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I know part of Fedor’s appeal is the fact that he looks like your average Russian drunk but is secretly a T-100 in disguise. But damn … the disguise is getting better and better … the only way Fedor could look less impressive is if he was wearing a clown nose or something.

Big ups to my bloggo boys at FightOpinion for this picture, it’s right sexy.

I’ve been a bit hard on Mike Pyle lately. Calling him an IFL washout was pretty harsh, and mocking his “I’m big shit” attitude after the loss to Jake Shields was just kicking a dude when he’s down.

But I am not an evil or vindictive guy … I’ll always give someone equal opportunity to prove me wrong. So without further ado, I encourage you to watch Mike Pyle in this above video. I think after you see this you’ll rethink your opinion of him as a human being. I know I have!



Over the weekend Mirko CroCop took some time off from being surly and introverted to record a TV interview with some weird korwegian station:

KW: Did you think about ending your career?

Mirko: I did think of it the night after my last defeat, but I’m not going to end my career soon. I will have 5 or 6 fights at least. Maybe even more, who can tell. Every fight could be your last one. You can suffer from a fatal injury, you can break your leg or arm. If I’ll be able to fight I’ll fight, it’s my life and my choice and I enjoy doing it.

I have a very strong motive, especially because of number of „wise” Internet users saying that I’m done. I will prove they were wrong.

So you see, people? Mirko is coming back, and it’s all because of us internet assholes saying he’s washed up. I feel so validated right now!

Well, I dunno whether to be happy or sad here. I’m a Jake Shields fan … I tried not to be, I really did. But despite my best efforts he’s won me over. And now we’re not gonna get to see him fight anyone of any decent caliber for the foreseeable future because he just signed an extension with EliteXC. So I’m torn between being happy that Jake is gonna get paid well to fight cans, or sad that we don’t get to see him in the mix with UFC’s monster WW division.

Outside the UFC, who the fuck else is out there for Jake Shields to fight? Unless EliteXC starts headhunting in Japan or something, I have no idea what’s next for him. Another Mike Pyle? Whoever they get, it’s not going to be as good as Shields-Sanchez, Shields-Koscheck, or Shields-Fitch would be. So good going Gary Shaw … you’ve just robbed us of countless awesome fights.

Last week, Jennifer Tate got the dubious honor of being the first female in MMA to test positive for a banned substance. I’m sure there’ll be a big asterisk next to this feat because it was only weed and not steroids. She was fined 500 bucks and ‘suspended’ for three months, which basically means she wasn’t really suspended at all. Just goes to show that if you’re gonna smoke dope, do it in California and not Nevada.

No word yet on if her positive was caused by a contact high from living in Stockton … home of everyone’s favorite chronic Nick Diaz.

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