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One of the secrets that slipped out during UFC 78 was the fact that Dan Henderson would be fighting Anderson Silva for the middleweight title in Ohio on March 1st. This is great news for me because the Fightlinker crew as a general rule never misses the Ohio shows, and I loves me an Anderson Silva ass-whupping.

Also good to note is that both Dana White and Dan Henderson were smart enough to do what needed to be done: Dana ponied up a mountain of cash for Hendo and Sokoudjou, and Dan Henderson dropped back down to middleweight where he was needed most. With Hendo-Silva set for March, that gives the UFC 6 months to sober Evan Tanner up or develop another middleweight to the point where it wouldn’t be a joke for them to face the Spider.

Of course, let’s not forget Rich Franklin, who should be due for another Anderson induced rhinoplasty by the end of 2008. All of a sudden the MW title picture that looked so grim a few days ago is starting to shape up! Let’s just cross our fingers and hope Dan doesn’t suddenly get a mysterious knee injury while training.

Steve Cofield is quickly becoming the go to guy for exclusive access to MMA … well, exclusive access that isn’t tainted with the smell of Dana White’s cock. Go to his site and you’ll see the past two days have been nonstop clippage, with Steve splitting the post-event conference into nice soundbytes and also getting some good interviews before and after the show.

There’s over 25 posts dedicated to the madness that was UFC78, and you should go there and check it out so Steve knows it’s worth doing this again when the UFC throws a decent card for once.

Hello everyone and welcome to the hung over portion of our UFC 78 coverage. I was planning on putting up the recording of our live show as soon as I got home but I was drunk and lazy so I went to bed instead. That’ll teach you all to miss the live show and expect us to be consistent / professional with our content delivery.

But now without further ado, here is our post UFC 78 show! 90 minutes of ADHD-induced blather about UFC 78 and all things surrounding it. As always you can either download the show or stream it in our Talkshoe app to the right, or even check it out in iTunes (although that always seems to take a day or so to work … computers are HARD!).

Big props to everyone who took the time to listen live and I hope you’ll all remember to tune in next time now that you realize how totally radical we are post-event.

We’re live RIGHT NOW to talk UFC 78 and whatever YOU want. Join us in the chat or ask your questions in the comments section!

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**UPDATE** And the show is over, thanks everyone for listening in and the server is now off. See you guys after Ultimate Fight Night for another live edition of the Low Blow!

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