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Fuck you, Japan. More specifically, fuck your MMA promoters who have their heads up their asses. I dunno if it’s Mr Sparkle or Godzilla or a moderately intelligent bowl of ramen noodles booking the fights for K-1 HEROs, but whoever the hell is in charge needs to commit sepuku right now. See here:

The return of Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto was announced Friday at a press conference in Tokyo, ending a nine-month spell that had kept the popular fighter out of the ring while he pursued a bid with Japan’s Olympic wrestling team, then recovered from a elbow injury sustained in its Trials.

Yamamoto (15-1-0) is scheduled to participate at Sept. 17’s “OLYMPIA HERO’S 2007″ in a “Superfight” main event bout agianst Bibiano Fernandes (1-1-0). Yamamto won last by TKO over Istvan Majoros at the “K-1 – Premium 2006 Dynamite!!” New Year’s show.

You may not know Kid Yamamoto … if you don’t, check him out here. A big part of why you don’t know him is because he keeps getting booked to fight terrible fighters with terrible records. Why is one of the best featherweight fighters in the world fighting a guy who’s 1-1-0? For that matter, what was up with his last fight against wrestler Istvan Majoros? According to the Shitdog Fightfinder, this guy’s first and only fight was against Kid.

Seriously, Japan. Smarten up and start booking some good fights. Sure, PRIDE was almost as bad at booking matches, but at least they booked freakshows. If you’re going to put Kid against a dude with no MMA experience, at least make him fight a 400 pound monster or something.

I know I’m being a big softy when it comes to my fellow blogging brothers … it’s been a big bukkake extravaganza over here lately, with everyone but Kevin Iole invited. Well, Kevin and Jake Rossen anyways. But I just can’t help it … we are simply so fucking awesome. If there was a Pulitzer given out for Human Cockfighting journalists, I simply don’t know who would win!

Here’s a perfect example of a fellow blogger dude who connected the dots better than I’ve ever done. Shawn Ennis from MMATorch lays out the logic behind Hermes Franca’s decision to juice and how the UFC really is forcing it’s athletes to do whatever they have to do to stay in the big leagues:

Back in late 2005, Karo Parisyan was on a bit of a roll. He’d won four straight fights over some stiff competition in the form of Shonie Carter, Nick Diaz, Chris Lytle, and current champ Matt Serra. His last loss had come at the hands of Georges St. Pierre, who had lost his own bid at the title shortly thereafter. Matt Hughes had just vanquished Frank Trigg for the second time, and it seemed that he and Parisyan were on a collision course.

Fate would intervene, however, when Parisyan was injured shortly before his scheduled bout with then-champion Hughes at UFC 56. Parisyan had to pull out of the fight, and Joe Riggs would go on to lose to Hughes in what turned out to be a non-title fight, due to Riggs’ inability to make weight (which is another story in itself).

Just a bump in the road for Parisyan, right? Well, not really. Parisyan came back and fought in an untelevised bout against UFC rookie Nick Thompson in April of 2006 for his return. He would then go on to lose to Diego Sanchez in what many considered to be the best fight of 2006, before beating Drew Fickett and Josh Burkman by decision. And now? Now there’s at least the winner of Koscheck/St. Pierre in front of the Armenian. Almost two years have passed, and Parisyan is no closer to his lost title shot than he was when he fought Nick Thompson.

So the lesson learned for any UFC title contender is that you don’t pull out of a title fight unless you really can’t go. Do whatever you have to in order to fight, but you’ve got to fight.

This is definitely a good read, and I encourage you to check out the rest of the article. It’s one thing to report news and another to connect the dots and bring some perspective to what’s going on with the fight scene.

A new episode of the Low Blow was served up this morning. Go check it out! And don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Yeah, everyone’s talking like Babalu is gonna ‘lose his job’ or get fined some retarded amount of money. Truth of the matter is the worst Nevada will be able to do is fine him up to $5000 and maybe suspend him for up to 6 months. And guess what? Knowing Babalu (we spent a wonderful summer together at band camp, or Acampamento da Faixa as it’s called in South America), this is probably going to be his response:

NSAC: We hereby suspend you for 3 months and fine you $2000 for choking David Heath out after your bout was over.

Babalu: Can I get a receipt for the fine? I want to frame it and put it on my wall.

Babalu isn’t rich enough to not care at all, but I have no doubt he’s going to consider it money well spent. Past getting to choke out a guy he doesn’t like, he’s also no longer known as “That guy who got tooled by Chuck Liddell”. Just like Tim Sylvia upgraded from “That guy who shit his pants” to “That boring guy no one likes”, I think “That guy who practically murdered David Heath” is a step up for Babalu, even if this whole fiasco is just a lot of hot air.

For all it’s intensity and attitude, originality in MMA is scarce. You got all these fighters coming in with the same kind of tattoos and the same stupid dye jobs and the same stupid pre-fight diatribes. And then the MMA ‘media’ all takes the same news and rewrites it 50 times on 50 different sites. Trust me on this … I suffer through that many MMA websites a day digging for nuggets of humor, so I see first hand how regurgitated the scene is.

So when I see something new and interesting, I like to give it some props. Even when that something is really weird and bizarre. Today’s example is ‘MMA Stick Figures’. Here’s the description:

Stick Figure MMA: A Tribute to MMA through what I do best… Stick Figure and MSPaint Art. I have the talent of a 7 year old but I do my best, and my mother told that’s all that matters. I don’t really report breaking news, I just write reviews and draw pictures.

I don’t really know what to make of the site … it seems pretty straight forward and earnest but I don’t really understand the point. Perhaps drawing these pictures is therapeutic for the guy … it may drive away the desire to kill or tide him over between masturbation sessions. From his writing he seems to be a pretty smart individual … past the weird Microsoft Paint obsession you’d never know he probably lives in a trailer and eats squirrels for dinner.

Anyways, here’s his myspace page to boot. As I said before, I don’t really ‘get’ his shtick, but then again no one seemed to ‘get’ my Homo’s Guide to UFC74 either. So congrats to this guy for at least doing something that isn’t being done 500 times already.

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