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I know the whole point of the IFL draft was to find diamonds in the rough, but I’m sure IFL execs were hoping for at least a few notable fighters from smaller organizations to show up. Unfortunately for them, past the always game but not always capable Jason Guida, the only other notable names they got were journeyman Brian Gassaway and TUF3 quitter Noah Inhofer. You can see the entire list of draft fighters here at MMA on Tap.

The thing I don’t get is how exactly this draft is going to work … are the guys who get picked going to have to move wherever their team is? Are they going to have to give up their existing training camps? How many free places are really available on IFL teams? I imagine most coaches in the IFL are giving the huge majority if not all their spots to fighters from their own training camps.

In short, the idea of a draft is all nice and well and it plays into the whole ‘league’ feel, but I’ll be amazed if more than 10 guys actually get drafted into any of the teams.

I have a feeling that unless Randy Couture murders his family and then hangs himself from his gym equipment, today is gonna be yet another slow news day. But fear not, loyal readers. To fill in the oh so intellectual gaps, I’ll be providing you with some grade A filler … no snouts, hooves, or fecal matter. Okay, maybe just a touch of fecal matter.

To start things off, you’ve got Matt Hughes’ twin brother Mark getting tasered by the cops. This would be 100 times better if he were drunk and resisting arrest, but when it comes to the Hughes boys I’ll take what I can get. Considering their arsenal I doubt the police would be able to take them if they weren’t willing to be taken.

Hi guys, little help if possible.

WordPress used to send me an email whenever someone commented on a story. Unfortunately, that function seemed to break somehow on Saturday night. If anyone has any ideas for how to fix this issue, it would be greatly appreciated (and yes, I checked the settings in WordPress that controls this).

**Update** Well, the mail thing is fixed, thanks intenso for that thread … switching the comments email fixed the issue. But now I no only have the ‘code’ view when adding posts. Yay. Zach Arnold, I’m sorry I ever thought you were being crazy when you complained about WordPress.

Unsubstantiated reports have Brock Lesnar on ESPN radio saying he’s had his infamous penis-sword chest tattoo removed. If this is true, then it is a sad day for MMA indeed. Not since Evan Tanner shaved off his iconic bum beard have fight fans lost such an easy topic for mockery.

RIP Penis Sword … 2005 – 2007

As time goes on and more people jump on the MMA news bandwagon, you better believe there’s gonna be more false and misleading information floating around. In this case, the false news was that Trigg/Filho was a done deal for December:

Despite a published report last week to the contrary, Frank Trigg (15-6) says he has not been offered a bout with World Extreme Cagefighting Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho (15-0) for its Dec. 12 event at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The former UFC welterweight contender said he’d been told that the Brazilian Top Team member has been presented with a bout agreement bearing Trigg’s name, though he has not received the complimentary paperwork on his end. Trigg has not been contacted by WEC officials, but said he is open to the bout.

I was waiting for Frank to confirm this fight through his radio show, which I’ve upgraded from ‘frequently wrong’ to ‘reliable enough to trust on matters relating to Frank Trigg’. It is interesting to note that Trigg hasn’t been in touch with WEC people despite the fact that the WEC has already sent out paperwork with his name on it. One would hope the WEC would lock him into a contract before putting out bout agreements with his name on it … but hey, I’m not a superstar businessman so maybe that’s just not how real organizations roll.

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