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You may not remember who Marcio ‘Pe De Pano’ Cruz is (his nickname roughly translates to “Pees his Pants”). Well, he was the poor sucker who had to fight a pissed off Andrei Arlovski right after Andrei had lost to Tim Sylvia. That was Pe De Pano’s second loss in a row and it looks like Cruz is out of the UFC now. His new home: Renzo Gracie’s Pitbulls, which is apparently some kind of team in a league called the IFL. My understanding of how team MMA works is each fighter climbs into a different colored robot animal. The robots then combine to create one super robot which then battles the other team’s super robot. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

Anyone remember the star of the Ultimate Fighter season 4? No, not Matt Serra. Who’s that? I’m talking about staph infection. Well, looks like it’s making a comeback of it’s own:

The superbugs, first seen mainly in hospitals and nursing homes, have turned up recently among athletes, prisoners and people who get illegal tattoos.

Called methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, these staph germs can cause skin infections that in rare cases have led to pneumonia, bloodstream infections and a painful, flesh-destroying condition. MRSA is hard to treat because the bacteria have developed resistance to the penicillin drug family.

And of course anyone who’s ever done MMA training knows it’s about as close to gay sex as you can get without penetration. All that sweaty flesh connecting and touching and so forth isn’t a good. Oh yeah and the whole rubbing of open wounds together. Yummy. Okay I gotta go eat some raisin bran. Peace out! has a poll on their main page asking which sports event people are most excited about at the moment. A year ago it would have been mindblowing for the UFC to even be included in this kind of poll. Now not only is the UFC on the poll, but it’s currently WINNING the poll. Not too shabby huh? Now we just have to wait and see if all the new fans end up dropping the IQ of the general MMA community to a new low or not.

Here’s a special edition of the Low Blow focused entirely on UFC71. Click on the radio player to your right or click here to download the show. You can also subscribe to our show via iTunes. 30 minutes of pure podcast goodness. Our best show yet, which of course isn’t saying much.

Stephen Quadros points out the same thing I noticed: That Chuck Liddell may not be the same focused fighter he used to be:

From my observation, most fighters who dabble in “acting” and the glitzy life that sometimes accompanies it (clubs, late nights, expensive women) usually start getting their asses kicked inside the (ring or) cage by a hungry soul without an acting career. The “Wild On” lifestyle usually leaves fighters soft, mentally at least, and distracted. Chuck has so far been the exception.

Also, after checking out the videos I posted on Chuck in the last Media Preview, I’m starting to think Chuck has more hype than he deserves. He was rocked in the fights against Overeem, and even Guy Mezger threw a couple that had the Iceman scrambling for the clinch. He really hasn’t faced an opponent with the kind of firepower Jackson brings since … well, since the last time he fought Jackson.

Don’t consider this a straight endorsement of Quinton Jackson though. If Jackson doesn’t come in ready to push the pace and throw leather, I don’t think he’s going to win. But this is definately the best opportunity anyone has had in a long time. Chuck’s head might be somewhere else, and Rampage has the striking ability. One thing’s for sure: this is gonna be a war.

And now I’m really gone till Sunday!

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