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Since Liddell-Jardine was announced a few days ago it’s been panned across the internet as the least competitive rebound fight we’ve seen in a while. And that says a lot considering Matt Hughes’ rebound was against perennial loser Chris Lytle. Even small-penised Kevin Iole questioned the legitimacy of the match:

White bristled at the notion Liddell-Jardine is not a headline-caliber match. “It is definitely a main event, in my opinion,” he said. “Jardine beat a lot of good guys, and he absolutely deserves to be fighting Chuck. He wouldn’t if Chuck still had the title, but I don’t think he needs to win a lot of fights just to get a fight with Chuck.”

Telling us Jardine-Liddell is main event caliber is like smearing shit on a cracker and calling it caviar. The fight doesn’t even really have many division ramifications. People in the know are already saying Wanderlei / Chuck is going to end up on New Year’s Eve regardless of how this match turns out. And even if Jardine somehow manages to catch Liddell, I don’t see him getting a title shot out of it. Maybe a shot at a shot, but who gives a damn about that?

People care about fights because of ramifications or personality. This fight has no serious ramifications (other than possibly signaling the decline of an aging Liddell), and Jardine has the personality of a paperweight. Will this fight be a slugfest? Yeah probably. Will it be epic enough to justify it’s own existence? I seriously doubt it. Kevin Iole said “The UFC continues to prove it “gets it,” which is why the gulf between mixed martial arts and boxing continues to grow.” I dunno … throwing Liddell into a pointless bout with an outclassed opponent to make some bucks on a PPV reminds me of boxing more than MMA.

Zach Arnold sez:

Chuck Liddell vs. Keith Jardine as the UFC 76 main event? One word – what? Why not book Liddell vs. Houston Alexander, the guy who beat Jardine? How about Liddell vs. Forrest Griffin, who actually won his last fight?

I’ll tell ya why: Jardine is probably the only guy dumb enough to take the fight. I hope Zuffa is paying him a lot to step in and get his ass kicked.

A few days ago we did a little digging on the new Frank Shamrock reality show. To summarize, we used the email address in the audition form to track down a guy named ‘Tim’ who seemed to be involved. I thought this meant the Shamrock show was not the brainchild of Mark Burnett after all. However, one of our readers came forward with this tidbit:

The reason I think its him is Tim attends some AZ Cardinals games and last year I know he attended the Bears vs Cards Monday Night game- with Mark Burnett.

Thanks goes to John in AZ for sharing that with us.

Evan Tanner posted this up on his myspace yesterday:

I’ve run into some big problems. The engine that was in the boat can’t be repaired. We’ve had no luck finding another one. I only have a few more days before I have to get the boat out of the Harbor. Does anyone know of any available two or three cylinder marine diesels available in the San Diego/Oceanside area? It needs to be 15 to 23 horsepower.

If you recall from our last Tanner-related post, Evan’s problems go past needing an engine … he has also never actually sailed a boat before. So if you’re kind enough to help him with an engine, I beseech you in the name of the UFC’s tame middleweight division to stick around and help him move his boat. I know we joke about Evan drowning off the coast of California, but I’d be pretty sad if it actually happened.

It’s the sad state of MMA journalism today that Wanderlei Silva’s side of the story only came out on his own website. The UFC has spent the past two days performing what described as a ‘bury-job’, terminology normally applied to pro wrestling. But I don’t disagree with the assessment. Between Kevin Iole’s fluff peice and the companion piece off the UFC’s own website, the UFC is busy building up the appearance that Wanderlei Silva has ducked Chuck. Well, here’s what Silva had to say about that:

“I received a contract with two options, I could fight in September or November. I have chosen to make this fight in November. I was the first to want this fight, but they kept avoiding this fight. Now there’s a lot of people saying that I have ducked Chuck. This is not true.”

According to Silva, the timing for the fight to take place in September did not work for him. He explained, “I am in a moment of transition in my life. I’m going to move to the U.S. in a few weeks. I’m going to live in the U.S. and there’s a lot of things happening, and I’m not focused on training the way I want to be. I always fought at the time the promoters wanted. Sometimes I did things I should not have done, but this time I won’t do that anymore.”

This just blows my mind. What the hell is the UFC up to? Are they just trying to hype the match up and stir some fresh drama between these two guys? It’s not like they don’t have financial incentive to … I’m sure SpikeTV pays a pretty penny for those ‘Bad Blood’ specials.

The thing that pisses me off about this is how much it does come off like a pro wrestling angle. The UFC goes out and manufactures this drama, they distort the facts and they use the media to try and create a false story. All of a sudden I now have to second guess every single word that comes out of Dana White’s mouth because it might just be some bullshit to help his marketer’s sales pitch. Now I have no clue if the fight is really off for good, or it’s just more hyperbole. Fuck this shit.

This kind of crap honestly doesn’t belong in MMA and I really hope someone asks some very difficult questions to Dana White at the next press conference.

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