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I really shouldn’t be making fun of Frank Trigg for his inability to defend a choke. I’m built like a fucking giraffe and couldn’t stop my 3 year old from taking me out, let alone some of the best MMA fighters in the world. But I’m just some douche writing for a blog and he’s a pro MMA fighter. Not being able to defend a choke in his situation would be like me trying to run this site with no damned fingers. And trust me people, it’s hard enough missing one thumb. Don’t ask.

Anyways, it looks like Frank Trigg might be returning to the Zuffa fold. At the moment talks are underway which may see Trigg returning to fight Paulo Filho in December, possibly replacing Jason Miller who seems to be cheating on Zuffa with ProElite every chance he gets. This behavior apparently trumps Trigg’s bad behavior which involved shilling for PRIDE and badmouthing the UFC for the past few years.

My bet is this will be the beginning of many new signings by the UFC going on over the next few weeks to prevent all this new competition from scooping up a lot of talent. And it’s about fucking time too. If the UFC wants to pretend it’s the only major league in town, they really need to step it up and only ditch name fighters like Trigg when they’re worthless husks who can’t even put over a TUF fighter anymore.

I’ll give Mark Cuban a pass on throwing underwhelming events because it’s smart business to start small and work your way up. However, I’m not gonna give him a pass when newspapers print ideas like this that sound like they were developed during a mushroom bender:

Cuban plans to distinguish HDNet Fights with innovations that include live broadcasts in theaters and the use of 3-D. Another addition under consideration is staging a celebrity version.

Okay, the live broadcasts in theaters isn’t too outlandish of an idea. The WWE already does this in Canada and I’ve actually tried to get the rights to do that with UFC PPVs in Montreal. But 3D and celebrity MMA?

The only celebrities you’re going to get to fight in MMA are D-listers who can’t even land a spot in VH1 shows. Dear god, this is a perfect example of history trying to repeat itself. Cuban seems to think he can transfer some of the Dancing with the Stars magic to MMA. Can no one make Cuban watch FOX’s Celebrity Boxing so he can realize how sleazy this concept would actually turn out?

3D … how about concentrating on 2D MMA for now, Cuban? If you’re trying to revolutionize MMA, how about doing it by beating the UFC in conventional means, not with the use of a hokey concept that peaked back in the early 80’s. It’s never gonna get better than Jaws 3D, man. So just drop it.

As expected, Cuban ex-pat and judoka extrordinaire Hector Lombard has been taken off the UFC78 card because he was born in the wrong country. Whether it’s killing terrorists or fucking over communists, America totally rules. It’s hard to sleep at night here in Canada knowing that dirty Cubans are allowed into this country. So anyways, to deal with this latest ass-fucking by God, the UFC is shuffling around the UFC78 card a little bit, putting Ryo Chonan against Karo Parisyan instead of against Thiago Alves.

This really sucks for Karo, in my opinion. Parisyan vs Lombard worked because it was gonna be entertaining to watch two Judo masters shoot eachother across the octagon like slingshots. Lombard didn’t stand much of a chance overall, so I didn’t have to worry about Parisyan losing and pushing a potential title shot back to 2010 or beyond.

Now though, the UFC has put him up against a very dangerous but generally unknown fighter in Ryo Chonan. Yeah, Jordan Breen might be able to walk you play by play through all his DEEP bouts, but any UFC ‘fan’ dumb enough to buy the 78 PPV (“Ohh TUF winners fighting, how compelling”) aren’t gonna know who this dude is.

For the education of the dumb people who come to this site (ted, please pay extra attention), here’s some things you should know about Ryo Chonan:

  • Defeated Anderson Silva in 2004 using a Flying Scissor Heel Hook. If you think that sounds awesome, it is. I’d link to a youtube video of it, but those fuckers at Zuffa took it down.
  • Actually finishes fights. Well, sorta. Since 2004 he’s had 13 fights, with 6 of them going to decisions. That’s better than a lot of other snoozers the UFC imports from Japan.
  • In addition to beating Silva, Ryo has wins over Mach Sakurai, Joey Villasenor, Carlos Newton, Antonio Schembri, and Mr Choke Roan Carneiro. Villasenor stomped Ryo’s face in and smashed his orbital bone but still couldn’t finish him.

Translation: Ryo is one tough motherfucker.

So what’s so terrible about this switch up? Well, I don’t think Karo Parisyan should be challenged like this right now. I’ve already said that Karo should get first crack at the winner of Hughes/Serra. All man-love to GSP aside, that frenchy’s already gotten two title shots and Karo’s still waiting for his first. Being a ‘warrior’ and ‘accepting all challenges’ is all fine and dandy, but Karo needs an agent that keeps him from accepting dumb last second fights like this that don’t accomplish anything for his career.

If some news came out that Karo would get a title shot for beating Ryo, then I’d be all for it. But as it stands, that’s not gonna happen. So this fight is nothing but a very dangerous opportunity for Karo to once again get sent to the back of the line again.

While Chonan vs Parisyan is much more competitive than Parisyan vs Lombard, Joe Six Pack ain’t gonna give a shit if Karo beats Chonan. The flipside of that coin of course is that losing would be a pretty big blow to his popularity. That’s always the problem with bringing these foreigners in and dropping them in the deep end … you can seriously fuck up your existing star power because fans don’t realize what a tough SOB Chonan really is.

That tall skinny dude from TUF5 is making some awesome career decisions. First he turned down a chance to be a part of Matt Hughes’ gay-sounding H.I.T. Squad, and now he’s popped up in a tiny show out in Iowa that was promoted by Amsterdam Strip Clubs this weekend. Corey won the fight against some random guy in the first round via ground n pound.

Now at first I was wondering: WTF is up with Corey not being in the UFC? But then I got to thinkin’ … Hill ‘snuck’ onto the show with only one real MMA fight to his name. Going into the UFC with this kinda experience and getting dismantled is not the best way to start a career. So in that way, all the power to Corey for sharpening his skills and earning a spot in the big show.

But why the fuck is he fighting in shady strip club shows? I’d be amazed if he got paid more than 500 bucks for the fight. Someone get this guy Ken Pavia’s number. Ken will line him up with a dozen fights against suitable fodder and have him making more cheddar than most of the TUF guys are making in the UFC.

Last week we spent a bit of time making some promo clips for our radio show. Just in case you can’t stand the Low Blow, we’ve decided to make them available here for you!

Fightlinker Commercial – Unleash A Monster
If you’ve ever listened to FighOpinion Radio, you’ll love this one

Fightlinker Movie Preview – Hard to Knock Down
This is a tribute to every shitty mixed martial arts in the works right now

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