Apparently Josh Koscheck went on a rant about fighter pay:

UFC and boxing ppv dollars?

UFC Prez Dana White is always quick to pull out the “boxing promoters are crooked” line during his frequent discussions about boxing. I would argue that the UFC Czar is just as crooked.

Why did Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson only make about $500,000 for their recent UFC 72 showdown. UFC 72 did about 1 million pay per view buys at $40 a pop, Zuffa made 40 million alone in ppv dollars. Not to mention the live gate, over seas viewing rights, and sponsors that ponied up money for this fight. Why do UFC fighters get such a small piece of the pie in a sport that’s supposedly on the upswing? With the rise in of popularity of the UFC why aren’t their fighters paid MUCH more.

I’m not saying there aren’t boxing promoters that don’t short change their fighters, but boxers can make alot more money over a career than a UFC fighter can. Shannon Briggs was paid 1.8 million for his meaningless title defense against Sultan Ibragimov last weekend. GO ahead UFC fans, defend your boy Dana White.Additional Details

Nice try, as demand for the sport builds up so should the fighters salaries. I’m not buying that one. Zuffa is keeping as much as they can of the 100 million they made for UFC 72. They should be ashamed paying two of their top fighters $500,000.

Best answer

White and the UFC basically want to pay the fighters like a third rate sport but at the same time want to claim to be a legitimate sport. The average UFC fighter doesn’t even make a middle class living it is ridiculous. Even the elite MMA fighters are way behind other professional sports.
White wants to say that Mayweather wouldn’t make it in the UFC and he is right Mayweather wouldn’t step in the UFC ring for the peanuts they pay. Why would he take about 1/20th of his normal pay?

UFC fans are in serious denial about this issues. They will say things like well athletes shouldn’t make that kind of money. Well somebody is making it so why should it all go to the promoters? Or they will say that it takes time but again the revenues MMA is generating is huge so it is a matter of changing the structure not time.

UFC fighters need some kind of union to make a larger share of the pie since it is the fighter that literally rolls the dice with his future health and even his life not the promoters.

Keep in mind this was on MySpace, which is possibly the most hacked site in the universe. So I must hope that Koscheck isn’t actually stupid enough to write this stuff. Why? Well for one thing, it’s pretty fucking stupid to criticize the person who’s signing your checks, especially about the size of those checks.

Another thing: he makes comparisons to how boxers are paid, which is pretty dumb. Boxing is in a shambles specifically because the big guys are retardedly overpaid. The last thing MMA needs is to adopt other sports’ out of control pay structure.

This isn’t to say I’m against fighter pay raises, but who in their right mind is wasting their time bitching about how ‘little’ Rampage and Chuck made? How about a few fucking tears for the guys in the undercards and dark matches getting paid less than a trailer trash stripper makes on an average Saturday night?

Cole Miller was on Between the Ropes radio a few days ago and had this to say about his moronic decision to keep fighting after Joe Lauzon gave him a Chinese Neck Rub:

The interview began with Cole being asked to discus his decision to continue fighting against Joe Lauzon despite receiving a blow to the back of the head. Cole said “I couldn’t really see anything. I was just trying to recuperate so I could get back in there to fight. A lot of people can say that if I didn’t think I should have been fighting then I shouldn’t have gone back in there, but at the same time I didn’t want to look like a punk. It’s very likely that if I didn’t continue I could have been made an example out of, they could have made a “do you want to be an f’ing fighter peaches” out of me and I didn’t want that to happen.” Cole then confirmed that he received a mild concussion and didn’t see straight for a while after the fight.

Didn’t want to look like a punk? Mission accomplished: you surpassed ‘Punk’ and hit ‘Retard’ on the respect-o-meter. I was willing to cut the guy some slack at the time because a punch to the brain stem probably doesn’t stimulate rational thinking, but hearing him try to justify it now is lame. Extra lame points go to the cocksucking doctor on hand who let Cole fight. How hard is it to figure out that the dude couldn’t see five feet past his face? I’ve seen this doctor before … I think he was the one that let Edwin DeWees squirt 2 gallons of blood in Gideon Ray’s face during the Ultimate Fighter 4 (Hostel 2, eat your heart out). I look forward to an inevitable death in the ring and this guy’s incarceration for being an incompetent UFC lackey.

I love ripping on The Ultimate Fighter. Calling someone a TUF fighter or a TUF fan is on par with telling someone their martial arts school is a McDojo or their wheelchair bound dad is a cum guzzling faggot (she deserved it and it was true). Anyways, it’s annoying when articles like this come out that remind people that TUF actually turns out some pretty sweet talent. MMA Torch breaks down the middleweights from Season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter: Josh Koscheck, Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian, Chris Leben, and Alex Karalexis. Not too shabby of a list, although I’ll still slit my wrists the day one of these TUF losers win a UFC belt.

Man, I feel bad for all of the PRIDE guys who rely on fighting to make a living. Being stuck under contract to a company and not knowing when you’ll get a chance to make some more money must be nerve-wracking to say the least. Some of the guys are doing their best to keep busy: Little Nog and Jaochim Hansen are boxing in Europe, and Josh Barnett has gone back to pro wrestling.

It’s nice to see some of these guys staying active, but the reality of the situation is that the UFC has them by the balls. The lucky fighters are being transfered into the UFC and WEC. The less popular / less marketable fighters are stuck in limbo until the ‘New PRIDE’ starts (if it starts at all – word from Japan is that all DSE guys got pink slipped last week). And PRIDE’s roster of older / freakshow / oddity fighters are pretty much fucked.

A big question mark is what will happen to many of the unwanted PRIDE fighters if Zuffa chopshops PRIDE and dissolves the organization. Zuffa is not known for it’s bleeding heart approach to business, and it’s very likely that they will simply hold a fighter’s contract until it expires to keep them from fighting for anyone else. While it makes good business sense, it’s also pretty brutal on a personal level.

The ratings for the WEC are in and it’s a dose of reality:

The pre-recorded WrekCage show which came on at 8 p.m. ET drew a rating o 0.19 (189,000 viewers). The live two-hour telecast that began at 9 p.m. ET drew a 0.39 (416,000 viewers). The Tapout show at 11 p.m. ET recorded a 0.28 (286,000 viewers).

To give you some perspective, The Ultimate Fighter on Spike last week drew a 1.16 rating (1.6 million viewers). Also, the first game of the NHL Stanley Cup finals drew a 0.72 (523,000 viewers) on Versus.

One could make a joke about IFL Battleground doing better ratings (.7), but I have a suspicion that half their ‘viewers’ just leave MyNetworkTV on when they’re gone to keep their house from being robbed. It is kinda ironic that the WEC is now suffering from the same problem every other MMA org suffers from: the fact that the UFC is hot but MMA is not.

Personally I was expecting the show to break a .5 draw. Of course, MMA is my obsession and I buy into the hype like a 13 year old pro wrestling fan. However, the reality of the situation is that the WEC is not the UFC, and everyone still remembers that Versus is just a rebrand of the shitty Outdoor Life Network. Of course, it’s wasn’t so long ago that SpikeTV was known as the Nashville Network, so this could be the first step towards bigger things for the network. It’s also easy to forget that the UFC didn’t really push their little brother very hard. If Zuffa isn’t happy with the way ratings are progressing for the WEC, they have the resources to really shove the product down everyone’s throat.

Anyways, with the positive reaction from the fans and press alike I’m sure the WEC will continue to grow. If my theory is correct, the league will have an influx of talent over the next 3 months which result in slightly more compelling matchups than Faber vs Farrar (fuck you Faber).

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