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We didn’t get a lot of time to talk about it on our radio show, but I am fucking hyped for Spencer Fisher vs Sam Stout. You may not be too familiar with these guys, but all you really need to know is they’re both strikers who love to throw.
While some hardcore fans are complaining that the UFC needs to start putting ‘bigger’ fights on their UFN cards, I disagree. Past being a guaranteed slugfest, the other reason this fight will rule is that both of these guys are aggressive and hungry. Sam Stout chases guys down relentlessly. Spencer Fisher is one of my favorite fighters because he never quits. With both guys coming off UFC losses, they know they need to impress the brass in order to get back into lightweight contention.

There’s nothing better than seeing hungry up and comers with something to prove battling eachother. There’ll be no Arlovski or Sylvia bullshit going on with guys trying to win on the scorecards. No holding back for fear of making a mistake. These guys are gonna go at it full tilt, and they’re going to make new fans of every casual viewer who’s tuned in at the time. And *that* is what Ultimate Fight Night should be about.

WEC pay is out, courtesy of MMA on Tap:

Urijah Faber: $20,000
John Alessio: $18,000
Brock Larson: $16,000
Alex Karalexis: $10,000
Rani Yahya: $10,000
Cub Swanson: $8,000
Brian Stann: $8,000
Mark Hominick: $6,000
Alex Serdyukov: $6,000
Jeff Bedard: $6,000
Charlie Valencia: $6,000
Chance Farrar: $4,000
Brian Bowles: $4,000
Micah Miller: $4,000
Mike French: $3,000
Kevin Knabjian: $2,000
Craig Zellner: $2,000
Josh Smith: $1,000

For a second tier organization like the WEC, this isn’t too shabby overall. Again the pay for the middle and lower rung fighters is almost on par with the UFC, and the bigger names are already being paid a comfortable amount. There’s a few people who I think got short changed though:

Chance Farrar : The fact that a dude headlining a show is getting 4k/4k (that’s 4k to fight and 4k to win) is kinda sad. Especially considering the story going around that no one else was willing to fight Faber. Farrar took a fight he had no business being in, and lost his perfect record because of it. The WEC should take into account this and pay the guy more.

Kevin Knabjian: Another example of the WEC not rewarding a guy who stood up to the plate. Kevin was a last minute replacement for Carlos Condit, and he agreed to fight Brock Larson, a total beast. That’s worth more than 2k.

My main issues at the moment with payment (both in the UFC and WEC) is the base pay for starting fighters. If these organizations are serious about finding and developing new talent, they should be paying these guys enough to fight ‘full-time’. It’s not a huge expense either. Paying a fighter the equivelant of a 32k a year salary is only around 8k per fight, 4 fights a year. Paying guys 1000$ to fight on a major cable network is pretty scandalous. Giving a guy 2000$ to fight a guy like Brock Larson is even worse.

I’m not the kind of guy to constantly bang the “Pay everyone more” drum because take a look at what happened to boxing as a result. But there’s a difference between fighters not being paid as much as they’re worth and fighters who are practically having to pay out of their own pocket to fight for these organizations. There’s a serious issue with the pay for lower rung fighters at UFC and WEC level, and it needs to be resolved to ensure we don’t lose countless numbers of potential world class fighters who simply can’t afford to stay in the sport.

So good we recorded it a day early, it’s episode 4 of the Low Blow. We break down Dynamite USA so you don’t have to, and cover some of the action on the WEC and Ultimate Fight Night cards. As always we don’t waste time … this is a 30 minute show and we jam it full of as many swear words as possible. Don’t suffer any imitations, don’t bother with other incarnations. This is the one … the only … Low Blow.

WARNING: This is our most juvenile show yet. But what can we say? After K1 Dynamite we really needed to vent.

Download the show here or click on our super duper talkshoe widget in the right sidebar. As always, tell us what you think … we’re still working on balancing out the optimal beer/show ratio!

Wow, it’s like an asian Kevin Federline. The above guy is DJ Hapa, aka the DJ who took K1 Dynamite from being your average crappy event and made it one of the worst shows in the history of mankind. I have to wonder what K1 was thinking when they brought this guy on board. I certainly have no idea how he managed to talk through the entire event without someone kicking his ass. Back in high school I tried to take a dump on stage during our drama class’ rendition of The Sound of Music and was hauled off before I could pop any cargo down. So how did this guy manage to shit all over Dynamite for 3 fucking hours?

There’s lots of reasons we can hate DJ Hapa. But if you wanna hate on someone for wrecking K1 Dynamite, you gotta look towards K1 and K1 alone. They paid this ass clown, and they made the decision to leave his microphone and esophagus intact for the entire event.

I’m sure you’ve read on other sites that Evan Tanner is tentatively booked for a match in the UFC around September. What you probably haven’t heard is that Evan is living in a leaky boat (a double masted ketch rigged sailboat to be precise) with his totally hetero lifemate of the moment ‘Garth':

I don’t know how to sail. I don’t know the first thing about boats or how to sail one. I’ve never even set foot on a sailboat until this one. Not only do I not know how to sail, I’ve only been on the ocean once. Now I may be considered crazy and reckless by the majority, and I would have to agree. I am a little crazy and a little reckless. How else could I have so much fun? I don’t know anything about the ocean, boats or sailing, but it’s okay. I can learn. All a person has to do is BELIEVE and anything can be accomplished. I believe, so I will accomplish. So here it is, the challenge. I have thirty days to fix the engine and learn how to sail a double masted ketch rigged sailboat.

Is it just me, or is this whole story sounding more and more like a bad Owen Wilson / Vince Vaughn movie? At the moment, I give Evan a 50% chance of successfully staging his UFC comeback. The other 50% chance goes to him drowning off the coast of California. It really could go either way at this point.

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