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Here’s something guys with the name ‘Frank’ have in common: they won’t fight you unless you’re famous. In a statement during MMAWeekly’s Sound Off Radio, Frank Trigg slammed up and comer Jake Shields for challenging him:

Why would I fight Jake Shields? What does this do for me? What does it bring? Well it doesn’t bring anything. Who knows who Jake is besides the diehard mainstream MMA fans, who knows who Jake is? I guess he is 7th ranked at 170 lbs, I am 10th ranked at 185 lbs. So it’s two different weight classes. I have a weekly show on Fox Sports Net and two weeks ago I was on three different shows on Fox. So what does Jake bring to the table when he fights me? Nothing. He doesn’t bring fans from outside the realm of MMA, he doesn’t bring any notoriety, he doesn’t bring anything other then his mouth. All he is really bring to the table is his big mouth. There is nothing else he brings to the fight.

I’m a bit confused about the whole ‘He doesn’t bring fans from outside the realm of MMA’ thing. I know he doesn’t pull the gay crowd like Frank, but that’s no reason not to fight him. Typically MMA fighters have MMA fans, that’s kinda how it works. I will admit that Frank is famous and Jake isn’t … but Frank is famous for being the worst commentator in MMA history, and for his inability to defend a rear naked choke.

Now, I’m not the kind of guy who thinks a fighter should fight anyone who calls them out. In fact, I was pretty damned critical of the whole Mike Swick / Jonathan Goulet situation. But in this case, there’s more than the trash talking. Jake Shields vs Frank Trigg is a good match-up, and it wouldn’t be difficult to put on in an organization like EliteXC or as a headliner for any of the countless middle-rung organizations out there. So why is Frank Trigg so adamant that it’s not going to happen? Since when did MMA become a popularity contest where t-shirt sales matter more than your skill in the ring?

You probably remember ‘DJ Hapa’ as the dope who encouraged people to boo Royce Gracie and Sakuraba over the PA system during their match. Dig a bit deeper and you find out that he was booked to try and draw out more Korean fans for the Dynamite show. What you probably didn’t know is that Steve, one of our long time readers and constant commenters also goes by the name ‘DJ Hapa’.

Why, you ask, should I care? Because Steve just won the first ever Fightlinker giveaway. Last week’s radio show was all about the Mailbag, and Steve was one of the guys who submitted a question. With that simple act, he won one of the new Team Quest t-shirts pictured in this post. Congrats Steve, and a reminder for everyone else: keep your peepers peeled for more contests and prizes!


Nowadays it seems like there’s more action taking place in the courtroom than in the ring. The latest legal victory for Zuffa’s team of flesh eating lawyers was the settlement of the whole Ed Fishman vs PRIDE debacle, where PRIDE promised Ed moneys and a job but gave him the shaft and a slap in the face.

There’s no detail on what the terms were for the settlement, but my bet is Dana White offered Ed a cookie and promised not to call him a “nobody C-list slot machine bozo” in public any more. But if the negotiations went rough it wouldn’t surprise me if Zuffa threw in cell phone service ‘for life’, ringside tickets to an Ultimate Fight Night, and a jar of skin cream formulated especially for creepy gingers.

In these heady days of steroid scandals, it’s easy to forget that there are options available to athletes other than the juice. Fortunately, the IFL remembers this and has just announced an oh-so-conveniently timed sponsorship of Muscle Milk, “arguably America’s favorite protein”. So next time you wonder why some of these IFL guys are looking a bit too good, remember: IT’S JUST THE MUSCLE MILK.

Besides, you should really be wondering if the deal is any good. It’s already come to light via stockholder reports that most of the IFL’s sponsorships are pretty weak and often involve the IFL giving just as much as it’s getting.

The wheels of justice turn ever so slowly, but Hong Man Choi will finally get his day in front of the CSAC on August 6th. Choi was unceremoniously booted off the K1 Dynamite main event because of a tumor on his pituitary gland … you know, the one pretty much all giants have?

Jeong Yeon-soo, the CEO of the Korean branch office of FEG, the organizer of K-1, said, “He knew about the tumor. It’s not that big. Most giants have this disease. It wasn’t a problem when he fought in Korea or Japan.”

Jeong said, “The MRI test on Choi Hong Man didn’t go well. There was no MRI equipment that fit the size of his head, so he had to do an external MRI. The low definition of the image caused the blood stains to appear.”

He went on to say that when he had an MRI scan at two other hospitals in California, the results came out fine. Nonetheless, the California Athletic Commission did not look at them.

Jeong said, “Lesnar had medical check-ups from hospitals not designated by the California Athletic Commission and passed his physical. So not accepting Choi’s is discrimination.” He said that he might file suit or seek all measures necessary to overturn the decision.

It’s interesting to note here that Choi isn’t barred from fighting anywhere else in the world or the states because of this issue. That kinda blackballing only occurs when a fighter has had their license suspended. Choi only had his license denied. So there’s really only two reasons to go ahead with this: to clear away any potential issues in other sanctioned US states like Nevada, or as a preparatory action before suing the CSAC.

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