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The new trend for Nick Diaz is to take a trip to the hospital after every fight. After fighting Mike Aina and squeaking by on points, he ended up in the hospital with a brutal case of staph. This time he’s in to have scar tissue removed from around his eyes:

“He didn’t get hit with anything hard,” Cope said. “It’s just that he’s got some gnarly cuts. There were a couple of fights [in his past] where he got cut and then band aided it, you know – didn’t get any good stitches, so he’s got a lot of scar tissue. You breathe on the guy, and he gets cut.”

Hopefully this helps out and Nick’s bad luck is at an end because one more questionable fight and he’ll be back where he was after washing out of the UFC … considered a skilled fighter who just can’t seem to get’r’done in the ring consistently.

In his latest interview, our favorite African assassin (much better than the guys from Mobutu who stuff you in a pile of burning tires) was all giddy with news that he obviously wanted to shout from the rooftops but couldn’t for legal reasons. The closest he came to spilling the beans was this statement:

And I’ll be back not in the ring but in the cage DEC 29th in Vegas!

Hmm … well duh, let’s see: How many promotions are there doing cage shows in Las Vegas on the same day as the UFC? What? None? Oh. Hmm … I wonder what that means.

Let’s not call this one a shoe in just yet. We all remember the time the UFC agreed to terms with Fedor and then tried to slip him the standard slave contract. Only time will tell if Sokoudjou falls for this or if he actually gets the right contract. And Sam Caplan has this to add:

I this this could be a case where Sokoudjou didn’t communicate something properly because I just don’t see how a deal with the UFC could have been worked out when he had substantially more lucrative offers from other promotions on the table.

Of course, if you’re a smart guy then the UFC is the place to go. If you lose in the UFC, you can always go back to Japan. But if you lose in Japan, you ain’t gonna get into the UFC. By this rationale alone, it makes sense for Sokoudjou to try his hand fighting for Zuffa first, even if it’s initially for less money than he’d make elsewhere.

Hey everyone. Sorry for the absence this morning … I kinda sorta locked myself out of my own website. Fortunately Jake had a spare password, and now we’re ready to rock and roll!

Aloha, motherfuckers! It’s really fucking late on Monday night, which as you know means it’s Low Blow time! We keep things respectable at 60 minutes of blah blah blah including our take on Evan Tanner and the possible MMA on CBS thingy. Past that we review EliteXC Renegade, and do our best to talk about the UFC 78 and Strikeforce cards we don’t really know that much about. It’s talking out the anus at it’s finest and it’s right here for the low low price of NOTHING.

Download the show here or listen to it on the talkshoe app to your right. We’re apparently on iTunes as well.

Don’t forget that we’re FUCKING LIVE next week post-UFC78 so prepare yourselves for that shit. Or don’t. We’re obviously putting the show up right after it’s done playing live so if you miss it, no big deal. Whatever!

Randy Couture must really have been serious when he said he wasn’t getting paid enough by the UFC because he’s now offering to give a hummer to whoever will pay him the most for it. It’s a sad day when one of the greatest fighters in UFC history is reduced to licking someone’s anus for money.

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