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I’m amazed. Literally amazed. After all the shit we’ve said on the site over the past year, I never imagined that shitting on an Athletic Commission would get me the most heat. People have been ripping into me on a variety of different websites, mainly over my comment that a digital sphygmometer wasn’t used. So okay, here I go to clarify my issue with the situation. My issue wasn’t that a digital sphygmometer wasn’t used … it was that the commission was so hellbent on flunking fighters that they weren’t even willing to retest fighters. Oh, and that they denied half the fucking card. Yeah, that doesn’t seem unusual at all!

Michael Mazzulli said in an interview with The Fight Network Saturday that a number of fighters flunked pre-fight exams taken after weigh-ins Thursday at the Mohegan Sun. He declined to detail which fighters on the nine-bout card failed their tests, which ranged from eye exams to heart rate exams to drug testing.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss medical issues,” Mazzulli said. “I don’t think it’s fair. I look out for the best interest of the fighters.”

Mazzulli said it was initially his call to cancel the card because there weren’t enough bouts left after testing was done.

Okay people: let’s play a game I like to call “Basic Math”. If Johnny has 9 mixed martial arts bouts, how many fighters have to be denied medically to cancel the event? We’re talking a minimum of four fighters, and that’s if the fighters being denied are all in separate matches. So far we only know about Mark Kerr and Edwin DeWees. Everyone’s already saying it’s perfectly fine for Mark Kerr to be suspended because he has a history of drug use. Hell, even the Mohegan Sun commission head said this on the subject:

“I feel for these fighters that are in the twilight of their careers and may have made some bad mistakes over the years,” Mazzulli said. “But at least you’re going to wake up tomorrow.”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound judgmental at all.

Anyways, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a major MMA event being canceled because so many fighters failed medical tests. Considering the caliber of the fighters booked and their history of being cleared in other areas, I’m really interested in knowing the specifics of how so many of them were denied.

Clay Guida gets way more grief than he deserves. Between getting fucked over by decisions and being matched with the best names in the lightweight division, you may have thought it couldn’t get much worse for this guy. Well, now it looks like the next screwjob won’t even be televised … it’ll likely take both the GSP-Kos and Couture-Gonzaga bouts ending quick for Guida-Aurelio to be shown on the UFC74 ppv. And unless Gonzaga kicks Randy’s head off his shoulders 4 minutes into the first, I wouldn’t expect that one to end quick.

I’m not the only one bitching about this. Sam Caplan and half the people on MMA forums agree too. The only thing keeping me from hijacking a Boeing and making demands is the fact that UFC74 is so unbeleivably stacked. It’s one thing to stick Guida on the undercard when you’ve got shit like Ed Herman vs Chris Price being aired. But I really can’t justify bumping any of the main card fights to make room for Guida. So I guess I’ll just sit here and bitch about it, and pray that Joe Stevenson gets hit by a truck or something, making room for Clay’s fight to be aired.

Every time I get sad because PRIDE is dead, I just turn to Dream Stage Entertainment’s other offspring, HUSTLE. I’ve already talked about how totally awesome HUSTLE is, but I figured it’s worth saying twice … plus I found a new video with a bunch of awesome HUSTLE moments. And yes, that is Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman at 3:30 in. And yeah, I guess they don’t have any dignity.

We wrote about a riot that went down in California back in 2002. I should have known Jeff Thaler was involved, and now he comes out and reveals his role in the latest edition of FightOpinion radio. Plus TUF5 pariah Andy Wang describes the brutal sensory deprivation you go through when you’re on The Ultimate Fighter. Oh, and we get a shoutout about 2 minutes into the show.

That’s not why I’m pimping Fight Opinion Radio, of course. OK maybe it is. Regardless, go listen to their show. Or just listen to ours. Either way, they’re about the only two radio shows worth listening to at the moment. I’d include WhoopAss Radio on that list, but Luke smokes way too much weed and forgets to record shows for up to two months at a time. So until he gets his shit together and reads “Succeed for Yourself: Unlock Your Potential for Success and Happiness”, he doesn’t get to be on the list.

Every day that goes by, I amass more evidence that Dana White is just an average MMA fanboy. A few days ago we witnessed him geeking out over Wanderlei Silva. Today’s proof is the UFC releasing a press release to tell us they’ve resigned Brandon Vera. That’s Brandon “The Best Thing I’ve Done So Far Is Beat Frank Mir” Vera. That’s Brandon “I Was Only a Contender Because the Division Was In Shambles” Vera. That’s Brandon “The Only Thing I’ve Done in 12 Months is a Cameo in Fight Girls” Vera.

It seems like somewhere between last year and now, someone in the UFC has read one too many web forums out there making Vera seem like the best thing since sliced bread. So now all of a sudden, Brandon Vera is getting big star treatment in the form of an official press release. That’s not something that happens every day, man. For me, I couldn’t care less. The heavyweight division is doing fine without him and as you can probably tell by now, I don’t have very high expectations from ‘the Truth’.

Sure, two or three fights from now I could be eating my words. But honestly, I’d rather reserve judgment until I’ve seen Vera face some top five or even top ten talent.

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