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Looks like all of those lawsuits the UFC started a while back are starting to hit the fan. Today’s UFC legal victory is against Total Fight Alliance. What crime did TFA commit that forced Dana White to sic his lawyers on them?

The court found that Total Fight Alliance, promoted by Todd Meacham, infringed on Zuffa’s Octagon trademarks by promoting fights inside an eight-sided cage and utilizing an Octagon for its TFA logo.

Wow. Just wow. Let it be known that the UFC officially owns a polygon. And not just any polygon … the octagon. When you think of it, that’s not too shabby … octagons are way cooler than 9-sided enneagons, and even the mighty 13-sided tridecagon just can’t touch it’s 8-sided sibling. I hope this is a lesson to everyone out in the MMA community that you can’t just USE any shape you want and expect to get away with it.

All us people out here in internet-land should be worried about this scorched earth approach to trademark protection, especially those withUFCin the name of their URLs. Or for that matter, an octagon in their logo. I have to wonder if the only reason Dana hasn’t come after these sites yet is because he’s too busy suing half the MMA promotions out there. Anyways, good luck to you guys … me, I’m already preparing for the day I get nailed for libel / slander / defamation of character / obscenity / hate crimes / etc.

Hello and welcome for coming on my sites. Today lets spend some best times doing whats happy: Gomi and Kid will be our guides! Between these two it’s always ultimate teams. Now lets be curious champions in the sand! While we search for victory lets not forget: take good heart and spirit from everyone and we will all success! We are always good friend. It’s constant.

Y’all might have noticed that the posting around here has gotten a bit more regular. I attribute this to diet, exercise, and a large bowl of All Bran every morning. The seven Malaysian teenagers I hired to write at 2 ringgits a post help as well. Anyways, the point of this post is to inform you that the site will be active through the weekend, and basically active all the time from now on. This means no more dry spells every time I go on a coke and prostitute bender.

With the huge increase in traffic over the past weeks it’s time to start running this shit a bit more seriously, and I think you’ll all be pretty happy with the new level of commitment we’re bringing to the site. Last but not least, I know the site still looks like ass and doesn’t even display right in Internet Explorer. While I might change the template to something new just to get rid of compatibility issues, the big site change will come some time near the end of September. We’re dropping some mad benjamins on a retarded new system … honestly, I can’t prime you guys for how cool it’s going to be.

Until then, keep reading, start listening, join in on the conversation, and tell your friends. J’Taime. Big kiss. Show us yer boobs.

If you listened to the last episode of the Low Blow, you’ll know we discussed ShoXC fighter Lee Gibson. And by ‘discuss’ I mean ‘accused him of being a Nazi’. Now this may not be true … he may just be a white supremacist or something. He may not even be that … we’re basing this assumption entirely on the fact that he’s got a big ass SS tattoo under his right arm. That tattoo and more discussed here in an extra old Fightlinker post.

Now I know what you’re thinking … Nascar? And trust me … I’m right there with you. But my company gave me box seats with free food, and who can turn down free food? To add to the adventure, there’s an extreme humidity warning plus severe thundershower warnings. Blogging will resume later on tonight. Until then, go listen to the podcast! It’s like a super funny blog post … for your ears!

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