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Here’s what Phil Baroni’s agent Ken Pavia had to say about Phil’s case:

Phil took 67 supplements and I MADE him take a pre fight test to make sure he didn’t have a false positive. He passed for everything.

Phil took a post fight test after his CSAC positive. He passed for everything.

Phil took another post fight test in front of Sherdog editor and cameras at a doctors office. He passed for everything.

We had the CSAC samples RETESTED at a third party accredited lab. These were the same samples that came back positive. THEY CAME BACK NEGATIVE FOR EVERYTHING.

The CSAC expert said there is no such thing as a false positive, but the CSAC web site sites an Olympic committee study that says 15% of all over the counters cause false positives. His credibility should have been shot.

Two of the six Commissioners voted to throw it out completely with one abstaining.

Every objection that was made the entire time was ruled in favor of the Commission including one where by the Commission attorney was allowed to ask about aspects of our case on cross examination that we hadn’t even introduced. She got the info out of our exhibit packet and basically introduce all of our evidence before for us.

The Commission was forced to listen to over 2 hours of steroid propaganda prior to the hearing that just by coincidence was scheduled for the same day. They actually brought in a chiropractor from New Jersey who took 45 minutes saying… steroids are bad for kids… steroids are for cheaters.

They had one test that said he did steroids. We had four tests including their test that said he didn’t do steroids.

Phil was innocent.

After having to endure 2 hours of a steroid seminar where because it was not testimony there was no cross examination, we began the proceeding. The AG tried to introduce a packet of info. I objected as I had requested copies in writing over a month before of all materials. I requested a recess to review the packet and my request was denied by the presiding chair. I objected again and was denied. It was only after they started presenting that one of the Commissioners spoke up and said, why cant he see it, a mans career is at stake.

When I objected to the failure of the chair to follow any sort of procedural guidelines or have an consistency in rulings I believe his words were he said that the did not have to follow civil or criminal procedure OR ADMINISTRATIVE procedure. He did say that the rulings were what he said they were.

In my opening I tried to challenge the standard the chair had stated as the burden of proof. He had at the previous meeting said it was by PERPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE. That mean 51%. I asked for authority and was told it was precedent. It was not in the code or regs or minutes from previous hearings. When I got the info packet I found that they were relying on a 1999 hearing where someone applied for a auto salespersons licence from the DMV. That was their authority and the standard they were apply as gospel. Not an Athletic Commission ruling. Not the BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT standard that our criminal courts apply when someone stands accused. This case was not about a kid trying to get a licence to sell Malibus at a sled lot. It was about a man that worked his entire career and whose next contracted payday was more then ALL 8 OF HIS UFC FIGHTS COMBINED, of ALL 6 OF HIS PRIDE FIGHTS COMBINED.

I began to state an objection to this standard, mind you after 2 hours of a steroid seminar that had nothing to with the facts of the case and whose prejudicial value far outweighed the probative value. I was cut off immediately by the chair and was told to bring it up in my close. I objected as I wanted to address it now so the Commission could consider it. I was cut off again and told I could not. This was the general pattern of how things went.

Way back when we were still green and ignorant, the peeps at Fightlinker had such high hopes for BodogFight. Fuck … the premise sounded so awesome to us:

Calvin Ayre is the guy behind Bodog, a multi-billion dollar illegal internet gambling empire. The guy can’t set foot on US soil without SWAT getting deployed. In a scenario ripped directly from a bad Jean Claude Van Damme script, ol Cal is flying 16 fighters by helicopter to a fortified compound in the jungle to fight eachother in a reality TV show. The kicker – the winners of the reality show get to have their skulls smashed by Fedor Emelienkobob’s training team, the Red Devils.

Of course, you know how all this turned out. Terrible production values, a leathery Bif Naked, and more skanks than you can shake a stick at. People stopped watching, BodogFight became something of a joke, and many dollars were lost.

Things have been sliding for a while now … a lot of the skilled management has left and Matt Lindland recently said he never knew who to call there or who was calling him regarding his Bodog contract.

Now it looks like the shit has really started to smell: BodogFight is officially off the air. Yup, that’s right – Bodog couldn’t even keep it’s deal with an obscure network like ION. I seriously doubt they’ll be able to secure a new deal … in ION’s defense they never saw how bad BodogFight was going to be before they signed it. Now there’s plenty of content for a TV exec to watch and vomit to.

This has been the month of the press conference / conference call. In addition to the UFC and Couture conferences, the IFL apparently had one earlier this week and EliteXC had one yesterday. Of course, neither of those fuck nuggets thought we here at Fightlinker were worth inviting, despite the fact that we had some seriously awesome questions to ask both parties:


  • How much will you charge for blowjobs in 2009 when you are destitute and living on the street?
  • Is hindsight really 20/20 or do you still think you’re smart?
  • Who’s responsible for you guys sucking so bad and when does he get fired?


  • Who’s responsible for completely fucking up Kimbo Slice’s debut with your organization?
  • Since you’ve now got drug users, felony fighters, and kidnappers in your league, how long till you start adding rapists, murderers, and nazis? I understand your farm league has several of these?
  • When is Gary’s loser son $kala going to fight Robbie Lawler?

But hey, I’m not all about shit disturbing. For example, half the blogs on the internet are freaking out that Gary Shaw has ditched the standard Unified Rules weight classes in favor of his own system: 140, 150, 160, 170, 185, 205, 205+ and 265+. But when you wash the sand out of your vagina and actually think about it, this move isn’t as bad as it really seems.

Hey, I’ve said it before: the last thing MMA needs is 20 different weight classes. But in this case, Gary hasn’t actually added a bunch more. Basically all his system does is (theoretically) lessen the number of pounds a fighter has to cut by 5 pounds. Here’s the unified weight classes next to the Shaw-daddy classes:

  • 135 / 140
  • 145 / 150
  • 155 / 160
  • 170 / 170
  • 185 / 185
  • 205 / 205
  • 205+ / 205+
  • 265+ / 265+

Of course, if the point is to keep his fighters from cutting too much it isn’t going to work. Fighters will always cut like emo teenagers, and if you give them 5 pounds to play with, it just makes it more likely that they’ll try to cut down another weight class. You can’t trust these morons to be reasonable. They’ll take every inch you give them and try to squeeze as much advantage out of it as possible.

So while this isn’t exactly the best idea in the world, it’s not like Shaw is adding stupid ‘super middleweight’ and ‘ultra light’ classes.

The moment CFFC’s Kimbo vs Tank fight got canceled, everyone across the internets called out to promotions around the world to save the headlining fight. Several promotions answered the call and tried to fit it into their cards, but in the end it was EliteXC that signed Kimbo Slice and set him up to fight on their November 10th card.

Without Tank Abbott.

Huh? What? That’s stupid. CFFC had already spent a big pile of money advertising the Tank matchup, and it was a fight that resonated with the moron demographic and freak fight fans. Why EliteXC decided to drop Tank from the equation is unknown.

Whatever the reason, it was fucking dumb. In his place, EliteXC put 8-11 fighter Mike Bourke, who’s been 1-8 over the past 5 years. Tank’s recent record was 1-6 over the past 5 years, but at least he had some decent draw and name power. Add the fact that EliteXC has been promoting Kimbo as ‘Kevin Ferguson’, and most casual fans have no idea what the fuck is going on any more.

But wait, it gets better! Now Mike Bourke is out, and in his place is Bo Cantrell, who just fought last week and lost in under a minute. Cantrell has a 10-10 and is on a four loss skid at the moment. He’s also got some of the worst tattoos in MMA, which says a lot. Again, this guy is a total no-namer with a shitty record.

Anyways, I have no idea what the fuck is up with EliteXC dropping the Kimbo / Tank matchup. They’ve taken a stupid but compelling fight and replaced it with a stupid and non-compelling fight. And promoting Kimbo using his real name is the hight of stupidity. The world knows him as Kimbo Slice. If you’re embarrassed of his felony fight history, then why the fuck did you sign him??? Man … someone at EliteXC needs to be slapped in the face with a large stinky fish.

For everyone that assumed Phil Baroni was guilty as sin and got off easy on his steroid case, take a listen to this video over at Sherdog. I have to admit, I was one of the people that basically assumed Baroni was guilty as sin. The dude goes from being washed up and out of shape to Adonis and back twice a year, it seems. Add to that his past affiliation with highly suspected fight team Hammer House (of Kevin “My organs shut down for some mysterious reason” Randleman fame), and I had him pegged as a user through and through.

However, the information presented by Phil’s people at the hearing was interesting to say the least. Out of several samples taken, only one sample tested positive for steroids. Baroni’s team wanted a DNA test to be done on the positive sample, because they were convinced that sample must not have been his. Of course, the CSAC being the morons they are, they never looked at any of the requests or information put together by Baroni’s team prior to the hearing.

An initial vote to clear Baroni garnered two votes from the CSAC. The final vote for a 6 months / $2500 vote passed with 3 votes in favor, 2 against, and 1 voting for an extension.

Makes you wonder about the validity and accuracy of the testing procedure, huh? I’m also amazed at the shoddy coverage of the details in Baroni’s case by the majority of other MMA websites. Why the fuck am I stuck having to report the bullshit details on this? My fucking anus is leaking. This sucks.

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