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The ICON guys out in Hawaii are looking for someone to redesign their clothing website, and they’re offering free MMA training for whoever is willing to do it. Their new gym facilities make it seem like a pretty decent deal. Just make sure not to take Chris Leben’s “How to lose to Kalib Starnes” class, I hear it’s pretty lame. If you happen to live in the neighborhood and can string some flash together, email them here:

If you’re already jonesing for more MMA after last night’s amazing UFC Fight Night, look no further than the Versus channel tonight, Wednesday June 13th. This week’s WEC WreckCage show features Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s debut against Hiromitsu Miura in what I’ve heard is an amazing display of brawling and grappling with several kicks to both fighter’s nuts. And you know how we love our low blows here!

Nick and Nate Diaz, in one of the few shots where they don’t look like total mutants.

I lost a bet.

Curse you, Luke Thomas! I’ll get you next time!

Man, we realized tonight that we’re drunks who can’t do this show without alcohol. I hope people appreciate the sacrifice to our livers we make recording this show. As always, you can listen to the show on the Talkshoe applet to your right, or download the show here. 35 minutes of UFC Fight Night discussion. Well, we do go off on the standard tangents, but you know how it is. Goddamn I’m drunk. I’m going to bed. Well played, I’ll put up the banner tommorow.

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