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Unsubstantiated reports have Brock Lesnar on ESPN radio saying he’s had his infamous penis-sword chest tattoo removed. If this is true, then it is a sad day for MMA indeed. Not since Evan Tanner shaved off his iconic bum beard have fight fans lost such an easy topic for mockery.

RIP Penis Sword … 2005 – 2007

As time goes on and more people jump on the MMA news bandwagon, you better believe there’s gonna be more false and misleading information floating around. In this case, the false news was that Trigg/Filho was a done deal for December:

Despite a published report last week to the contrary, Frank Trigg (15-6) says he has not been offered a bout with World Extreme Cagefighting Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho (15-0) for its Dec. 12 event at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The former UFC welterweight contender said he’d been told that the Brazilian Top Team member has been presented with a bout agreement bearing Trigg’s name, though he has not received the complimentary paperwork on his end. Trigg has not been contacted by WEC officials, but said he is open to the bout.

I was waiting for Frank to confirm this fight through his radio show, which I’ve upgraded from ‘frequently wrong’ to ‘reliable enough to trust on matters relating to Frank Trigg’. It is interesting to note that Trigg hasn’t been in touch with WEC people despite the fact that the WEC has already sent out paperwork with his name on it. One would hope the WEC would lock him into a contract before putting out bout agreements with his name on it … but hey, I’m not a superstar businessman so maybe that’s just not how real organizations roll.

The UFC has been doing a pretty shit job of sorting it’s middleweight division out. Considering they’ve known they were running out of contenders for Anderson Silva the moment Silva drove Rich Franklin’s nose into his brain the first time, it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for them.Just in the past few weeks there’s been some very retarded moves. Jason Mayhem Miller is off to fight for HDNet. Frank Trigg may be working for Zuffa again, but in the WEC. Yeah, how fucking retarded is that???

But one thing the fanboys have been trumpeting is the return of at least one potential middleweight contender: Ricardo Almeida. Almeida tore Pancrase a new asshole, beating top notch Japanese talent like Shibuya, Minowa, Misaki, and Chonan. But if you’re looking for Almeida to jump back into the fray and be ready to take on Anderson Silva any time soon, you’re about to be dissapointed:

MMAWeekly: Has there been any discussion about possible future opponents, such as Rich Franklin, Dean Lister, Yushin Okami, or perhaps rematches with Marquardt or Chonan?

Almeida: Not yet. All those names sound like great fights, but I want to earn my right to fight some of these guys, because right now I am just some guy who has been sitting on the side lines for awhile.

I am not arrogant to think that I can come back from a three-and-a-half year layoff and mix it up with the top guys in the division right away. I am looking forward to slowly, but surely, climbing my way back into the top of the division.

Most people who listened to the UFC conference call and Randy’s press conference left with a generally optomisitic view of the situation between the two parties. Dana White wasn’t taking his normal tactic of devaluing his enemies (he saved that for Fedor), and Randy ‘never said never’.

However, I think people just aren’t reading between the lines with what Couture was saying. Pretty much everyone is missing Couture’s point when he says “This isn’t about the money”. I think this statement sums everything up nicely:

“This is the last statement I’m going to make,” Couture told “Those guys know the truth. Dana knows in his heart of hearts what’s gone on. I’m not gonna sit and debate every time they want to spin something their way. It’s not about money. They could offer me $5 million — I’m gone. I know how I feel. I know what’s what. I’m tired of it.”

Wake up people: Randy’s not coming back to the UFC.

After Stephan Bonnar’s BJJ coach kicked it and he dropped a deuce to Rashad Evans and Forrest Griffin, I thought he was pretty much toast. He just didn’t seem to have the ability to adapt to his new situation. Fortunately for him, he seems to have sorted his shit out now that he’s down in Vegas training at Xtreme Couture. Not content to stay and train with the best of the best, Bonnar is now on his way to Thailand to work on his muay thai:

Stephan Bonnar: Let’s see. . . (to) get my jiu-jitsu better. I have a teacher now, and I would say I’m learning a lot. I’m focusing on wrestling and straight boxing also. Gonna take a trip to Thailand pretty soon— about a week and a half—to train Muay Thai. Pretty much everything. . . I know that. It’s a lot easier to work everything now. I’ve got good training partners, good coaches, and everything’s really close.

Honestly, if I hadn’t read it from the fucker’s mouth I wouldn’t have believed it. Good on him for doing something extreme to improve a shitty aspect of his game. You don’t see guys like Rich Franklin or Matt Hughes doing that, and in my opinion that’s why those two are dropping fights to the new generation of fighters.

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