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BJ Penn did an interview from his pineapple at the bottom of the sea, and he had some pretty mean things to say about Sean Sherk:

“Sean Sherk can say it’s a fake interim title, but his belt is no more real that Marion Jones’ gold medals,” Penn told a gathering of the UFC Fight Club before Friday’s weigh-in for UFC 78 at the Prudential Center.

Jones is the U.S. sprinter and multiple Olympic medallist who recently admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.

“Looking at him, he doesn’t look like he’s ever done steroids in his life,” Penn, his tongue firmly lodged in his cheek, said of the musclebound Sherk.

Penn also ripped Sherk for failing to finish fights, noting he needed five rounds to beat Hermes Franca at UFC 73.

“He made us sit through that whole thing with Hermes Franca,” said Penn.

I’m glad someone is getting on Sherk’s case for being the lamest champion ever. I’ll have to email BJ with a list of the insults we’ve developed here at Fightlinker to help him out in future interviews. There’s just so many reasons to hate on Sean.

Of course, this builds things up nicely for an epic showdown between Penn and Sherk … no word yet on if Dana White is bleeding from the ears at BJ’s “Sherk is a fucking juiced up cheater” media tour.

Friday marked the second time in Sean Salmon’s short career that he was thumped so hard people were afraid he was gonna die:

There was a scary moment coming out of last night’s Strikeforce show in San Jose, Calif. when Sean Salmon, fighting in place of Yuki Sasaki, was knocked out by Jorge Santiago during the promotion’s semifinal of a one-night middleweight tournament.

According to reports, Salmon suffered an apparent seizure and was taken out of the cage via stretcher and transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The only bit of silver lining in this whole situation is at least the guy who beat him won the whole tournament. There’s nothing worse than losing to a loser. That pretty much makes you a double loser.

On the loser note, Sean is REALLY REALLY bad at losing. His recent history of losing includes two dumb guillotine chokes and two crazy death strikes. I don’t want to jump the gun and start hoping the dude stops fighting, but I have a creepy feeling the Reaper is hanging around Sean whispering “Third time’s the charm!”

Here’s some advice, Cung: when it takes you three rounds to put away a no-name TUF washout, don’t follow up by challenging the World’s Most Dangerous Shamrock:

Then, after Cung Le’s third round TKO over Sammy Morgan, Shamrock came out and both he and Le addressed the live crowd. Le issued a challenge and Shamrock accepted.

While Le vs. Shamrock appears certain to happen in ’08, It’s uncertain as to when the match might take place. Shamrock could potentially face Santiago and has also expressed an interest in fighting Renzo Gracie in a rematch following their controversial EliteXC bout last February. There have also been rumors that Le could end up fighting Phil Baroni in either February or March, although the rumors have yet to be addressed by Strikeforce.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s gonna be Shamrock or Baroni … either way Cung Le is en route to a beating. I’m not saying that Le is a bad fighter, but how any fighter can go from fighting relative scrubs like Jason Von Flue and Sam Morgan to top tier fighters is beyond me. That would be like me going from dating Kirsten Dunst to Gisele Bündchen … and while I pulled that off, I just don’t think Cung can. Because he’s just not as awesome as me. Fucking A!

Because it’s the weekend and we’ve got better things to do than blab like bitches in a beauty salon about MMA, most of the posts here will be total fluff pieces with barely any connection to MMA whatsoever. Or not. Either way, you’ve been warned.

Here’s HDNet owner Mark Cuban getting down in preparation for his Dancing with the Stars appearances. He shows up at the 0:25 second mark, so make sure you’re not in the middle of swallowing anything that might choke you to death at that exact moment.

Oh glee. Mark Cuban is lucky … the only thing looking unprofessional in his organization thus far is the graphic design (yeah the fighting is pretty amateur too, but it’s professionally amateur). M-1 on the other hand are having all sorts of crazy problems trying not to look retarded. The latest example of this is “The Fedor Situation”.

We already commented on how weird it was for Fedor to post a “I want to fight in Japan” article on the M-1 Russia site, and then have M-1 Global say “Yeeeeaah … no.” Now it looks like it’s happening again! Russia M-1 says “Fedor’s fighting on New Years in Japan!” M-1 Global says “No he’s not!

Wow, that doesn’t make M-1 look incompetent at all.

There’s two possibilities here: M-1 doesn’t have control of it’s webs, or worse: M-1 Global has no fucking idea what M-1 Russia is doing. If there had only been one post on the Russian M-1 site, I’d be willing to entertain webmaster tomfoolery. But this is the second time it’s happened, and Zach Arnold has the beef to back up the word on another Japanese New Year’s show:

There has been strong rumors about an MMA event happening at Saitama Super Arena on NYE (it would allegedly happen at night while a Hustle pro-wrestling show takes place during the day). There is a report that it will end up being an M-1 Global tournament show with Fedor fighting on the card. The event would be carried on SkyPerfecTV PPV and not on free-to-air television in Japan. As for who is backing the Japanese event, I’ve heard a possible name that is quite the eye-opener (and was a name in PRIDE’s past)-

It’ll be interesting to see how this all works out. You better believe someone at M-1 is ripping their hair out over all this.

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