Yeah, a few days ago I was calling Dana White a big fucking hypocrite for booking Thomas/Sims on the TUF finale. Now I guess I gotta say sorry, because according to him it was Spike’s attempt to play matchmaker and it ain’t gonna happen. At this point everyone’s kind of stuck on the fight not happening instead of looking at the story behind it: SpikeTV booked a fight and sent out a press release about it, all behind Dana White’s back.

What does this remind me of? Hmmm … what … hmmm … oh yeah, UFC72. There’s another situation where a major miscommunication between Spike and the UFC caused a big stink. Last time the UFC said it was Spike’s decision not to show UFC72. And now the UFC is throwing Spike under the bus again by stating straight out that the Sims/Thomas fight was Spike’s dumbass idea and there’s no fucking way it’s going to happen.

I have to wonder about the current condition of the relationship between the UFC and Spike. It’s too early to tell at the moment, but this is kinda like those couples who are already fighting after a month of dating … it usually only gets worse. With ESPN trying to get into the UFC’s pants lately, I don’t know if we’re going to see the UFC/Spike relationship last past their 2008 contract.

The newest unsubstantiated drama on the intertubes right now is that Gary Shaw’s son Jared is using his position in EliteXC to try and land himself some ring girl poon. Originally I was hoping this story would be a lot juicier, with Jared being accused of trading hand jobs for ring jobs. However, it’s much lamer: Jared gave the job to a girl he hasn’t even slept with. Gary’s dumb kid can’t even be a sleaze properly. Gary must be so dissapointed.

The original story after the jump.

The CEO of Pro Elite’s “EliteXC” as most of you know is Gary Shaw. Like most families with money (see: Paris Hilton, Kim Stewart, etc.), Shaw gave his dorky son Jared Shaw (who likes people to call him “Skala”) a cozy office job with EliteXC with the job title of “Director of Fighter Relations.” Now that’s all well and good, even though “Skala” isn’t even qualified to sit ringside at a fight, let alone consider himself a major player in an MMA organization. However, the guy has been using his job status to use ring girls instead of actually do anything productive for the sport. The guy is what you would call a life-long geek. He was never socially accepted growing up and could never get any female attention, so his daddy gave him a cool job title in an MMA organization, that “Skala” has been abusing for the sole purpose of using and lying to ring girls.

I’m a personal friend of two of the girls that wasted their time last month, after being asked to participate in Pro Elite’s so-called “Ring Girl Contest.” Pro Elite had claimed that the Top 10 finalists would be voted in by the viewers from May 1-15, which is actually the same period of time that this upstart website experienced its most registrations and website visits (since they required registration to vote). In the “contest rules,” which appeared to have been copy and pasted off any legit online voting contest, it stated that the 10 finalists (that were voted in by the viewers) would then be interviewed and asked to submit a video of themselves dancing for a panel of judges to review to decide the winner.

However, after a few days went by none of the girls were e-mailed, thanked, or contacted in any shape or form to undergo this final impartial judging process. The winner (someone “Skala” knew and wanted to impress) had already been predetermined by himself, before the contest even started, and Skala simply used us (the voters) and the girls (the contestants) to make this contest look legit in the eyes of his predetermined winner. Moreover, he used all of us to promote his utterly hackneyed website that is a weak attempt of jumping on the MMA bandwagon by capitalizing on the mainstream MMA community that has been online promoting, discussing, and supporting MMA events for years.

Pro Elite should take a close look at the unprofessional and creepy behavior that their CEO’s son Jared has been displaying. Lying, deceiving, and using ring girls and all of the voters to promote his website and impress a girl he knows, when she, the contest winner had already been predetermined is ridiculous, shameful, and inexcusable. This is especially bad for an upstart organization that is trying to gain acceptance and credibility within an industry and sport that has already been established for years.

Hopefully, with enough responses, Pro Elite will rectify and correct this situation, as “Skala” is doing Pro Elite and MMA a total disservice. If you feel that this is inappropriate, creepy, and shameful behavior too, please feel free to send him an e-mail directly at: or send mail directly to his office at: 12100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800 Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Rich Franklin doesn’t just beat fighters … he breaks them. It’s interesting to note over the years how many promising guys Ace has derailed. The list includes Evan Tanner, Roberto Ramirez, Edwin Dewees, Jorge Rivera, Ken Shamrock, Nate Quarry, and of course David L’Oiseau. David was one of the hottest things since sliced bread before he took a five round pounding. Now he’s fighting unknowns in the Art of War promotion after washing out of the UFC and EliteXC.

So now we have to wonder if Jason MacDonald will face the same fate as many others have. Or was the curse broken when Anderson Silva gave Rich a hearty bowl of karma flakes? With Jason facing Rory Singer at UFC72, we have our best chance yet of seeing if there really is a curse. After all, is there any other explanation if Macdonald loses to Singer?


This is some fucked up stuff:

We received terrible news recently that the UFC will not approve our sponsorship of welterweight Jon Fitch at UFC Fight Night 10 on June 12, which is less than one week away. No reason was given and the folks who I attempted to contact over at UFC headquarters didn’t respond.

We all know that Dana White doesn’t like Sherdog because the guys running the site are always talking shit about him. But UFCMania is a UFC WEBSITE, it’s sole reason to exist is to talk about the UFC and promote UFC news and information. I’m sure if I took a magnifying glass to the site I’d be able to find the odd criticism here or there but on the whole it’s a rather glowing endorsement of the company and it’s events.

Overall this doesn’t really surprise me, but I feel bad for the guys at UFCMania. I’m sure the last thing they expected was to get ass fucked by the company they pour countless hours into promoting. Me, if Dana White invited me for dinner I’d expect him to stab me in the neck with a steak knife.

That’s just how the UFC rolls: they want to control their image and their news as tightly as possible, and anyone not from an actual ‘mainstream’ news source gets the cold shoulder. They would keep Loretta Hunt out of their press conferences if she didn’t have her Fight Network creds handy at all time. But don’t worry, Loretta … you’re always invited to my press conference where you can ask me hard hitting questions like “How can it be that big?” and “How can one man satisfy so many women around the world?”

Jason Black’s thick monster defeats Spencer Fisher’s patchy smear by KO

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