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Remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about Shawn Tamiribuchi, the lesbian performance artist with a taste for blood, porn, and mixed martial arts? Well, she got wind of our post and gave her two cents about her 30 second loss to Kristin Niedzulski. Sounds like a pretty raw deal and the kind of thing that must happen at small shows across America every weekend. Here’s what she had to say:

Hey Fightlinker and friends,
Unfortunately the fight stoppage and a lot about the fight is under definite suspect. The ref wasn’t able to give a straight (no pun intended) answer to why he stopped it. he was also from the Lion’s Den, which is the same gym Kristin my opponent trains at. Kristin exhibited great sportsmanship but as for the ref, well I would argue he had a conflict of interest.

Here’s exactly what happened-
Fight starts, we start to exchange punches standing up, I go to for the takedown, Kristin ends up in top mount and starts throwing punches. I cover, realizing that the punches are nothing I need to be concerned about, I notice that I am near the cage wall and start to use it to flip off of with my feet to reverse my position (which Ken Shamrock should have done in his last fight with Tito). As I am half way through my flip to reverse mount, ref stops fight.

why I ask?
first he says I was on my side..
-no I was using the cage to reverse mount
then he says I wasn’t defending-
-Kristin was not connecting with her punches, I was unscathed.
then he says that she struck 4xs and I didn’t answer- funny Ken Shamrock didn’t mention this in the rules meeting.
The fight world is definitely political and as sketchy as any other.

I definitely want a rematch and will keep at it. I am super disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to actually engage in the ring and more so frustrated that I was told “this is amateur, we don’t want to see you ladies getting hurt” after the stoppage. This is MMA not a pillow fight. I was insulted by these words and if you watched the rest of the fights they got pretty heavy without any ref stoppages.

Thanks for the encouraging words. I know my name might be confusing to some and not having long hair and silicone tits, which tend to be gender determining factors in the ring add to this. I am trying to fight at lower weights and as far as I am concerned, the added pounded of big boobs and hair may work for some, but for me I rather optimize my power with muscle weight.

I think a lot of people come off as psychos, especially mma people who occupy the cage. Glad it’s a positive in your book! The Mental Ward of MMA, that’s fantastic.

Oh and if you want to see more videos and pix-
Syd Blakovich is my character who is supposed to be a psycho hungarian wrestler. Not a real psycho, but I play one on the internet.


Haha, that’s classic. I’d like to say that I’ll take a tough chick who’s flat like a board over some ditz with tits who can’t throw a proper punch. In fact, I look forward to the day when I can regularly watch the Barbies being pushed now get smashed by the real talent in women’s MMA.

For every person who’s jumping the gun on hyping Houston Alexander, theres someone out there jumping the gun on dismissing him. A lot of people (myself included) have called bullshit on his claim that he fought hundreds of fights. We also chalked up his ‘family man’ thing as a cliche. But considering he’s not going to dissapear any time soon, I decided to do some research into him and found this article that tells you everything you need to know. If you don’t feel like reading it, I’ll sum it up and lets see how his karma fares:

Bad Karma:

  • Assaulted a police officer (borderline bad)
  • Domestic abuse (very bad)

Good Karma:

  • Single father of six (he has full custody of them all)
  • Donated a kidney to his daughter (50% less pain from kidney shots)
  • Runs the School Culture Shock Tour, educating kids about music
  • Pimped at UFC75 (okay, that wasn’t in the article, but it’s still pretty cool)

The article also verifies his claims of an extensive amateur record. While it may not be hundreds, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was above 100 fights.

So while punching out cops and women are two pretty big things on the ‘Bad’ list, they were both in the past. I’d rather give a man props for the things he’s doing right now than shit on the mistakes he’s made in the past. His obvious dedication to his family and community go a long way to convincing me Houston is an okay guy. So as long as he keeps his nose clean and his violence in the ring, you can officially count me as on his bandwagon. WAR NEBRASKA!

**UPDATE** There’s no proof on the domestic abuse thing.

**UPDATE # 2** Wow, a correction on a correction. Looks like The Reader did remove this specific paragraph from their article:

It wasn’t his only run-in with the law. He alludes to “a whole bunch of domestic,” referring to disturbances involving women that led to police intervention.

Of course, the problem with changing articles and not explaining why is that we don’t know why the paragraph was removed. You’ll notice some fishy wording in there … ‘alludes’ being the key one. The reporter also assigns his own assumption to what ‘domestic’ is.

Sure, it might make perfect sense to a white dude from the ‘burbs that ‘domestic’ = ‘domestic abuse’, but really it could just be Ebonics for ‘fucking some bitches up, putting them in their place’. Hmm … that’s not very good either. Anyways, I think the fact that the paragraph was retracted is noteworthy enough to still justify this correction. But it does feel good that I didn’t just make this whole thing up in my head.

There’s no doubt that K1’s first American show was about as close to a total disaster as it could have been without being cancelled outright. While Japanese tv money probably kept it out of the black, K1 will have a hard time convincing MMA fans in America to throw a dime their way any time soon.

But dispite the fact that Japan has been stripped of it’s title as the fight mecca of the world, there’s still a ton of money and opportunity there for K1 to take advantage of. With PRIDE gone and over half it’s Japanese fighters cut loose, this is the perfect time for K1’s MMA branch HERO’s to get it’s shit together and fill the void.

Of course, it’s a huge question mark as to if HERO’s can do this. For a company that’s been around for two and a half years, they haven’t been able to get much going. That’s dispite having K1’s financial backing and tons of star power on their roster. Even by Japanese standards, their fight booking is completely inconsistant and nonsensical. They put way too much importance on tournaments, and no importance on title belts.

All in all, there’s a huge opportunity for HERO’s right now. PRIDE is gone. The UFC certainly isn’t looking like they’re about to magically appear in Japan. While I don’t expect HERO’s to magically step up to the plate and compete with the UFC on a global level, I don’t see why they can’t sort their shit out enough to fill the void for mixed martial arts in Japan. At the moment they’re just phoning it in and collecting paychecks from Japanese TV stations. Let’s hope they take it to the next level soon.

Here’s a video of Mirko Crocop after his loss to Cheik Kongo. In case you don’t understand Croatian, here’s the translation thanks to his official forum Nokaut. Although the video is still worth watching to see the sadness and pain on Crocop’s face.

“What can I say, I’m very disappointed. I broke a rib already in the first round, so I was breathing heavily, I also got two knees in the groin, which hurt my stamina. I feel bad, I fought bad, maybe I’m getting older,” he tried to make a joke. “My rib hurts, don’t be mad, we’re gonna continue. I just want to go home right now and take a rest. We’ll see. Thanks to everyone who came to London to support me, thanks!”

**UPDATE** Just to clarify, the title of this post is kinda a joke … we do that from time to time around here. Honestly, a broken rib in the first and four cock-shots are enough to take the wind out of even the most determined eastern european fighter’s sails. So while I’m not gonna defend the loss, this fact does explain some things.

MMAWeekly’s Ivan Trembow is the shit. Even his comments on other people’s blogs are better than half the crap being spewed on the front pages of MMA sites across the net. Here’s what he has to say about the bullshit judging for Bisping/Hamill, and it perfectly explains the anatomy of a bad decision:

The UFC, specifically Marc Ratner, is responsible for bringing in the judges, officials, inspectors, etc. and essentially acting as the athletic commission when they run shows in unregulated places like the United Kingdom.

Two people that watched the event with me are now pretty sour on the whole sport in general, saying that it’s corrupt and full of crap. I had to try to convince them that it was just incompetence and gutlessness on the part of the judges, and not corruption.

Again, when making the argument to my pissed off friends that the judges were simply incompetent and gutless as opposed to corrupt, I basically had to say never mind the fact that the judges on these unregulated UFC shows are hired by the UFC, paid for by the UFC, chosen by the UFC, flown in by the UFC, etc. In the case of that particular fight, I think it was just a case of the judges being gutless in not wanting to have the fight scored 2 rounds to 0 headed into the final round, which is unfortunately not that uncommon to see, and then giving the final round to Bisping, which at that point would give him 2 rounds to 1.

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