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Move over Luke Cummo, you’re not the only one in the MMA scene who’s all about stupid eating habits. At The MMA Digest (pun intended, I wonder?), they spend a good portion (ha) of their time stewing (ha ha!) over the nutritional habits of their favorite fighters. Recent articles include interviews with Team Quest’s nutritionist, vegetarian Jake Shields, and hardcore vegan Mac Danzig. Check out Danzig’s crazy eating habits:

Thus on a typical day when training, Danzig will have The Ultimate Meal twice a day as a shake with banana, apple and water mixed in it. For carbohydrates purposes, a great deal of brown rice is consumed by Danzig throughout the day. One of his meals is brown rice with either tofu or some sort of vegetable, usually peas and corn. Another meal is often based around vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and some tofu. During times when Danzig is feeling a bit worn down from training, he will continue consuming greater amounts of complex carbohydrates in the form of brown rice.

Jesus H Christ … that sounds like the kind of shit you get fed in a Vietnamese prison camp. No wonder Mac Danzig is 155 pounds … I’m amazed he’s still alive. I would literally slit my wrists after three days of this diet. Of course, I can barely go more than 4 hours without ingesting a bucket of KFC marinated in mayonnaise. Mmmm … mayonnaise. Where’s my straw?


  • Carlos Condit ($26,000) def. Brock Larson ($12,000)
  • Paulo Filho ($50,000) def. Joe Doerksen ($30,000)
  • Jeff Curran ($10,000) def. Stephen Ledbetter ($5,000)
  • Jamie Varner ($14,000) def. Sherron Leggett ($4,000)
  • Hiromitsu Miura ($6,000) def. Fernando Gonzalez ($3,000)
  • Antonio Banuelos ($8,000) def. Justin Robbins ($2,000)
  • Eric Schambari ($8,000) def. Logan Clark ($6,000)
  • Steve Cantwell ($6,000) def. Justin McElfresh ($3,000)
  • Blas Avena ($4,500) def. Tiki Ghosn ($5,000)

Okay, it’s not exactly phenomenal money, but I’m pretty damned surprised at how much some of the guys in the WEC are making. The biggest winner on the card has to be Joe Doerkson, who made the same amount of scratch Jens Pulver did when he fought BJ Penn. Paulo Filho’s numbers were right around where I expected them to be, same with Condit and Larson. The rest of the fighters were given deals between 5k/5k and 3k/3k. Overall, not too shabby for the WEC. Maybe in 5 years all the guys who fight in Zuffa promotions will be able to break above the poverty line!

Boy oh boy is Hermes Franca ever getting the fucking shaft. First his boss totally rips him a new asshole in an ESPN article

ESPN The Magazine: One of the things Hermes Franca hinted at was that he was forced to take steroids because he had an injury but he had to fight.

White: That’s one of the dumbest things ever said. He said he twisted his ankle. It happens all the time. He called us and said he was hurt. Two days later, he said he could fight. Nobody is ever forced to fight. I can go down the list and tell you 50 guys who’ve pulled out of fights because of an injury.

…and then his 1 year suspension is upheld while repeat offender James Toney got his suspension cut down to 6 months. You’d think the silver lining in all this was that the CSAC conceded Hermes could still corner fighters during his suspension.   But the Lord our God and Savior works in mysterious ways, and today he’s working mysteriously hard to kick Hermes Franca directly in the nutsack:

Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer affirmed through an e-mail today that combat sports regulations will prohibit suspended UFC lightweight Hermes Franca from obtaining a corner’s license in the state of Nevada.

“In Nevada, pursuant to regulation, a suspended fighter would not be able to corner another fighter during the term of the suspension,” wrote Kizer. “This is especially important when a fighter has been suspended for taking a prohibited substance.”

Sucks to come clean and tell the truth, doesn’t it?

You all may remember Josh Gross’ hamfisted attack against Dana White in the wake of the Sean Sherk / Hermes Franca steroid debacle. It seems so long ago … I’m actually surprised that it was a meer two and a half weeks ago. Well, one thing worth noting is that since that article hit the front page of, there hasn’t been one UFC fighter interviewed on any of Sherdog’s many radio shows. In fact, the only Zuffa-signed fighters to appear on the Sherdog Radio network since July 20th have been WEC fighters Jeff Curran and Tiki Ghosn.

So this begs the question: has Dana White officially asked his fighters not to interact with Sherdog any more? While I doubt there’s a mandate carved in stone (yet), it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Dana has sent word to his fighters ‘requesting’ they not support his “mortal enemies”.

Only time will tell, and this may merely be because no fucking UFC events = no UFC guests. But still … two and a half weeks with no UFC guys on any of the Sherdog radio shows? And I thought our radio show was having troubles!


I know what you’re thinking: What the fuck is Joost? Well, it seems like Joost is a video sharing site that’s full of legal content from big media companies. So basically the revolutionary thing about it is that it does what the rest of the internet has been doing for the past 5 years, only legally.

Anywho, one of the groups involved in Joost are our friends from The Fight Network. Okay, maybe ‘friends’ is a strong word to use. God knows, they never return my calls. And Loretta Hunt continues to ignore my Smiles on Lavalife. Regardless, there’s a decent amount of programming from the bastards at The Fight Network on Joost, mainly TKO and Rumble on the Rock fights. Here’s some highlights:

TKO 15 – Jeremy Horn vs David Loiseau
TKO 14 -Jeff Joslin vs Jonathan Goulet
TKO 14 – Pete Spratt vs Georges St. Pierre
Rumble On The Rock 4 – Takanori Gomi vs BJ Penn
Rumble On The Rock 4 – Paul Buentello vs Andy Montana
Taco Bender

Wait a second … what the hell is Taco Bender?

At Tio’s Tacos, David hears a voice through the pipes of the urinal: someone is trapped in a basement room. David wants to do good, so he creeps downstairs and opens a heavy door: behind it is a massive shirtless Mexican man in a devil mask.

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