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Everyone has been to lazy to type up a full transcript of the post-UFC73 press conference. The closest we’ve got so far is with a collection of important information from Dana White. And man, does it seem like he’s got shit figured out now. Considering how stingy he’s been for info the past two events, he really gave the goods this time. Here’s a couple statements with commentary:

(Regarding Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans) “I didn’t know that he lost a point. We have to see a rematch between Tito and Rashad. It was a good fight. If it went five rounds, it would have been very interesting”

First off, how can you miss the point deduction? Aren’t you ringside? Aren’t you paying attention? Secondly, I guess his second statement on Tito gassing gives us some perspective into the rematch. Even though Tito won the fight on the scorecards (minus the point deduction), Dana saw Rashad winning if the fight had gone longer. Of course, this is a bit strange … if Rashad had a chainsaw he would have won too, but since the rules say no chainsaws and 3 rounds only, it’s kind of a null point. Fucking stupid Unified Rules.

“I am very confident that we’ll have an HBO deal very soon.”

I would really like to know what Dana White’s definition of ‘very soon’ is. If you consider time and the universe as an infinite reality, then eventually every single possible thing that could ever happen will happen sooner (in the next five seconds) or later (the next 5 bajillion years). However, I wouldn’t describe this HBO deal as something that falls into the ‘sooner’ category. So just stop saying it because you’re starting to look like a teenage girl waiting by the phone all night for the captain of the football team to call you.

“Would like to make the Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell for September”

This is a classic example of Dana White talking out both sides of his mouth. Just two weeks ago Dana White was backpeddling on the Wand-Chuck matchup, and now again he’s saying it looks good. Here’s where most people call Dana White a big fibber and a smelly pants, but the truth is that public statements are used all the time for business ends. All this talk of the fight being off could have been a ploy to push stalled pay negotiations with Wanderlei’s camp. Or maybe Dana just has no idea what the fuck he’s doing. Which seems to be the consensus of all the 14 year olds on Sherdog.

Do you want to throw a mixed martial arts event but are too lazy to do anything except pay for it? Well, the guys who do the Art of War shows down in Texas are setting up a new system where you pay them $100,000 buckaroos and they’ll do all the work for you.

The UNDERGROUND program is a raw more aggressive program specifically created to allow the venue owners the opportunity to offer Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Sport in small regional markets. The growth of MMA and the demand for more of this type of live entertainment should prove to be a very successful financial model for SUN.” Epstein added, “We feel there is a huge market opportunity in the 1000 – 5000 seat venues to bring a professional show to their facility and have subsequently created a very unique marketing and production plan specifically for this.”

You do the promotion and get the gate money and everyone walks away happy. Or rather, the Art of War guys walk away happy because all they did was book the fighters and truck in a ring and some lights. I’m not going to downplay the amount of work it takes to put on a decent mixed martial arts show, but the major stumbling blocks you’ll run into are dealing with regional bylaws and laws. The other big issue: getting people to actually show up so you can make money. Since this company definitely isn’t taking care of promotion, I really hope they are the ones taking care of the first point.

Sherdog don’t know shit … fucking posers. And finally I’m not the only guy to point it out. Luke over at Bloody Elbow rips into Mike Sloan for dismissing the concept of overtraining:

When you have sore muscles after a workout, it’s generally because you’ve actually torn part of the muscle fibers. That has to happen for growth as new tissue is created to repair and replace the existing damaged/exercised tissue. This is why rest is so important. When strength and conditioning coaches tell you to ice up, stretch out and get rest, that’s not a talking point. That’s real advice. For Sloan to argue that the idea of “overtraining” seems absurd on the face is indicative of someone who likely spends very little time in the gym. That’s not a knock per se until you realize he’s challenging Randy Couture and has a job where he talks about fighting.

Of course, I would have spent less time explaining the specifics and more time throwing around words like ‘moron’, ‘lazy bitch’, and ‘ignorant fuck’. But Luke’s got his own style and I’ve got mine so it’s all good.


The official attendance for UFC 73, as recorded by the CSAC, was 13,183. That total includes a paid attendance of 8,622, or 65.4% of the total attendance. There were 4,561 exempt or complimentary tickets that the promotion gave away, or 34.6% of the total attendance. The total capacity of the Arco Arena for UFC 73 was 16,811. That leaves 3,628 tickets that were neither sold nor given away.

These are some pretty tame numbers for the UFC considering the card and the location. California is a hotbed of MMA activity so you would imagine they’d do better there. Or perhaps the opposite is true: since there’s been so much MMA in Cali lately, it hurt the UFC’s ability to really get people out. I assume most UFC shows draw from across the state and beyond, and I wonder if recent less expensive shows K1 and Strikeforce might have hurt the draw. And lets face it: while the card had some serious matches for hardcore fans, the only real name draw for the average consumer was Tito Ortiz.

Another thing: giving 1/3 of the arena free tickets seems really high … like IFL style high. And I bet you anything it was these fuckers who didn’t have to pay who were booing their heads off all night. And this guy was probably another comp ticket recipient. Long story short … I think the UFC might want to consider running more shows in areas that aren’t saturated with MMA events every other weekend. When you come to California it should be with a real marquee headlining fight. Or as you can see above, you aren’t going to do so hot.

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