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You and I may not care about the IFL, but Renzo Gracie certainly does. Check out his level of dedication:

On the importance of winning the team finals for jiu-jitsu:

It’s very important. It’s something we’ve been aiming to achieve and we’ve been working very hard. Right now I have a very angry wife outside and she wants to cut my head off because we haven’t had a summer vacation yet. And I probably won’t have a summer vacation until the kids are back in school.

My wife is very righteous, she doesn’t let the kids miss one day even though everyday when I go to wake them up they say, “Dad one more hour.” I just say go back to sleep. But winning the title is very important. I think it’s the goal of everybody sitting here at this table. I think we all have the same idea and the same focus to work toward. We’re going to work much harder to achieve that.

I like how Renzo is all about working hard and discipline when it comes to training his team, but doesn’t really give a shit about making his kids go to school. He probably figures the mad cash he’s gonna make once the IFL hits it big will take care of everything. His kids probably don’t even get to see Dad unless he’s choking the fuck out of them in the gym screaming “Keep your neck down! You are a Gracie! Do you want to be an honorless hack like your uncle Royce?”

Between him and Royce, I don’t know who’s kids have it worse.

I don’t respond to mainstream press mongoloids who rip on the sport, but the following statement was made by the chairman of the “World Martial Arts Games Committee”, and he should really know better.

“I believe that UFC style events will continue to be popular for the next few years, but eventually will lose its following. When you look at demographics, MMA has a large following of males between the ages of 25 and 35—this group is part of the largest generation since the baby boomers. However, as these males become parents and age, they will naturally become less supportive of violence and the result will be a retreat from activities that contain it.”

Yeah right, like the average mutant who watches the UFC is ever going to have kids. Okay, I’m sure they’ll breed like cockroaches, but they’ll also most likely drop / run over / drown the majority of these spawn within a matter of months. So long as this cycle of stupidity and neglect continues, the UFC will never run out of fans.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but as current fans ‘become parents and age’, isn’t it likely that … uh I dunno … there’ll be a whole new generation of kids who are just hitting the target age and demographic for the UFC? Unless there’s some kind of huge sterility issue going on like in Children of Men. Man, that was a fucking wicked movie. It’s my favorite Alfonso Cuarón movie ever … after Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, that is. Hey, who else can’t wait for Emma Watson to hit 18? I sure can’t. She’s like totally hotter than Hayden Panettiere. Although I do like Hogwarts more than Heroes. Where the fuck did I put my Ritalin? Oooh, what’s that shiny thing over there?

By now you’ve probably heard about the liquid AIDS … er … bad case of staph infection tearing through Pat Miletich’s camp like wildfire. If you don’t know the skinny on staph infections, check this out. So far the fighters hit include Drew McFedries, Tim Sylvia, and Spencer Fisher. While I would like to think Tim Sylvia’s staph is proof of a divine power, I just can’t imagine a God who would allow Spencer Fisher to suffer the same fate.

With the Spence all fucked up, the UFC has chosen Kenny Florian to replace him against Din Thomas at Ultimate Fight Night 11. While I was looking forward to seeing Fisher pound Din’s face in, I have to admit that Florian-Thomas intrigues me on a different level. Both guys are experts on the ground so it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out. I’m giving this one to Kenny because he was badass enough to hang out in Afghanistan for a week.

Anyways I hope Team Miletich stops sharing the soap or starts washing the grappling mats. Maybe if Pat and the gang weren’t so busy whoring around town, this kind of shit wouldn’t happen!

Move over Luke Cummo, you’re not the only one in the MMA scene who’s all about stupid eating habits. At The MMA Digest (pun intended, I wonder?), they spend a good portion (ha) of their time stewing (ha ha!) over the nutritional habits of their favorite fighters. Recent articles include interviews with Team Quest’s nutritionist, vegetarian Jake Shields, and hardcore vegan Mac Danzig. Check out Danzig’s crazy eating habits:

Thus on a typical day when training, Danzig will have The Ultimate Meal twice a day as a shake with banana, apple and water mixed in it. For carbohydrates purposes, a great deal of brown rice is consumed by Danzig throughout the day. One of his meals is brown rice with either tofu or some sort of vegetable, usually peas and corn. Another meal is often based around vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and some tofu. During times when Danzig is feeling a bit worn down from training, he will continue consuming greater amounts of complex carbohydrates in the form of brown rice.

Jesus H Christ … that sounds like the kind of shit you get fed in a Vietnamese prison camp. No wonder Mac Danzig is 155 pounds … I’m amazed he’s still alive. I would literally slit my wrists after three days of this diet. Of course, I can barely go more than 4 hours without ingesting a bucket of KFC marinated in mayonnaise. Mmmm … mayonnaise. Where’s my straw?


  • Carlos Condit ($26,000) def. Brock Larson ($12,000)
  • Paulo Filho ($50,000) def. Joe Doerksen ($30,000)
  • Jeff Curran ($10,000) def. Stephen Ledbetter ($5,000)
  • Jamie Varner ($14,000) def. Sherron Leggett ($4,000)
  • Hiromitsu Miura ($6,000) def. Fernando Gonzalez ($3,000)
  • Antonio Banuelos ($8,000) def. Justin Robbins ($2,000)
  • Eric Schambari ($8,000) def. Logan Clark ($6,000)
  • Steve Cantwell ($6,000) def. Justin McElfresh ($3,000)
  • Blas Avena ($4,500) def. Tiki Ghosn ($5,000)

Okay, it’s not exactly phenomenal money, but I’m pretty damned surprised at how much some of the guys in the WEC are making. The biggest winner on the card has to be Joe Doerkson, who made the same amount of scratch Jens Pulver did when he fought BJ Penn. Paulo Filho’s numbers were right around where I expected them to be, same with Condit and Larson. The rest of the fighters were given deals between 5k/5k and 3k/3k. Overall, not too shabby for the WEC. Maybe in 5 years all the guys who fight in Zuffa promotions will be able to break above the poverty line!

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