Japan has the corner on weird and crazy spectacles. America has the corner on disgusting and controversial ones. This weekend, a guy who everyone knows has AIDS fought a 325 pound amateur in an ‘MMA event with special rules’. How about we all try to pretend this didn’t happen, okay?

Rami Genauer paints a realistic but none too rosy picture of the future:

The fact that there have been no deaths in MMA is likely due to the fact that participation is still low compared to other sports. Safety stats are often calculated using the indicator “deaths per 100,000 participants.” As MMA participation increases past the 100,000 threshold and beyond, especially among amateurs with less skill and conditioning, a fatality is unfortunately inevitable.

I guess we all just have to cross our fingers and hope no one’s head explodes on live television.

Sean Salmon sure has been doing well for himself lately. No, perhaps not in the ring. But Salmon has something more valuable than wins on his record: A posse. I doubt when UFCJunkie sponsored Salmon, either party expected to create such a buzz for this guy. It’s gotten to the point where the UFCJunkie guys are *apologizing* for hyping up Salmon too much. Have you ever heard of that?

While there may be some truth in the fact that people’s expectations were unrealistically high, the greater truth is this: because Sean Salmon was willing to give average fight fans a really intimate view into what it’s like to be a guy starting out in the UFC, he now has a huge grassroots following. Have you ever seen a guy starting out with this much name power who wasn’t on The Ultimate Fighter?

If you doubt me, notice this: everything Salmon does is reported on lots of major MMA news sites. When he left his UFC contract, it was all over the place. Again when it was announced he would fight this past weekend. And now the results of that fight are heavily announced, with Salmon in the headline.

Sean Salmon has a posse. What he can do with it really depends on how his skills develop.

At first this may seem like a good way to give CroCop an easy fight without giving him an easy fight. However, Kongo is an amazing striker who’s been training with Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson for the past few months on his wrestling and grappling. For me, this is an exciting matchup. It’s just too bad one of these guys has to lose, because I really like them both.

Hey people! With the girlfriend gone and no MMA on this weekend, I ended up watching 16 hours of Grey’s Anatomy. From watching that I had an epiphany : why am I concentrating on this MMA thing? What’s the purpose? What’s the POINT? So from now on this will not be a blog about fighting. It will be a blog about Grey’s Anatomy. Keep your eyes peeled for all the information about McDreamy, McSteamy, and of course George, the lovable gay dude.

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