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Lots of good shit going on this weekend … unfortunately, you and I aren’t very likely to see most of it. But here’s what’s worth paying attention to in the world of actual MMA events.

Palace Fighting Championship
Why you should care: Brad Imes is replacing Justin Eilers against some poor bastard. Let’s see if Brad can push his gogoplata streak to three in a row.

MTL Finals
Why you should care: MTL is Brazil’s version of the IFL, except it’s properly managed and not bleeding money like a decapitated hemophiliac. Murilo Bustamante’s team takes on Antonio Rogerio Nogueira’s team, which is interesting because Nogueira left Murilo’s BTT on bad terms.

Shooto: Back to Our Roots 6
Why you should care: Because Jordan Breen says you should! I dunno when and how you can watch this show, but know that Jor-Jor will be watching it with a heavy stock of tissues and lubricant. Japan’s top female fighter Megumi Fujii will be fighting, along with Joachim Hansen and Antonio Carvalho.

Hansen is a favorite to win unless his opponent shows up in rainbow tights, which is his Achilles heel apparently. Antonio Carvalho is the man because he trains hardcore fight bitch Roxy “Queen of Mean” Modafferi. Also, Takeshi Inoue is gonna try and prove he’s not washed up. If you’re into that kinda stuff it should be decent.

EliteXC : Renegade
Why you should care:
Because this is the only show you’re likely to actually be able to watch this weekend. Nick Diaz and Kimbo Slice have been given relatively soft opponents, but at least Kimbo will be fighting someone who’s actually got some experience rather than a boxer who’s just cashing a paycheck.

Jake Shields vs Mike Pyle could be interesting. Mike Pyle thinks he’s a superstar so I guess we’ll see if he can back that shit up. Antonio Silva is on the card fresh from brain surgery to remove a pituitary tumor that caused him to be a freak. Finally, you know a card is pretty fucking good when Yves Edwards is at the bottom of your list. This card is made to showcase EliteXC fighters, and it should be pretty damn entertaining.

Man, is there anything M1 can do that doesn’t come off as sketchy? First, Fedor puts up some weirdo message on the M1 site saying “I want to fight on NYE and M1 is okay with this!”. Now M1 is coming out and saying “Yeah, that would be nice … but no it’s not happening”. This is despite the report that an organization in Japan put forward an offer for Fedor to fight. M1 prez Monte Cocks had this to say:

“There was an offer. We looked at it. We tried to see if it was possible,” he admitted. “But in the end, there just wasn’t enough time to pull it off.

Yeeeeaah. Suuuuuure. Two months isn’t long enough to sort out a booking that Fedor wants to fight in Japan. Fuck … the Japanese practically wrote the book on last second bookings. Promotions just put out a poster with 200 fighters and then pick whoever needs rent/blow/juice money four days before the show.

I don’t blame M1 for canning the Fedor NYE fight … it’s a stupid idea considering M1 needs Fedor healthy and undefeated for a potential February show. I’m sure the executives running the show would rather eat a big pile of anal butter than have Fedor drop his #1 status before they even got to use him. I just find it funny that these guys are so disorganized that situations like this are already happening.

Well, what a surprise. Randy Couture held a smoker at his XTreme Couture gym and no one was arrested. Sure, this was submission grappling and not striking, and Las Vegas instead of Florida. But I’d rather make the assumption that it was because Din was black that he got thrown in the clink while alleged caucasian Randy Couture got to relax as Shawn Tompkins and Dean Lister rubbed down his corns and bunyans during the show.

I like Mark Kerr as a person, but seriously … what the fuck is he doing fighting anymore? Watching him fight is like watching Ric Flair limp around the wrestling ring with his orange skin and floppy cock bulging out of his tights. In other words, it’s kinda depressing. And gross. Not arousing at all. No no no. Bad thoughts go away. 2 girls 1 cup! 2 girls 1 cup!

In fact, the entire event Mark is fighting at is pretty depressing. It features Tiki (no wins since 2004), Warpath (punching bag of the stars), and Carmello Marrero (who layed n prayed his way out of the UFC). I seriously hope there’s some kind of psychiatrist’s convention across the street where these guys are gonna go after to try and get their collective heads out of their asses. Overall they’ve all got interesting gimmicks and it would be great if they stopped sucking.

Well, it’s official: UFC80 is happening in Newcastle England on January 19th. Headlining fights are BJ vs Joe for the bullshit interim lightweight title and Werdum vs Gonzaga, which should be pretty good unless both fighters hide in their respective corners afraid that a loss will send them packing from the UFC.

Other interesting bouts include Sam Stout vs some Swedish guy named Per, and Marcus Davis vs Jess Liaudin. These two bouts should be slugfests, and I’m glad to see the UK getting another UFC75-quality card rather than the shit they got in Ireland. Big question now of course is whether SpikeTV is gonna show this or not. Fingers crossed!

Here’s the card so far, and I’m very glad the UFC has gotten off it’s ass and started booking the 2008 shows up.

-B.J. Penn vs. Joe Stevenson (UFC LW Interim Title)
-Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Fabricio Werdum
-Kendall Grove vs. Jorge Rivera
-Sam Stout vs. Per Eklund
-Marcus Davis vs. Jeff Liaudin
-Antoni Hardonk vs. Colin Robinson

**Update** According to the studious individuals at MMAJunkie, there will also be a battle of the Pauls in the form of “Paul Taylor (8-2-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC) and Paul Kelly (6-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC)”

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