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The oh so exciting news from yesterday was that Travis Lutter is off the UFC74 card with a neck injury. Half the blogosphere is acting like this is going to be some kind of huge pissoff for Dana White, considering the last Lutter-related fuckup resulted in UFC68 having no title fight. Well, this is a bit different … UFC74 is still 3 weeks away so finding a replacement for Lutter is no big deal. The fight was on the undercard so it’s not like they were relying on him for draw. And finally, why would Dana be upset that he doesn’t have to pay a guy he probably doesn’t like?

If anything, I’m sure the UFC is perfectly happy to scratch Travis off the card and replace him with whatever new prospect has been sending Joe Silva naked pics over Myspace lately. Booking Lutter was probably only a contractual obligation anyways, so the only question now is if the booking fulfilled the UFC’s side of the bargain.


While most legitimate companies would have you believe their fighters are respectable tacticians and upstanding citizens, the truth of the matter is there’s a good number of thugs and morons running around the sport of MMA. Yesterday we talked about Kendall Grove managing to piss off the one guy in Edmonton with a gun. Today we’ll discuss WEC fighter Rani Yahya kicking people in the head at jiu jitsu tournaments.

If you watched the first big WEC show, you may remember Rani as the guy who chased Mark Hominick across the ring on his ass and climbed him like a tree. It was a pretty impressive showing considering Hominick was expected to tear shit up in the WEC and Rani was just ‘some BJJ guy’.

Well, last weekend Rani was coaching a competitor at an On The Mat BJJ tournament. During one of the matches he was having some serious disagreements with the referee and kept stepping onto the mats to argue with him. At one point the grapplers rolled off the mats and Rani picked his guy’s opponent, Dominic Cruz, up and shoved him. Cruz and Rani got in each other’s face until the ref separated them … and then Yahya ran around the ref and kicked Dominic Cruz in the head!

At that point all hell broke loose and a mob of people stormed the mat and chased Rani out of the building. Rani hightailed it across the parking lot and wasn’t seen for the rest of the tourney.

I gotta say, this easily beats Drew Fickett’s drunken ADCC scuffle. I’m glad to see that grappling tournaments are where these fighters let their freak flags fly and really flip out. So long as they keep doing it, I’ll keep having stuff to write about here.

Oh Gina, you look so hot after being punched in the face!

I hate the NBCSports webpage … it’s full of really good content, but that good content is usually buried deep in the bowels of the page, guarded by a dragon. Case in point this 6 part diary from Kenny Florian regarding his time in Afghanistan cheering up troops and avoiding camel spiders.

Sure, it reads a little like a grade 6 journal entry but what were you expecting from an ultimate fighter? To be fair, he was over there with Amber Nicole Miller, and if she was around I would just end up writing “The trip is really breasts, although the weather is sweaty thighs vulva sucking titty assride.” Fortunately Kenny’s gay or something, because he managed to stay on topic:

The bazaar was pretty interesting as we did some good old Afghani haggling. One particular elderly Afghani actually tried to cheat Heath Herring and Jorge Rivera out of more money for taking pictures on his camel. Out of all the people to cheat, he chose two big and dangerous UFC fighters. Ultimately, it all worked out and justice prevailed.

This old guy must have seen Heath’s fight against Jake O’Brien and figured the worst he’d get is a very stern laying on. I’m glad justice prevailed in this case, because the whole ‘invading the middle east and losing thousands of soldier’s lives’ thing was starting to make me think justice may not be on our side anymore.

NOTE: NBCSports is such a shitty site, they’ve already taken down all but the last entry by Kenny. Biased liberal conspiracy? Or are they just making room for more useless garbage on darts and lawn bowling? I’ll let you decide. Fortunately, Google has caches of all the pages so here they are:

Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7

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