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With all due respect to the IFL immigrant fight special, the best fight of the weekend wasn’t Palazkewaski/Horodesckivich. Hell, the best fight wasn’t even an MMA fight! This weekend, the best fight was a fucking boxing match … Calzaghe vs Kessler in the UK.

This blows me away too considering the fact that I don’t even like boxing very much. But by the fourth round of this bout I was on my feet shouting at the TV. I came into the bout cheering for Kessler, since he looked like a tiny Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. Calzaghe was a cocky piece of shit, and I wanted him to go down. But round by round he used his brawler style to pick apart Kessler, and by the end of the fight I had a ton of respect for both fighters.

Calzaghe is everything boxing needs … he’s entertaining, shows personality in the ring, and is really talented. If boxing had a dozen guys like this and wasn’t so splintered, maybe they could get their sport back up where it belongs.

As it stands, while I’m still not sold on boxing as a whole, I’m sold on Calzaghe. Apparently the next stop for him is a fight with either the winner of Pavilik/Taylor 2 or Bernard Hopkins. It’s unknown how long it’ll take for that shit to come together, so I guess I may not see Calzaghe fight for 6 months or something. Boo-urns.

This has not been a good year for Kevin Randleman. It was just under 365 days ago that Kevin got busted for using animal or corpse urine for his Pride US fight. Since then, half his organs shut down, he got arrested for a laundry list of offenses, and now to top it off he just had the world’s nastiest case of staph.

Many other sites decided to show the picture of Kevin’s staph, but I’m not going to. God knows half the fighters out there probably have horrific STDs as well, and no one wants to see that shit either. A lot of people are also wondering “Is this the continuation of staph infection’s campaign to take over the world?” No, not likely.

Remember: Kevin Randleman has done so much crazy shit to his body that I’m amazed he’s still alive. I have no doubt he’s going to turn up dead in the next 5 years unless he stops fighting and moves into something less strenuous like accounting or bathroom attendant.

I’m sure I know Kevin’s attitude towards everything he did: “Sure, this might take 5 years off my life, but who cares about those years? 70-85 are bullshit years anyways.” Well, that’s not really how it works. Doing all the drugs and pushing your body that hard definitely shortens your life … but it also destroys the condition of your body so you’re essentially stuck crippled and pooing yourself at 45.

When rumors started swirling that David Terrell had pulled out of the UFc 78 card with an injury, I assumed people were just repeating a joke. After all, Terrell’s rep as injury prone is practically legend … but no way he’d have to pull out of a card AGAIN. Right? Right???

Wrong! Terrell is out yet again, this time with a serious ankle injury. For the newbs among us who don’t know David’s history of tooling himself during training, here’s a history care of MMAJunkie:

The 29-year-old Terrell, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Cesar Gracie, pulled out of a UFC 62 fight with a sinus infection, a UFC 66 fight with an elbow injury, and now a UFC 78 fight because of an ankle injury. It’s been 19 months since Terrell (6-2 MMA, 2-1 UFC) last fought professionally.

This is shitty news for the UFC, who were banking on Terrell to breath some life back into their middleweight division. He was once thought to be the next big thing, but at this point I’ll be amazed if the UFC would trusts him to attend a show without getting in a 10 car pile up on the way. The guy’s either got a voodoo curse on him or the world’s most retarded training partners. No word on if Sokoudjou was involved.

Hey everyone, it’s Saturday! And you know what that means, right? That’s right! We here at Fightlinker fuck off and get drunk, high, and fondle women of questionable virtue. This leaves you all to your own devices, and I can only hope you won’t try cutting yourselves for attention while we’re out.

But we aren’t all evil. The weekend is also when we repost the little parody ads we stick into the Low Blow every show. The last episode’s bits are

Greasy Xyience Bitch Commercial

Super Extremu Fightu Creamu

Hi guys

Just a quick update … I’m out prepping for the most epic Halloween party in the history of the universe, so I won’t be covering the IFL show. We’ll be checking it out tomorrow night so expect an update about it then.

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