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I’ve already given you my random thoughts on fighter pay. But here’s a very apt observation from our pals at

Hopefully all those ghetto check cashing joints and tire shops are paying out some good sponsorship money. Otherwise, given its high ticket prices, the UFC might be the first major sport in which its athletes couldn’t afford to buy a ticket if they weren’t already there competing. In fact, it may be the only sport given significant coverage on Sportscenter where the average person in the audience makes more money than the athletes taking the lumps.

If you wanna watch the post-UFC71 press conference, click here. If you wanna just read all the salient points, click here.

Get ‘em while they’re still there. If someone can notify me if a link goes dead, I can go find other copies of the fight and fix it.

After our special post-UFC 71 show, we return to our weekly show. 50 grams of fat, 40 grams of sugar, and 30 minutes of MMA tomfoolery. We discuss the two UFC 71 prelim fights, UFC 71 fighter pay, the K1 Dynamite show, the WEC show, and why you shouldn’t buy the UFC 72 PPV.

Download the show here, or click on the widget to your right. Internet Explorer users can’t see the sidebar at the moment (goddamn it!), so click here if you want to stream the show rather than download. We’ll try and fix the site sooner or later.

As always, comments are greatly appreciated. We’re also always looking for more completely inappropriate opening songs and closing fight-ballads.

(above: Ken Shamrock wrecks Bas Rutten’s leg in a Pancrase match.)

Tucked down at the bottom of a daily update on the Fight Network website is this little gem of information:

Ken Shamrock has not been offered a rematch with Royce Gracie if Sakuraba fails to get cleared to fight. Shamrock’s manager Rod Donohoo says an individual not representing the famed fighter had approached K-1 on Shamrock’s behalf without his knowledge, bringing life to the rumor. Shamrock has no immediate plans with K-1, but is pursuing another fight in the UFC. Donohoo says they are still awaiting a response from UFC president Dana White.

Personally I think Dana White would be stupid not to bring Ken back to the UFC. I don’t think anyone wants to see Ken get stomped by another top ranked guy, but there are tons of other ‘first generation’ legends out there who would make for great matchups and amazing PPV buys.

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