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Hello again! Do you remember me? I’m the Low Blow, this website’s “weekly” radio show. I haven’t been around for a while because Ryan was either drunk or on vacation. But now I’m back! And I’m a whole 62 minutes long this week! Tons of stuff to talk about … we cover the UFC, UFC74, and … okay, so all we do is talk about UFC74. Actually, that’s not true. We cover nachos, being fat, Jordan Breen, length vs girth, new co-hosts, how not to not record a podcast, bad dye jobs, and oh so much more. So come join us on a magical adventure across the landscape of MMA.

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So Mac Danzig is back and updating his blog with something a bit more substantial than pretty photos. As we reported way back when, Mac has spent the past few months participating in the Ultimate Fighter season 6. And while his initial blog was pretty good at revealing anything regarding the outcome of the show, he did let this little tidbit slip in the comments:

[Bulking up to 170] worked for me, but I have no problems saying that 155 is still my weight class, and after the show’s finale, I’ll be returning to 155 where I belong…

Well, right up until that comment, Mac was my uneducated pick for winning the whole show. Why uneducated? Because I don’t really pay that much attention to TUF and he’s the only name I actually like (or even really know, for that matter).

But considering the somewhat ambiguous comment, I’m starting to think he got stuffed by someone who walks around at 180 pounds. It wouldn’t be the first time either … in his Pride debut, Mac got absolutely tooled by Mach Sakurai. It’s no surprise Mac wants to return back to 155, but there’s just something about the comment that gave me the vibe he didn’t make it into the finals.

First it was robots. Now Tetris blocks have joined in on the MMA action, stealing away jobs from young jackasses with bad tattoos and a gimmicky haircut.

Props to Kurt Pellegrino for being totally in touch with his feelings:

KM: Anything else to get across to the fans?

KP: I love the fans but don’t boo when the fighters are squaring off looking for a way to win. We aren’t looking to stall, we are looking for a way not to die out. It hurts my feelings. I’m trying to end the fight as fast as possible.

Here’s a report from Ken Shamrock’s MMA show this past weekend:

In addition, Kristin Niedzulski, the first female MMA competitor produced by the famed Lion’s Den camp, defeated Shawn Tamaribuchi by TKO just 23 seconds into the opening round. Niedzulski mounted her opponent almost immediately and forced the referee stoppage soon after.

Now as the subject first explains, I was initially thinking Kristin’s opponent ‘Shawn’ was a guy. And as much as I respect female MMA, I still think getting smashed in under 30 seconds by a chick has to be the most emasculating thing that will ever happen to you. Except perhaps being dildo raped by the girls from S Club 7. Anyways, the sad truth is ‘Shawn Tamiribuchi’ is a girl. The good news is she’s a fucking psycho:

The artists (Jez Lee and Shawn Tamaribuchi) warned me that someone had passed out the night before, and so I was prepared for some gory exhibitionism. What I wasn’t prepared for was the innocent-seeming, hand-holding and pantless duo that stood smiling sweetly at the audience, playfully lifting their shirts to reveal a pert breast in between playful kisses. Once they reassured the audience with the cloying sweetness of their affection, the modesty-free wonders armed themselves with syringes and snapping rubber and sat down at a dining table to draw each other’s blood, intermittently letting loose snippets of conversation and interaction that signified a new level of PDA.

“Hold the vein down and don’t miss it.”

“The rubber’s breaking!”

“It’s going to explode!”

The scenario is a simple enough one: the duo on stage is drawing each other’s blood so that they can drink it, hence the piece’s name, “Bodyshots.” But what’s mesmerizing is not the act of drinking fresh blood; it’s the dynamic between the two women.

That’s just scratching the surface of who Shawn Tamiribuchi is. As far as I can tell, Shawn is a full fledged homosexual extreme performance artist with a taste for pain. Which makes her almost as cool as Roxanne Modafferi in my books, although about 50 times more intimidating. If only for the sake of diversity in the MMA landscape (how long will Rory Singer be the only openly gay fighter?), I hope Shawn sticks with it and gets somewhere.

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