Howard Jacobs also represents other less known juicers like Tyler Hamilton and Tim Montgomery.

You know what? I’m pretty bored of all this steroid shit. You would think there’s 1001 funny things to say about a guy called the Muscle Shark getting tagged for doping, but honestly it’s already kinda old. At this point I don’t really care if he’s innocent or not … I just want to know what’s happening with the lightweight belt.

Sherk is already a fucking asshole for winning the belt and then taking 9 months off for a bunch of surgeries he knew he needed before the fight. Now we get one stinker of a match and the belt might be off the shelf until this bullshit is dealt with? That blows goats. If there’s one thing that Howard Jacobs is going to do, it’s delay this shit as long as possible. Lets cross our fingers that if he blocks the UFC from stripping Sherk, they set up an interim lightweight championship.

One of the hottest training camps around doesn’t seem to have a clear cut leader. While Miletich, Tompkins, Hackleman and Jackson are all ‘owners’ of their respective camps, it’s much harder to put a finger on who runs Big Bear. Sure Tito Ortiz owns the place, but we’re hearing more and more about fighters going up there who aren’t affiliated with Team Punishment. Case in point: Michael Bisping, who’s going to train at Big Bear with Quinton Jackson:

Bisping said he and the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion have struck up a friendship this year. “We’ve only really hung out three or four times but we really get on. He’s a funny guy, he’s great to be around and after we were in London last month for the UFC 75 press conference he was kind enough to invite me to Big Bear to train and spar with him.”

And Rampage, who matches his UFC 205lbs gold against that of PRIDE counterpart Dan Henderson on the same London supershow, seems delighted to have the Count join him in the famous Californian fight camp.

Jackson said: “Bisping’s the coolest dude in all the UK. He’s white and English but we’re kinda alike in a lot of ways. He’s a bad ass like me, he’s not scared of no-one.

“He’s a really good fighter – and he’s getting better all the time – because he’s fearless.

“I think I can help him out with his defence, because I got a lot of moves for defence I don’t think anyone else has even thought of. I’d be happy to share some secrets with Bisping and I am looking forward to banging with him and picking up some ground work from him.”

Now I really feel bad for Matt Hamill. Bisping is a powerhouse fighter who’s only limitation was his training situation. Say what you will about the Wolf’s Den in England … there’s simply no substitution for training with other elite guys, and Big Bear’s got that in spades. So now that Bisping has proven he’s willing to go outside his bubble and train in America, I really do think he has what it takes to be a future champion. Which is why I’m somewhat surprised that the current 205-pound champion is so willing to help him out. I guess it’s better to fight the foe you know than the foe you don’t.

As a trash site we’re always having a good laugh at the expense of all the fighters in MMA. This site is basically a celebrity gossip rag, but for mixed martial arts. However, unlike celebrities, mixed martial artists usually have things pretty shitty. Every single UFC card is like a laundry list of sad stories. Vitor Belfort? His sister was kidnapped and murdered. Spencer Fisher? Both his parents are dead. Joe Riggs? Fuck man … I’ll just let this article tell it like it is:

Unfortunately, Riggs had to pull out of the March 24 WEC title shot on the day of the event with back pain. He later admitted on a radio program that he had sought treatment for addiction to painkillers. And just last summer, he and his wife had to endure to death of their infant child.

And that article doesn’t even mention his lame tattoos. At least things have gotten a bit better for Riggs. The big rumor going around was that if Riggs lost a fight last weekend up in Canada, he’d be released from his UFC contract. Fortunately for him, he took care of business and got back to winning.

In what has to be the most exciting news item of 2007, the UFC is bringing in legendary Japanese fighter Michihiro Omigawa to fight at UFC76! Oh wait. That’s not exciting at all. Who the fuck is Michihiro Omigawa? I dunno. Do you know? Well, at least Zach Arnold knows. Because he knows everything.

If the name Omigawa doesn’t ring a bell, he’s a low-to-midcarder from Hidehiko Yoshida’s J-ROCK judo camp. He lost to Aaron Riley at a Bushido show. I’d rather watch Aaron Riley than Omigawa in the UFC. It is absolutely absurd to see what Japanese talent is being currently booked in UFC. There’s a reason why guys like Takanori Gomi are not flocking to fight in UFC and that reason is because many in Japan view UFC as a dead-ender for their long-term careers. Plus, being a star in UFC means next-to-nothing at this point as far as marketing and sponsorships in Japan.

I’m going to hold off on judgment until the almighty Jordan Breen sounds off on the subject. There’s always the chance that this Omigawa guy has beaten his last three opponents in some amazingly spectacular fashion. He may actually deserve a shot in the UFC! Or this could just be proof that the UFC is so woefully underdeveloped in Japan that they don’t bother to do any research on finding real developing talent.

I have to agree with Zach on one point: the UFC hasn’t managed to snatch up any of the really hot Japanese fighters. The closest they’ve come is Mach Sakurai, who isn’t about to tear the welterweight division a new asshole any time soon. The guy is more of a grizzled veteran than a champion in the making.

Could this lockout of firebrand Japanese fighters be deliberate? there’s always been the argument that the UFC doesn’t like unmarketable champions. Well, is there any champion less marketable than a Japanese champion? It wouldn’t surprise me if the reason the UFC doesn’t have the top Japanese fighters in their roster is because they simply don’t want them.

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