twitter google forum user Steele Manheim provides some simple but telling stats regarding Sean Sherk’s UFC record:

7 fights

5 wins

2 losses

26 rounds

0 submissions

0 Ko’s

0 TKO’s

1 cut stoppage

Yeah again … I fucking hate mixed martial arts news. Yes X fight is happening. No it’s not. Yes it’s for the belts. No it’s not for the belts. Yes we know what we’re doing. No, we have no idea what the fuck is going on. Yes, no, maybe, possibly, I didn’t say that, you did. Fucking god cocksucking damn it. If Dana White hates the independant MMA media so much, maybe he should do a better job of keeping people informed than they do. Or perhaps his plan is to flood the internet with so much bogus information, people will just stop asking questions and just buy the damn PPVs.

Anyways, as the title says, Dana White said at the UFC73 post-event conference that Sherk vs Penn would happen in November. Of course, until I actually see it and hear exactly what he said, I won’t believe it’s 100%. Some sites are saying the offer is conditional on BJ Penn staying at LW and you know … actually accepting the fight. Which to me seems like an awfully important detail that needs to be sorted out. But what do I know, I just run a dumb MMA blog, right?

The possibility of this fight does excite me though. Sean Sherk is like a less diverse Matt Hughes, so if BJ can beat Hughes, imagine what he’ll do to a second rate Hughes ripoff! And lets admit something: as much as I hate on Sherk, there’s very few people at lightweight right now who would be able to beat him. So please … PLEASE … BJ, if you’re reading this … we need you at lightweight to tool Sherk and stop there from being any more boring ass 5-round wrestling matches.

Sam Stout is fighting for Montreal’s TKO in September. So either the UFC dropped Sam again or he decided to go back to the minors like Sean Salmon did. If it’s the former, I have no idea what the fuck is up with the UFC. Stout/Fisher was an amazing match … maybe not fight of the year but definately much better than most of the headlining bouts on PPV this year. Stout got brutally underpaid and now he’s out of the UFC again. What … the … fuck.

If it was his management’s decision then I gotta say this: Sam’s got morons in his corner. We discussed the big controversy of his trainer Shawn Tompkins telling him he was winning going into the third against Fisher. Well, leaving the UFC now is just as dumb if not dumber than that. To lose the momentum and name value he gained from headlining the Ultimate Fight Night is nothing short of moronic. The TKO event is is September, which means you won’t be seeing Stout in the UFC before 2008. What a waste.

Anyways, I’m happy I get to see Sam Stout in Montreal again, but disappointed for him at the same time. I want to see him do well and make a name for himself in the UFC. The other tidbit of information regarding this … I guess the rift between Team Tompkins and TKO isn’t as wide as we have been led to believe. Sam Stout is just one of several Tomkins fighters appearing on the next TKO card.

Like a ninja striking out of the darkness, we are back with another episode of the Low Blow. 38 minutes of mixed martial arts madness, most of which we concentrated on the lukewarm UFC73 event this weekend. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When UFC73 sucks, record a podcast! This is our most coherent show in several weeks, and we hope you enjoy as we dazzle you with deep insight into every aspect of the show.

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Ya gotta give it to the South Americans, they bust balls better than anyone else. With the ink still wet on his contract to fight in the WEC, Paulo Filho goes off and calls Dana White, Rich Franklin, and Yushin Okami pussies:

Dana White have been saying out there that i’m not interesting for UFC right now, he’s going to keep me in [WEC]. I think he is scared that i beat his fighters, except for Anderson Silva. They wanna rebuilt Rich Franklin, Yushin okami sucks and almost caught him, if i was there, Franklin would get whooped. They don’t like brazilians, but they can’t hide, Anderson and I will rule UFC and [WEC] for a long time.

My bet is Filho being in the WEC has more to do with the fact that he’s not the most exciting fighter in the world. He’s definately a solid fighter, but his methodical takedown and gradual ground and pound style isn’t going to electrify the US market any time soon. But if he can learn to trash talk in english, he could do pretty well.

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