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(above: Nate the Great rewards his UFC73 performance with McDonalds. I’m loving it. Is that a fishburger and mayonnaise? Man, Marquardt is lame.)

If you’re like me, you watched UFC73 in your mom’s basement with a big bowl of Cheetos. Your exciting night after the event probably consisted of posting on retarded message boards or masturbating to Ali Sonoma. Me, I just can’t do that any more … ever since I heard about Diego and Ali, he keeps popping into my head whenever I’m trying to throw a load. Anyways, on the opposite end of the excitement scale are all the fucking wankers who were out at the Sheraton Grand and/or Empire for UFC73 after parties. While I would probably slit my wrists after 10 minutes with these people, it is kinda entertaining looking at the pics.

My favorite pics:

The Lame Shirt brigade

Karo pulling Cougar tail

From right to left: Nog, Hottie, Thing

The full pic of Nate with McDonalds and McHottie

Heath ‘Oops’ Herring

Tito and Jenna

I would make fun of how Jenna looks but then I’d probably feel bad when she finally dies from whatever disease is ravaging her.

Keoni Koch gives some counter-statistics to balance out the numbers I posted on Sherk earlier today:

18 takedowns

17 guard passes

3 mounts

5 Crucifix’s

All against a BJJ black belt.

UFCTakedown found this awesome video from before Liddell-Ortiz 2. The windbag interviewer is hilariously terrible. Out of all the mainstream interviews I’ve never seen anyone so obviously clueless about everything.

The boys at Lay and Pray are back, this time as a series of links to MMA news. As someone who’s gone through several format changes over time, I wish them the best in their new form and hope they get the visitors they deserve. Check it out if you’re looking for a good way to get all your relevant news in one place (as you know, we generally concentrate on the irrelevant stuff).

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