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Ken Shamrock has been thrown under the bus by Zuffa management so much over the past few years that many people have forgotten how damned entertaining he is. There’s a reason he’s still famous, and it isn’t because he’s “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”. While on a binge drinking relapse I browsed onto the Sherdog forums and found these two oldies but goodies.

After being unable to win even when the Upset Pixie waved her magical wand over him, Heath Herring has decided to take a vacation from his lousy training and ‘spend time with his family':

“The UFC already called me about maybe [fighting] in October, and I just need to take some personal time,” said Herring. “I’m just trying to catch up and do some family things right now, and I need to find a good fight camp so I’ve got nothing really scheduled right now.”

I can’t disagree with his decision … if there’s anyone that needs to switch it up in the UFC, it’s Heath Herring. In the past six months he’s lost to lay’n’prayer Jake O’Brien, eeked out a decision against Brad Imes, and completely screwed up a fluke knockout of Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera. I’m too lazy to look it up, but that kinda underacheiving reminds me of someone else in the UFC … oh, Frank Mir? And by a stunning coincidence, both fighters just happen to come from the Las Vegas Combat Club.

To tell you the truth though, I don’t think the LVCC is the actual cause of these guy’s shitty performances. Both of them just seem to not really give a shit any more.

This is what happens when you eat a bag worth of mushrooms and try to talk about MMA when there’s nothing going on. We compressed 2 hours of talk into 13 minutes of … something. First time listeners: do NOT listen to this show.

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Jesus fuck. Another month, another round of statements from Dana White about how the HBO deal is ‘oh so very close to being done’. Let me be the one to say it: no one gives a flying fuck. Dana White is so obsessed with getting this deal done as a feather in his cap that he’s lost perspective on the situation. HBO might have been the gold standard for cable entertainment 10 years ago, but now it’s just a home for sitcoms where the characters can say ‘Fuck’.

So why the hell is Dana so adamant about subjecting us to an HBO-controlled UFC product? I have no issue with the idea of getting on HBO simply to block any other MMA organization from landing the deal. But to basically put HBO up on this pedestal like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread is dumb. Spike TV is in 90 million homes compared to HBO’s 45 million. Spike treats the UFC like the crown jewel of the network, while over at HBO you can’t throw a rock without hitting an executive who’s shit on MMA. And trust me, I spent an entire weekend over there throwing rocks. It felt good.

If the UFC wants to continue to grow, they have to continue to improve the quality of the shows which reach the most new viewers. They seem to understand this … how else can you explain the awesomeness that is UFN11, and of course UFC75? So what the hell is up with Dana White continuing to massage HBO’s flaccid member? What’s the point of moving your bigger shows to a smaller audience in a corporate environment where no one respects the sport?

Just wanted to remind all the holier than thou assholes compiling Top 10 lists in their mom’s basement that they forgot to make a top 10 women’s ranking. Considering this is pretty much the only list past bantamweight and featherweight that would actually be educational for readers, I’d appreciate it if someone stepped up and rectified the situation.


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