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Is Randy Couture gonna have to choke a bitch? Yes, I think so.

Well, I certainly predicted this one wrong. Just a few days back I was heralding Babalu’s choke of David Heath as the best marketing tactic ever devised by an ultimate fighter. Unfortunately Dana White saw it as a different kind of marketing tactic: he threw Babalu to the press wolves and released him from his UFC contract. This way he gets to market the image of the UFC as being more civilized than it really is, and everyone will sleep better knowing that only top tier guys like BJ Penn can get away with shit like that.

This whole situation has less to do with Babalu and more to do with laying down the law: Dana White is setting precedent. And while I don’t think what Babalu did warranted his sacking, I do think the UFC needs to take a hard stance on this issue now before someone gets hurt (more than they do during the fight, anyways). Babalu was the perfect candidate … a big enough name to send waves through the MMA community, but not so big they’d be giving another organization a marquee fighter.

So to sum it up: Sucks to be you, Babalu. See you back in the octagon in two or three years, I guess!

Here’s a vid from Josh Barnett of some chick punching some dude. Maybe if I was Jordan Breen I’d know who they were but I’m too busy having sex with women to bother with the details.

This is kinda weird and semi-amusing. Paul Buentello travels all across the state looking for the best kid fighters. Skip 2 minutes in to see the kids fight, and then to the end to see the ‘post fight interviews’.

Check out this post on Ken Shamrock’s son Ryan:

The 5-foot-9, 132-pound Shamrock, who trains with his father’s Lion’s Den team, defeated fellow MMA newcomer Josh Besneatte (0-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC). After scoring a takedown and connecting on some early ground and pound, Shamrock forced a stoppage with a first-round submission (via choke) at the 1:51 mark.

132 pounds? I’ve seen starving African children who weigh more than Ryan Shamrock. While UFCJunkie covered the part where Ryan won the fight, they didn’t cover the part where a gust of wind blew him across the arena and out an open window. Apparently he was found three days later floating across town like that feather in the movie Forrest Gump.

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