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Eugh, not again:

During training for his scheduled Super Heavyweight clash with Eric “Butterbean” Esch, Stefan Gamlin suffered a knee injury that will require surgery. With Gamlin unable to compete, someone had to take on the unenviable task of going toe-to-toe with Butterbean on August 17 at Mohegan Sun Arena. Enter Ruben Villareal, better known as “Warpath”.

What the fuck is up with Warpath sneaking in the backdoor of half the events going on? Since when did he become the official backup for every heavyweight match out there? How the hell does he keep getting booked for this kind of stuff?

For those who don’t know, Ruben “Warpath” Villareal is apparently the official backup fighter for every single promoter out there. Every time a heavyweight fighter is injured / suspended / denied license / murdered / etc, Warpath steps up to the plate and takes their place. This would be pretty commendable if Warpath didn’t suck a yellow turd.

My issue with Warpath isn’t that he loses … it’s the way he loses. It seems like he lasts just long enough to earn his paycheck and then takes the first opportunity to tap. Perfect examples of this include his WFA fight against Bas Rutten and his K1 Dynamite bout with Siala Siliga. Against Siliga, Warpath lasted less than two minutes and tapped out to strikes while on one knee.

Sherdog’s Fightfinder has countless other questionable matches Warpath has ‘stepped up’ to fight in … first round losses to Justin McCully, Mike Whitehead, Antonio Silva, Ricco Rodriguez, and Dan Bobbish. Half of those fights didn’t even make it past the two minute mark. So why the hell do promoters still turn to him as a replacement? He’s proven time and time again that he’s not competitive at all, even in his loses.

Here’s a repost of an oldie but a goodie. We mentioned this on the last episode of The Low Blow … sometimes you show up to fight and they put you against a dude with no limbs. And sometimes they put you against a dude who’s a total badass … in World of Warcraft, that is.

Here’s a video of the IFL’s star heavyweight Ben Rothwell beating the living shit out of some young obese kid. Before everyone starts jumping to negative conclusions about this, I thought I’d throw out some possible scenarios in defense of Ben Rothwell:

  1. His opponent is actually Butterbean in disguise
  2. This was all just a big misunderstanding between Freestyle Combat Challenge and the Make a Wish foundation.
  3. This fat fuck talked shit about Rothwell on the interweb and Ben don’t back down from that, dog.

In the end, do we really need to pass judgment on Ben Rothwell? I say let he who has not beaten the shit out of a defenseless fatty throw the first stone.

Not a day goes by when our man Evan Tanner isn’t in the news. If this was a celebrity site, him and Ken Shamrock would be like our Britney and Lindsay. Today’s tidbit is an unfortunate tidbit indeed. According to pro-wrestling guru Dave Meltzer, Evan isn’t fighting Marvin Eastman at UFC76. He’s not even fighting on the card at all. To top it off, Meltzer says Evan isn’t even under contract with the UFC!

What a shitty way to start the morning. I’d like to say I didn’t see this coming, but really … I did. So from a fan’s POV I guess I should look at it this way: I’d rather wait a while and see Tanner come back in proper shape than witness his bloated ass get kicked by some TUF kid.

Japanese MMA is the best. Half their shit is written in English even though they have no idea what the fuck anything means. Well, they probably know what the specific words mean. They just don’t realize how dumb their stuff actually sounds to the average English person. Japan is riddled with awesome Engrish. Here’s some of the best MMA events in Japan with Engrish:

  • Shooto – Battle Mix Tokyo 4
  • Shooto – Shooting Disco 2
  • Shooto – Grapplingman 6
  • Shooto – Men Are Strong
  • Shooto – The Devilock
  • Shooto – The Victory of the Truth
  • Shooto – Soulful Fight
  • Shooto – Shooto Junkie Is Back!
  • Shooto – Who is Young Leader!
  • Shooto – Treasure Hunt 11
  • Shooto – Gateway to the Extremes
  • Greatest Common Multiple – Demolition of Octagon Gear
  • Greatest Common Multiple – The Contenders X-Rage 1
  • DEEP – Glove Edition
  • DEEP – MB3z Impact: Power of a Dream
  • DEEP – Barbarian Festival 5
  • DEEP – Monster Challenge 2
  • Pancrase – Neo-Blood Tournament
  • Pancrase – Eyes Of Beast 6
  • Pancrase – Pancrash! 2
  • Pancrase – Yes, We are Hybrid Wrestlers 4

For all the talk Dana White is doing about PRIDE fighters being locked under contract, there sure seems like a lot of exceptions to that statement. The latest exception seems to be Takanori Gomi:

Daily Sports reported Monday that Nobuhiko Takada, acting as headquarters chief for former PRIDE parent company Dream Stage Entertainment, gave his consent to allow PRIDE lightweight champion Takanori Gomi to move to another organization. Western and Japanese fans alike have been anxiously awaiting the Shooto and PRIDE veteran’s return to the ring.

Takada said he wanted to see Gomi leave on good terms. “Gomi is a world-class athlete,” Takada said. “I want him to get all the motivation in the world to fight. I want him to show the strength of PRIDE.” With the PRIDE franchise in what Takada called a state of hibernation, Gomi’s appearance in another organization seemed inevitable. “It would be a waste to just let time go by for Gomi,” Takada said. “I asked him to show the world the true value of reviving PRIDE.”

So somehow DSE still has the ability to release fighters from their PRIDE contracts. I wasn’t privy to the secret details, but this seems like a repeat of how Josh Barnett managed to get out of his contract. Mind you I wouldn’t take this story at face value. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time writing this blog, it’s that Japanese people are all filthy liars, and they eat babies too.

Okay, maybe they don’t eat babies, and they’re probably cleaner than the average North American. But half the stuff printed in Daily Sports about MMA is still wrong or an outright lie. If this happens to be true though, I bet Dana White is so mad he’s shitting kittens.

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