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I guess we’re at that size now where we start getting tips on stuff. On Saturday night, Tito Ortiz was at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA. and got on the mic to say “Blah blah blah blah, my next fight will be against Wanderlei Silva or Rashad Evans”

Hmmm. Rashad or Wanderlei. Rashad or Wanderlei. Rashad or Wanderlei. Hmmm.


(big thanks to reader Mr. Theplague for informing us)

During the Strikeforce Playboy show, the organizers made a big deal about signing Renato Babalu Sobral, which is about as appropriate as throwing a ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ party for a child molester. You may or may not recall that Babalu was tossed out of the UFC and given the second biggest fine in MMA history (I think … the CSAC kept Johnny Morton’s 100k, didn’t they?).

Debate continues to rage across the internet as to ‘how bad’ Sobral’s actions really were, which is why I’m surprised Strikeforce made the announcement during their show. They could have easily kept it on the low low until their next card was announced in two months, and by then the hubbub would have died down and people just would have been happy to see Sobral in action again. They would get publicity on it, and it wouldn’t be sleazy like it feels now.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about Babalu fighting again. But I’m not too impressed with Strikeforce basically throwing gasoline on a fire that was finally almost out.

A few days ago, TAGG Radio announced that Tito Ortiz would be fighting Dan Henderson at UFC78. So of course we knew that wasn’t going to happen. It was a nice dream though … Tito vs Rashad 2 has about as much appeal as porking Rosie O’Donnell up the butt. The New Jersey show is turning out to be as crappy as New Jersey itself, and Tito/Rashad as a main event would be the cherry on that particular shit sundae. So it would make logical sense for the UFC to put Tito in the octagon with a better opponent that could salvage the PPV.

Now it looks like Tito knows he’s the UFC’s saving grace on this card and is playing hardball on signing any fight:

Right now the expected main event for the show is Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans, but Ortiz is playing hardball when it comes to signing.

My bet is the UFC doesn’t want to pay Tito the money he gets for headlining a PPV … they’re probably trying to argue that he’s co-headlining the card with another non-title fight, which of course is bullshit.

While Tito/Rashad isn’t exactly going to set the world on fire, not having Tito Ortiz at the New Jersey show could be a pretty big disaster for the UFC. The next biggest fight is Karo Parisyan vs Hector Lombardo, which is Ultimate Fight Night caliber at best. On the other hand, the UFC has already set new lows for PPV card quality with UFC 72 and UFC 76. So perhaps they won’t really care that much if UFC78 is a stinker, so long as they get what they want for their mega-card on December 30th.

**UPDATE** I’m an idiot and said UFC73 was a terrible ppv … I liked UFC73 … I did not like UFC72, the Belfast show. Like Dana used to say, a PPV without a belt-defense is a bad PPV. And now they’re doing that once every few months. Boo-urns

(above: Josh Thompson proving he’s totally not gay n stuff … or is he?)

Ah Frank Shamrock … you’re one of the biggest dicks in MMA and I love it. At the Strikeforce Playboy show, Frank was helping out with commentating duties and showed his deep knowledge of fighters by dropping the fact that Josh ‘Punk’ Thompson is “the first openly gay MMA fighter”.

The only thing better about Frank’s comments were the reactions to it. The internet was flooded with people saying “Hey, I don’t think Josh is gay”, “Yo, what the fuck, Josh isn’t gay” and “I’ve like seen Josh’s girlfriend and stuff so no way is he a fag.” Following that was everyone calling Frank Shamrock a big meanie and saying Josh Thompson would beat him up behind the swingset after school.

So Frank was slightly incorrect in his assessment of the Punk’s love for penis. But even if he was right about Josh, he wouldn’t be right about Josh being the first openly gay fighter either. We’ve already revealed that Rory Singer was the first openly gay male fighter. And oh, about 30% of the female fighters out there prefer chicks to dicks.

The thing about gay mixed martial arts is statistically there’s got to be a substantial number of homosexuals involved in grappling, wrestling, and combat fighting. There’s just no men out there at the moment who are willing to openly admit they’re gay. And I don’t blame them one bit.

Under the surface, MMA is a pretty anti-gay scene and that’s why so many people got upset over Frank’s joke. While I don’t doubt the average MMA fan or fighter is okay with the idea gay rights, I doubt they’d be as cool with the idea of a gay guy dragging them down and taking their back with jiu jitsu. Being outed as gay could mean getting tossed from your team, having a really hard time finding training partners, and lets not even get started about trying to get booked for fights. And hey, if you are booked, who knows if some homophobe drunks are gonna decide to gaybash you at the show?

So while Shamrock’s joke was obvious to anyone who’s familiar with Frank and ” target=”_blank”>Josh‘s rivalry, it was still something that pissed off a lot of people because of the possible implications for those who don’t know any better.

Okay, so DNS servers around the world have updated and we’re now over on the super sleek server. While on the surface we’re still the same old and busted site, trust me when I say under the hood there is new hotness brewing. I was going to delete that test post, but you all have posted 1001 entertaining comments in there so I’ll leave it alone.

As an FYI, blogging resumes as normal in a few hours. Thanks for the patience and for the heads up on bugs etc. You guys are teh awesomeness!

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