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As we just reported, a decision in Sean Sherk’s steroid case has been pushed back to November 13th at the earliest. Apparently Sherk’s lawyer Howard Jacobs gave an ‘information packet’ to the CSAC containing all sorts of stupid info including the result of polygraph tests etc. Being total geniuses, the morons at CSAC didn’t even read the fucking information before the hearing. So now we have another month long delay so the CSAC can look at the information in this package.

I should be surprised, but I’m not. Going into this thing I knew there were two outcomes: Sherk came out guilty, or the ruling would be delayed. I’m not saying I think Sherk is ‘guilty’ of knowingly taking steroids. Just that he would be found guilty. Past that point, a delay seemed just as likely considering the fact Howard Jacobs is known for dragging out steroid cases, something we talked about when he was first announced as Sherk’s lawyer.

So where the fuck do we go from here? Well … this pretty much destroys any chance of BJ Penn fighting for the lightweight belt on the New Years show. I doubt that Dana White is going to go back on his promise to hold off on stripping the belt until Sherk has his ruling. And I doubt BJ Penn is interested in fighting for some lame ‘interim’ title. The UFC had a hard enough time convincing BJ that the real lightweight title was worth fighting for.

All in all, the simple result of all this is that the lightweight division is still fucked. That now makes three titles in flux : lightweight because of Sherk, welterweight because of TUF, and heavyweight because of Couture. Someone upstairs at UFC has to make some hard fucking decisions soon or we’re gonna end up with more shitty non-title cards over the first half of 2008.

The Sherk steroid odyssey continues … another hearing has been set a month from now.

No ruling until Nov 13th at the earliest … that’ll be the next date. Issue was Jacobs submitted a packet on Friday which no one looked at. Since they didn’t look at it, he asked for another postponement. The package contained polygraph information and other shit which doesn’t matter.

Sherk said he’s spent 20k in legal fees and is pretty pissed off about all this and “isn’t happy about the recess”. Well hey … neither are we.

Phil Baroni is up next, but I’m not sticking around to blog the result. Fucking cocksucking bullshit.

Just an FYI, Sherk’s lawyer is currently on the floor at the CSAC attacking the legitimacy of their test results, specifically calling into question the chain of custody the tests go through.

In my opinion, Sherk’s best chance of winning came from the ‘tainted supplement’ angle. The fact that his lawyer is using the ‘CSAC sucks and fucked up’ argument doesn’t bode well for Sherk’s case.

Here’s something depressing to look at while we wait for the inevitable response from the CSAC regarding Sherk and Baroni. It is interesting to note though that this probably isn’t the only mugshot of Din in existence. According to several sources, Din may still be in the clink … his bail was set at 10,000k. I guess here’s where he’s lucky he’s overpaid by the UFC.

I want to apologize to the average MMA fans who come here for general MMA news. We’ve been spending a lot of time talking backroom politics and business bullshit, and I promise that the moment something actually involving fighting happens, we’ll be the first to talk about it. Oh what? Werdum vs Gonzaga in January? Okay, I’ll try to find something funny to say on that which isn’t racist towards Brazilians.

Now onto a new feature we’re calling “The Kevin Iole Retard Watch”. The point of this is to point out every single stupid thing Kevin says. Well … if we were to do that, we’d just be reprinting most of Kevin’s articles here. I’ll leave that bitter rancid pill for the MMAJunkie guys to swallow. For now, here’s Kevin’s latest round of mistakes from his mailbag:

  1. Said Ryo Chonan was a middleweight. Oh if only this were true, then it would mean Karo Parisyan had moved up a weight class to fight him. Karo as a middleweight would be awesome … perhaps he’d actually get a title shot then? But alas this isn’t the case because Kevin Iole is a retard who probably looked Ryo Chonan up on the Sherdog Fight Finder. Chonan has moved down to welterweight.
  2. Claimed fans called him a liar over the signing bonus thing. No, fans called Kevin a liar over the claim that Randy’s contract would pay him 13 to 15 million. This ‘fact’ was spread across the fight community to such a degree that many think Randy’s decision to hold a press conference was mainly to rebut the bullshit information Kevin ‘reported’.
  3. Claimed “I’m not sure how I made Couture out to be a bad guy” and then followed up with this statement: “I believed from the first moment, that this was an issue about money. I’m not faulting Couture for wanting more money; but you’re denying the obvious if you think it’s anything but that”. Jeez, how could that make Couture look like the bad guy?????
  4. Our final retard watch post is to point out how obviously in Dana’s pocket Kevin Iole is. Kevin once again shows his insider status by casually dropping the fact that he was in Dana White’s office on Monday looking at Randy’s paychecks. This is on top of the several phone calls where Kevin allows Dana to rebut what Randy Couture is saying. Contrary to standard reporting procedure, Kevin didn’t bother to get in touch with Randy to see what his take was.

On top of this all, I like how Kevin’s article ends mid-sentence. Although to be fair, this mistake might be the fault of some 10 dollar an hour web monkey. Hope you enjoyed this issue of “Kevin Iole Retard Watch”. We’ll see you next time (and every time) Kevin writes a dumb article regarding MMA.

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