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(Above: Takada bangs the PRIDE drum … literally. Below: Takada bangs the PRIDE drum … metaphorically.)

Vice president of PRIDE Nobuhiko Takada says PRIDE will return in October. Dana White says that ain’t happening. Takada has a history of making bogus announcements. Dana White has a history of lying about things that are obviously going to happen. Who’s telling the truth? Who’s lying? What the fuck is going on? I blame this whole confusing situation on Zach Arnold. If he hadn’t destroyed PRIDE with his hateful reporting, none of this would be happening in the first place.

The UFC made Mirko CroCop vs Cheik Kongo official today, meaning that Joe Silva has officially pulled his head out of his ass and is finally booking an entertaining heavyweight matchup. These guys can both work on the ground (okay, Kongo not really but he’s apparently working on it), but who the fuck wants to see that? Put striker against striker, and now you’ve got some fireworks. This match is pretty much guaranteed to be entertaining.


Yeah I know it’s only technically correct, but still.

Read Mike’s Monday Morning Reverie here. He discounts BJ Penn and Frank Shamrock’s victories, but then heaps praise on Cung Le’s win over Tony Fryklund. As I talk about in the upcoming episode of the Low Blow, something was rotten in the Le/Fryklund bout. I won’t go as far to say the fight was a fix, but I don’t think winning was #1 on Tony’s mind.

Rather than having 10 tiny sponsor logos on his shorts like half the other fighters in the UFC, BJ Penn just plastered a huge BJPENN.COM logo on his butt. Apparently this was a good idea, as he is currently #1 on Yahoo Buzz Sports and his website is so overloaded it’s going up and down more than Jenna Jameson at an AVN awards afterparty.

If there was one guy who came out of this finale looking very good, it was BJ Penn. He dominated the fight and looked very slick throughout. It will be interesting to see what the outspoken fighter wants to do with the clout he’s got at the moment. I wouldn’t count out a rematch with Georges St Pierre for first crack at the winner of Hughes/Serra. Now that would be fucking wicked.

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