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I’m not really the kind of guy to usually say “I told you so”. Wait, what the fuck is that? I’m totally the kind of guy to do that. I do the “I’m right” dance … I rub my rightness in people’s faces. I fucking love being right.

But today I don’t love it, no sir I do not one bit. For now I was right about Dana White jinxing the main event by promising Chuck vs Wanderlei if Chuck won. So of course Chuck didn’t win, and now here’s what’s being said:

“It’s just not meant to happen,” said White, who talked about a conversation with Silva as the fight was going on, and telling Silva that he thought Jardine was going to win the fight. He noted Silva was in complete denial, seeing huge dollar signs fly out the window.

Okay, W T F. One part of my brain understands that you can’t just match these two guys up at this point in their careers without potentially ruining one of them. But the other part of my brain says “Who fucking cares, you’re running out of time! Do it now before it’s too late”. Finally, my entire brain is blaming Dana for the overscheduling that ‘forced’ him to stick Chuck in a pointless fight against a washed up TUF fighter like Keith Jardine.

Yes, it’s Chuck Liddell’s own fault that he lost. But it’s Dana White’s fault that he put Chuck against an opponent where there’s no upside for winning. Dana White talked about ‘Chuck not having the fire anymore’, but how hard is it to get that fire when the fight you’re training for is just filler? It’s a known fact that you give a guy a squash match and they’re not going to train as hard or care as much as if you’re giving them a shot at the title or something. How was Chuck supposed to give a shit about his fight with Jardine when even the newest of TUF noobs didn’t?

Here’s the fucking deal Dana: you want Chuck to show if he still has the fire? Book him against Wanderlei Silva. Chuck has been fighting whoever the UFC puts in front of him for years now, but the only guy he’s really wanted to beat is Wanderlei. And now because Pride fucked up by putting Silva against Dan Henderson, and you fucked up by putting Chuck against Jardine, it seems only decent that you fix both mistakes by finally booking these guys against eachother.

Okay, so Luke Thomas didn’t take me up on my bet, but he shouldn’t feel that bad: the other thousands of visitors to the site during the run-up to UFC76 didn’t have the balls to challenge me on the issue either. So I’ll call the results of this fight thusly:

  • Fightlinker : 1
  • Everyone Else : 0

Well, I guess Jon Fitch gets a point too because he had a little to do with this victory as well. Does Diego Sanchez get a point too for giving the bout away? I think he should, considering he was so busy jiu-jitsuing Fitch that he forgot to uuuuuuuh beat the shit out of him and win! With, I dunno … fists and elbows and stuff. I hear that works sometimes. Especially with someone like Fitch who’s no Karo Parisyan or even Joe Riggs on his feet.

Here’s what happened to Diego: he switched training camps and forgot a part of what made him good. He remembered the whole ‘hunger’ thing and the whole tiger or lion or whichever member of the Pantherinae subfamily shit. What he didn’t remember that it was his aggressive striking game that’s worked for him since he hit the UFC. When he moved to San Diego (ya know, to re-establish that rough ghetto environment he had earlier in his career), he fell in with the Ribeiro brothers and seemed like he was spending more time doing jiu-jitsu than proper MMA training. To me, that was what I saw as he was out-positioned and out-scored. But what do I know … I was three flags to the wind watching this show, so my opinion should hold about as much weight as Cecil People’s.

Just prior to his win over Alessio Sakara, I’d written a blog regarding the pros and cons of MMA’s newest hype sensation, Houston Alexander:

Bad Karma:

* Assaulted a police officer (borderline bad)
* Domestic abuse (very bad)

Just yesterday, commenter Old_Fogey noticed one little problem with my Bad Karma list: there was no mention of domestic abuse in the article I was reading. I was a bit surprised at first. I read the article over twice looking for the paragraph I swear I remember with that information. Then I went back over all the other articles on Houston Alexander I had read over that period, trying to find where the fuck I had heard about this.

Well, in the end I wasn’t able to find it. I’d like to imagine that the article had been changed like Fox Sports likes to do without issuing a correction. But honestly, unless there’s proof of this I’m just going to man up and say this:


Let this be a lesson to everyone: Never ever rely on me for your factual knowledge because I’m obviously a moron. I’ll try not to let my subconscious racism towards black people manifest itself in bogus claims of domestic abuse any more. I’ll also always do my best to be factually accurate and generally all of my facts will be directly backed up with a corresponding link to someone with an actual brain. I will always correct any errors on this site if people point them out, either with a correction notice in the article or, in the case of big fuck ups like this, a brand new post to digitally flagellate myself for my stupidity. Oh, and to ‘clear’ the names of guys I accuse of beating chicks up.

Sorry, but in case you didn’t notice, we’re not exactly brain surgeons over here.

**UPDATE** Wow, a correction on a correction. Looks like The Reader did remove this specific paragraph from their article:

It wasn’t his only run-in with the law. He alludes to “a whole bunch of domestic,” referring to disturbances involving women that led to police intervention.

Of course, the problem with changing articles and not explaining why is that we don’t know why the paragraph was removed. You’ll notice some fishy wording in there … ‘alludes’ being the key one. The reporter also assigns his own assumption to what ‘domestic’ is.

Sure, it might make perfect sense to a white dude from the ‘burbs that ‘domestic’ = ‘domestic abuse’, but really it could just be Ebonics for ‘fucking some bitches up, putting them in their place’. Hmm … that’s not very good either. Anyways, I think the fact that the paragraph was retracted is noteworthy enough to still justify this correction. But it does feel good that I didn’t just make this whole thing up in my head.



Rather than watch UFC 76 last night I opted instead to go over to a friend’s house and play Dance Dance Revolution until 3 in the morning. I’ll be catching the replay sometime this afternoon and posting will resume as per usual sometime after that. Unless I get the urge to bust another phat groove on the DDR pad. Fuckin’ awesome.

With PRIDE as close to dead and buried as it’ll ever get, Zach Arnold has been sniffing around looking for more scandals from the land of the rising sun. Asian scandals are Zach’s specialty … he’s pretty much the only guy bothering with this shit while everyone else just covers the events and results. Booooring. Perhaps someday Zach and Jordan Breen will team up like an MMA Starsky and Hutch to create comprehensive Asiatic news coverage.

This week’s dirt is on K1’s shoddy treatment of Koreans. The article sums up all the facts … I just want to explain to you a bit about how things work with Asians. It’s not one big love in, let me tell you. Even though they’re all slanty eyed yellow skinned rice eaters, there’s a very clear racial hierarchy in effect over there.

The Japanese are ‘on top’, they hate everyone. Next it’s the Chinese, then Koreans, and then Vietnamese and then all the other mutts. The level of hatred and racism varies … again, the Japanese are the most racist of the bunch. A short 50 years ago they were up in the rest of Asia’s asses, shooting everyone, raping, pillaging, and cutting people’s heads off with Samurai swords and shit. Now the racism is thinly hidden under the surface but still erupts when, for example, a Korean fighter beats up a Japanese legend.

So it’s really no surprise to me that K1 (a Japanese company) is being accused of shortchanging Koreans, feeding them to their Japanese stars, and generally all the behavior you’d expect from a culture that still refers to Koreans as ‘sub-humans’.

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