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Some smack talk goin down in Korea as HEROs gears up:

Another eagerly anticipated matchup will pit Korean judo and mixed martial arts fighter Dong Sik Yoon against Fabio Silva of Brazil. There was a bit of drama when these two appeared center stage for photographs, Yoon adapting the usual stoic fighting pose while an in-your-face Silva brandished fists and stared menacingly at his opponent.

Yoon refused to be intimidated, and got a bit of a laugh when he said, “Sunday I will show a good fight. I don’t fight with my eyes, maybe he prefers to fight that way? I prefer to fight in the ring!”

Silva replied directly to his opponent: “I know what a real fight is, I will show you what a great fight is, and you will lose!”

Randy Couture’s blog has been abuzz the past two days with lots of content direct from the source, including:

Randy Couture writes about his ‘Hollywood Agent’

Kim Couture’s comments on her husband’s resignation

But my favorite blog by far from there has to be the huge rant against Kevin Iole’s ‘pissing match’ with Couture. Here’s some of my favorite excerpts:

It would appear you are either peeved that Randy (rather politely) singled you out for publishing numbers that were apparently unsubstantiated, or you are carrying water for Dana White – who has created a huge PR nightmare for himself by a.) letting this happen in the first place, and b.) making matters worse by turning it into a pissing match.

You neither reported the true intent of Randy’s message, nor shed any light on this senseless falling out. You simply itemized the various accusations and counter-accusations and wrapped it in a blanket statement that says something to the effect that: “athletes are all liars – they’re just in it for the money – move along folks – nothing to see here-.”

But instead of clearing up the discrepancy, you unceremoniously threw the apparently factual numbers into the mix with the old apparently un-factual numbers – offering no account for the gaping difference and no apology for what appears to have been pretty sloppy journalism first time around.

After trying to threaten, cajole, and insult Dan Henderson into dropping back down to middleweight, it looks like the UFC is trying to sweet talk Hendo down now:

Dan Henderson (22-6): It is hard to argue that any fighter in the world ranks higher than Henderson on the fabled pound-for-pound list, recent loss to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson notwithstanding. In February, the reigning PRIDE 183-lb champion “Dangerous” Dan accomplished the unthinkable by knocking out Wanderlei Silva to win the PRIDE 205-lb championship. That made him the second fighter in UFC or PRIDE history (Randy Couture being the first) to win titles in two different weight divisions, and the first to hold both belts simultaneously. Many UFC fans likely discount his chances at championship dominance after watching him lose a close decision to Rampage in their February 205-lb unification bout. That is a huge mistake. At light heavy, he was a tremendous fighter. At middleweight, he is quite possibly the most dominant force in the world, and possibly the only fighter in the game to edge out Anderson Silva on the pound-for-pound list.

Wow, saying Dan should be considered one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world, and then saying he’s “the most dominant force in the world” at MW, is pretty extreme. I’m glad to see the UFC recognizes he’s their only chance of their next middleweight contender not being a boring fuck (Okami) or a lamb to the slaughter (anyone else).

If this was any other sport, I’d take this as a sign that the UFC will do whatever they have to in order to sort their shit with Henderson and set him up for a fight with Anderson Silva ASAP. Unfortunately the UFC continues to show over and over that whenever it’s obvious they need a fighter, they’d rather fuck over that fighter and drive them from their organization than admit they need them and *gasp* pay them more money or respect.

The only way I keep myself from coveting these fighter’s women (coveting is a sin, it says so in the Commandments!) is by telling myself they’re probably the craziest bitches in the universe. There’s definitely a co-relation between crazy hot and batshit crazy. The hotter a girl is, the more batshit crazy she can get away with acting. I’m not saying all hot girls are crazy … I’m just saying they know they can get away with it and they often do just because they can.

So without further ado, here’s some more pics of fighter’s girlfriends!

Diego Sanchez’s fiance:

Phil Baroni’s GF … or is this the chick that left him and caused a total meltdown in his life?

Vitor Belfort’s girlfriend, who looks like she has back problems.

Elvis Sinosic’s Girlfriend

Elvis Sinosic’s GF’s tits. Also, notice the size of this chick’s pythons!

Forrest Griffin’s GF. Boobies!

Shogun Rua’s GF

Tim Sylvia’s GF

Dean Lister’s ex. Unsubstantiated rumors have her telling Dean “I hope you get your fucking ass kicked” right before his fight with Arona. With women like that, who needs to fight in the octagon??

As I mentioned before, Athletic Commissions want to take all the Fun/Danger out of mixed martial arts. According to Keith Keizer, the feuhreur of the NSAC, they just had a rules review meeting yesterday. The result? Despite a number of letters and recommendations from fans, they made no changes to the rule banning knees to the head on the ground in MMA. There won’t be another rules review meeting until the end of next year.

How fucking crap is this??? That’s 365 more days of bullshit. How can this be called mixed martial arts when the fine art of smashing a guy’s fucking skull in with your knees is banned? Honestly, the sport of MMA is a sham without this beautiful and misunderstood offensive tactic.

I mean, sure it’s retardedly dangerous. Sure, someone could die. But you could die sleeping in your bed tomorrow, right? Or be totally struck by lightening any second!!! So yeah … what the fuck? I think this is a total outrage. The idea that these Athletic Commission guys get to tell us what we can or can’t do in MMA is outrageous. I hear some of them aren’t even doctors or nothing! What the fuck.

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