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Monte Cox was on Sherdog radio two days ago to talk about M-1. For the most part, Monte went through all the same talking points that have been repeated since their press conference two weeks ago. But one interesting thing worth talking about was M-1’s attempt to get on TV:

Cox confirmed that M-1 was still meeting with organizations on Friday and against on Monday to discuss terms of deals. He stated that on Tuesday, the organization will begin mulling over the terms of each deal and pick the best one that fits the organization. He did mention one confirmation of a rumor. ESPN is apparently in the running.

It’s pretty bold of them to make it sound like they’ve got TV deals left and right … like the hard part is going to be choosing between all their options. Considering the number of organizations which have fallen on their swords because they couldn’t get a TV deal worth more than the paper it was printed on, I seriously doubt this. And ESPN is ‘in the running’? Very interesting.

The MMA Analyst article goes over a number of reasons why ESPN would work with M-1 when they won’t work with the UFC. But they missed a very obvious reason: The UFC probably wants a fuckload of money and tons of conditions. ESPN is shameless in what they’ll cover … half the shit they show barely qualifies as sports. I have no doubt that M-1 could wrangle a hairy balls contract with them that will most likely result in their show getting a month delayed broadcast on Tuesday at 1am. But what the fuck is that worth?

I have no idea how the hell Chris Lytle keeps on getting fights in the UFC. This guy has had more last chances to prove his worth as a fighter than Britney Spears has to prove she’s not a fucking crack whore.

But let’s be realistic here: Chris Lytle has already gone as high as he’s gonna go. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks … unless of course you send that dog to Fairtex in Thailand for six months. But old dogs never seem to want to go to Thailand. So in that case they should be ground up and turned into dogfood.

I suppose that’s an apt analogy, because that’s what’s about to happen to Chris. He’s going to be fighting Thiago ‘Pitbull’ Alves at UFC 78, who has quietly been laying down some serious pulpings in the UFC over the past two years. His most memorable win to me was when he beat the beard off Tony DeSouza’s face, although his smashing of Kuniyoshi Hironaka was something else as well. It’s too bad it was only a preliminary fight, just like this one.

Ah well … this is kinda like a double whammy for us now: Chris Lytle gets yet another failed chance to prove he’s got what it takes, and Thiago Alves gets a respectable name to chew up and spit out. Everyone wins … except the fans that wanna see this fight. It’s stuck on the prelims, which is a shame. Fingers crossed it makes the swing bout!

We here at Fightlinker snickered at the idea that last week’s UFC press conference was anything other than an attempt to take away from Randy Couture’s spotlight. But apparently the UFC was somewhat serious when they said their conference wasn’t about Couture. Because now they’re having another conference, and it’s going to be all about Couture. No pro wrestlers. No Wand/Chuck. No Spike. Just Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and tens of thousands of people on the internet.

You know this is the UFC’s first ‘real strike’ in the PR war being waged over Randy Couture because they sent out an email regarding it to everyone subscribed to their mailing list. I have to wonder how many people that is … I’m thinking a freaking lot. And you have to assume this is gonna be pretty serious. You don’t see the Fertittas coming down from their ivory casinos too often to deal with mundane business dealings. The last time Lorenzo has been directly involved in a press conference was when the UFC bought Pride. If this conference has any of the same impact on the MMA world, then we’re in for a doozy.

Even Randy Couture seems to be battening down the hatches … all those not so nice blogs from his Xtreme Couture site have disappeared, and I wonder now if he’s landed himself in some serious trouble by breaking unknown confidentiality agreements. Of course, who knows if public misrepresentation of his terms by the UFC gives him the ability to make counter-statements. Fuck, isn’t this turning into a right mess!

All in all, a storm is a brewin’, and it’s going to be interesting to see what the result is.

(and don’t forget boys and girls … your faithful Fightlinker will be on in person to give you the minute by minute breakdown of what’s happening. I know most of you have jobs that keep you from watching videos and having fun, so it’ll be my responsibility to keep you informed. Tune in at 4pm EST for the live-blogging shenanigans)

Hello hello and welcome to another edition of the Low Blow. This week’s show takes us across the magical landscapes of the UFC middleweight division, plus we discuss that ‘Randy Couture’ thingy. Last but not least we run through the K1 HERO’s card, and UFCMania’s change to the less ‘snappy’ MMAMania.

Download the show here. I’d tell you to listen to it on our streaming applet but Talkshoe is a piece of shite and won’t let us upload the show for the second week in a row. I’ll update when that’s fixed. Talkshoe also takes care of our iTunes, so if you’re waiting for itunes it might be 12 – 24 hours before you see it there. Fuck technology, huh?

**Update** Talkshoe applet now has the show streaming, and iTunes should appear momentarily.

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