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Tucked away at the bottom of a column on Sherdog:

With a lack of a sanctioning body in the United Kingdom, the UFC was forced to regulate the Belfast event on its own. UFC vice-president Marc Ratner oversaw the show and informed that the participants in the main event, along with two random fights, were chosen for drug screening. He went on to say the results, once in, would be sent to White and that they would be disseminated at his discretion.

I dunno about you, but I wouldn’t leave a dingo in charge of a nursery, and I wouldn’t leave the UFC in charge of the UFC’s drug testing. This could turn into a huge issue : fans went retardo when they realized no drug testing was done for the last UK show and the Texas show. Do you really think they’ll be happier knowing the drug testing results will be ‘disseminated’ at Dana White’s discretion? If there’s even a whiff that one of the fighters didn’t pass and the UFC hushed it up (like they hushed up Diego Sanchez’s pot test), it’ll cause a massive stink. If there’s any truth to that idea, it could be the first scandal the UFC is involved in that would hit the mainstream.

The UFC has to get their heads out of their asses and realize what a precarious situation they’re in. The last thing they need is a perceived steroids scandal or cover-up on the heels of Royce Gracie’s positive testing. Doing your own drug testing instead of having an independent board controlling things just leaves way too much to be desired. The last thing this sport needs is to be perceived as rife with doping.

One of Canada’s biggest MMA promotions, TKO, looks like it may be in a little bit of trouble. You may remember last week’s article about Jonathan Goulet leaving TKO on bad terms. Well now it seems like it’s not just Goulet who’s unhappy with TKO head Stephan Paltry. Steve Claveau from Montreal’s main MMA training team ‘The Legion’ has publicly said he’ll be sending his fighters to other promotions rather than TKO. And word is that Team Tompkins is also unhappy with TKO (although Shawn Tompkins seems to hate everyone these days). These two groups hold a large number of the most popular and talented fighters in Ontario and Quebec, so it definitely wouldn’t be good if they were not letting their fighters participate in TKO events any more.

Don’t hold your breath people. From The Fight Network this morning:

Loretta Hunt, managing editor for The Fight Network’s MMA content, has learned that UFC Hall-of-Famer Ken Shamrock will come out of retirement to face British superstar Michael Bisping at UFC 75.

And now the same page has been updated:

Loretta Hunt, managing editor for The Fight Network’s MMA content, has learned that UFC Hall-of-Famer Ken Shamrock could possibly come out of retirement to face British superstar Michael Bisping at UFC 75.

Considering the Bisping/Hamill fight has already been confirmed by various non-fanboy sources and makes a lot more sense, I don’t see a lot of truth to this rumor. I don’t doubt Shamrock’s people told Loretta Hunt this stuff, but Loretta my dear, you must remember that pro wrestlers are the biggest liars in the world. Remember when I told you that I was a multi-millionaire playboy who loved you and wanted to marry you? Well, looks like you haven’t learned.

UPDATE: There’s an interview with Ken up on NBC

(above: Happier days at Team Hayastan – Karo and Gokor second and third from the right)

As the title implies, Karo Parisyan will not be in Manny Gamburyan’s corner this Saturday at the Ultimate Fighter 5 finale. The reason? Manny’s coach Gokor Chivichyan made Manny choose between him and his Armenian cousin. Gokor is a huge name in judo and was once Karo Parisyan’s trainer as well. The two had a falling out when Karo entered the UFC, presumably over money or who had the right to claim ‘Goofiest name’ rights. Now Manny is stuck in the middle and forced to choose between the two. The result? Manny now has a lot less help from someone with tons of Octagon experience. I don’t bring my swimming coach to a track meet, so I don’t see the logic in Manny’s choice. However, Armenians aren’t exactly Vulcans, so I understand why it happened.


It’s gotten to the point where it’s barely news when the CSAC denies fighters a license. In this case it’s only noteworthy because the guy they suspended is Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua, brother of Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. When you’re denying giants and fat dudes and freaks, I can understand. But Murilo Rua? It will be interesting to see if the reason gets revealed because on the surface Murilo Ninja is a young healthy guy. I bet we’re gonna get the paperwork and it’s gonna have the reason for denial as “Ninja is a lame nickname”. Fucking CSAC.

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