Just wanted to point out that the guys from BloodyElbow and UFCMania are teaming up to bring you a live radio show before and after UFC 72. One of the sponsors for the show is Triggonomics, Frank Trigg’s clothing line. And while the Triggonomics website looks like Myspace and Geocities had an flipper baby, the shirt designs aren’t too shabby. I like the girls shirts more than the guys shirts. What the fuck does that mean? Am I gay? I’m so confused…. DAMN YOU FRANK TRIGG!

You learn a lot of things about a dude by reading his wikipedia page. Stuff like his real name (Kevin Ferguson). His fighting style (‘fisticuffs’). His old job (pornstar bodyguard). Who he’s fought (Big D, Astro Puff and Chico). But what Kimbo’s wiki doesn’t tell you is that he’s being trained by Bas Rutten. And let me tell you something: If Bas Rutten gives someone his seal of approval, then they’re okay. Bas Rutten could say OJ Simpson was innocent, and I’d believe him. So even though I’ve shat on Kimbo Slice in the past, he’s with Bas now so we’re tight. Seen?

Zach Arnold scoops me on the funniest quote of the century. Did I need a reason to hate him more? You’re going down, Mr Puroresusruosurusoo.

For our obvious news of the day, it turns out that former pro football player Johnnie Morton was juicing, and not just a little:

Morton’s test results showed a T/E ratio score of 83.9, which indicates an elevated level of Testosterone. According to CSAC Executive Director Armando Garcia, the standard for an athlete is 6.

I have no idea what Morton was thinking trying to get away with this. Did he not realize that he would be tested? He comes from the NFL, which is one of the strictest leagues in major sports when it comes to steroid testing (6 random players per team per week). So you figure he’d be used to either flushing or faking the test. I originally assumed his refusal to take the second piss test was on account of him not having his handy spare urine sample with him at the hospital. Now that his first test came back positive, I really wonder how stupid Morton has to be. But hey, at least he didn’t try to use zombie/animal piss.

Lots of people are complaining about the Michael Bisping / Matt Hamill fight they’ve just announced for UFC 75. While I do admit that it seems like a gimme for Bisping, I’m all right with it. You see, I hate Matt Hamill. No, not because he’s deaf … I hate blind people, not deaf people. It’s because he’s an arrogant wrestler who thinks his amateur wrestling will pave the way for UFC success.

But one thing The Ultimate Fighter showed me about Hamill is one good punch and he turns into the world’s largest vagina. Considering the firepower Bisping brings to the table, I look forward to seeing Hamill get beaten so badly he’ll leave the UFC with his tail tucked between his legs. Hey, if he does come back, I’ll be the first to admit the kid has heart. But I don’t think he does.

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