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First we have Tank Abbott wearing grandpa shoes, and now this. Back in the day Kimo was that crazy mofo who carried a massive cross into the octagon and gave Royce his first ever beating. Now he’s reduced to being challenged by male porn stars for a bogus 1-million dollar ‘World’s Toughest Man’ competition. My favorite bit from the press release:

Aaron Brink has had trouble securing MMA fights because he’s considered too risky an opponent for established fighters and too tough to be in sanctioned fights against relative newcomers.

Yeah, more likely it’s because it’s hard to find other fighters who are already infected with hepatitis.

According to Quinton Jackson, Kevin Randleman is one of the hardest hitting guys out there. On a side note, isn’t it cool that Rampage is making enough money to hire an albino vampire boy to carry around his belt?

Hat Tip: UFC Takedown

Jeff Monson will apparently be fighting for ‘Global FC’ against Wes Sims on August 17, and then two weeks later on September 1st for Art of War against Pedro Rizzo. Let’s hope this works out better for him than the last time he was booked for the ADCC and Gracie Fighting Championships over two weeks. He ended up pulling out of both events with an injury.

Here’s one of the first interviews with the former middleweight champ since his weak performance against Yushin Okami. You’ll be happy to know that instead of asking anything pertinent regarding that fight, the interviewer decided to ask about a bunch of dumb garbage: What are some of your favorite movies?

Rich Franklin: Braveheart is my favorite movie. I would have to put Old School or Wedding Crashers as my top comedies, but I don’t care much for horror movies. What are your favorite burger/pizza places?

Rich Franklin: My favorite pizza place is a family owned restaurant here in Cincy called Big Dog’s. I eat burgers so infrequently, I am just happy to eat one.

Hard hitting shit. Hard. Hitting. Shit.

I defend Dana White a lot, because the interwebs are full of 14 year old morons who think they know better than him when it comes to running the UFC. But I’m not about to ignore when he makes stupid statements and passes up on huge business for the company. I’ve verbally ripped on him when he shat all over Tito Ortiz, who makes Zuffa more money than any other fighter in the company. And now I’ll shit on him for showing disrespect to Ken Shamrock, who also made the UFC tons of cash.

In this article with Yahoo Sports, Dana White denies that he’s talked with Ken’s people and says the UFC might release Ken from his contract with the UFC. I don’t know where to begin with this stupidity. Say what you will about Ken Shamrock’s fading abilities, but he’s still a massive draw. It would be foolish of the UFC to release him, especially with EliteXC suddenly looking like serious players in the industry.

Ah well … if Dana does decide to let Ken go, there is an upside for the fans: Frank Shamrock said at the Judgement Day press conference that he would be willing to fight his adoptive brother.

PS: Here’s a very recent Ken Shamrock interview for those interested.

UPDATE: It’s official. The UFC has dropped Ken Shamrock’s contract.

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