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Here’s an excellent little bit of food for thought from Sam Caplan’s blog. I want to have that man’s babies.

Does anyone remember earlier this year when there were rumors that Nogueira was going blind in one eye and might not be able to get licensed in the U.S.? Well, he had no problem that I know of getting licensed in California, one of the more strict states to get licensed in. However, anyone else notice that Big ‘Nog had a lot of trouble picking up Heath Herring’s high kick? Was Heath quick enough that he could just keep slipping it in like that or did Minotauro have trouble picking it up with his peripheral vision?

Keep your eyes on the top left of the screen during the above video to see the most obnoxious fucker in the history of UFC fans. And that really says something. One has to imagine he’s got some kind of connections or credentials to be in such a choice seat. In fact, he’s so close to Jenna Jameson that he hits her in the back of the head during one of his several shirt pointing / bird flipping extravaganzas. Congratulations random guy … you are a total douche.

Credit for these goes to Smirnoff Black and Joy.

We talked about it on the latest episode of the Low Blow, and here it is in all it’s glory: The Rashad dance. Note the priceless reaction of his opponent, who doesn’t know what the fuck is going on. If you’re one of the many people coming here to check us out after watching the Rich Franklin video, I encourage you to take 5 minutes and try out our podcast. It sucks 90% less cock than your average mixed martial arts podcast! forum user Steele Manheim provides some simple but telling stats regarding Sean Sherk’s UFC record:

7 fights

5 wins

2 losses

26 rounds

0 submissions

0 Ko’s

0 TKO’s

1 cut stoppage

Yeah again … I fucking hate mixed martial arts news. Yes X fight is happening. No it’s not. Yes it’s for the belts. No it’s not for the belts. Yes we know what we’re doing. No, we have no idea what the fuck is going on. Yes, no, maybe, possibly, I didn’t say that, you did. Fucking god cocksucking damn it. If Dana White hates the independant MMA media so much, maybe he should do a better job of keeping people informed than they do. Or perhaps his plan is to flood the internet with so much bogus information, people will just stop asking questions and just buy the damn PPVs.

Anyways, as the title says, Dana White said at the UFC73 post-event conference that Sherk vs Penn would happen in November. Of course, until I actually see it and hear exactly what he said, I won’t believe it’s 100%. Some sites are saying the offer is conditional on BJ Penn staying at LW and you know … actually accepting the fight. Which to me seems like an awfully important detail that needs to be sorted out. But what do I know, I just run a dumb MMA blog, right?

The possibility of this fight does excite me though. Sean Sherk is like a less diverse Matt Hughes, so if BJ can beat Hughes, imagine what he’ll do to a second rate Hughes ripoff! And lets admit something: as much as I hate on Sherk, there’s very few people at lightweight right now who would be able to beat him. So please … PLEASE … BJ, if you’re reading this … we need you at lightweight to tool Sherk and stop there from being any more boring ass 5-round wrestling matches.

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