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Sean Salmon sure has been doing well for himself lately. No, perhaps not in the ring. But Salmon has something more valuable than wins on his record: A posse. I doubt when UFCJunkie sponsored Salmon, either party expected to create such a buzz for this guy. It’s gotten to the point where the UFCJunkie guys are *apologizing* for hyping up Salmon too much. Have you ever heard of that?

While there may be some truth in the fact that people’s expectations were unrealistically high, the greater truth is this: because Sean Salmon was willing to give average fight fans a really intimate view into what it’s like to be a guy starting out in the UFC, he now has a huge grassroots following. Have you ever seen a guy starting out with this much name power who wasn’t on The Ultimate Fighter?

If you doubt me, notice this: everything Salmon does is reported on lots of major MMA news sites. When he left his UFC contract, it was all over the place. Again when it was announced he would fight this past weekend. And now the results of that fight are heavily announced, with Salmon in the headline.

Sean Salmon has a posse. What he can do with it really depends on how his skills develop.

At first this may seem like a good way to give CroCop an easy fight without giving him an easy fight. However, Kongo is an amazing striker who’s been training with Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson for the past few months on his wrestling and grappling. For me, this is an exciting matchup. It’s just too bad one of these guys has to lose, because I really like them both.

Hey people! With the girlfriend gone and no MMA on this weekend, I ended up watching 16 hours of Grey’s Anatomy. From watching that I had an epiphany : why am I concentrating on this MMA thing? What’s the purpose? What’s the POINT? So from now on this will not be a blog about fighting. It will be a blog about Grey’s Anatomy. Keep your eyes peeled for all the information about McDreamy, McSteamy, and of course George, the lovable gay dude.

HEY BITCH! I’m calling you out! A few days ago you said Spencer Fisher was going to beat Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night. I challenged you on it and you PUSSED OUT! Now I’m bringing it public so everyone can see what kinda WOMAN you are!

Here’s the deal: You’re a dummy who thinks Spencer Fisher is gonna win and I’m a genius who knows Stout’s gonna take this fight. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is so lets make things interesting. Since I know you are a man with a weak constitution, I’ll give you a few options on what’s at stake:

  1. Loser gets a Brock Lesnar chest tattoo (if you don’t already have a big cock on your chest)
  2. Loser provides a 30 second audio clip for the other person’s radio show reading whatever statement the winner provides (Hi I’m Luke, the host of the first MMA radio show made for and by homos)
  3. Loser puts a banner on their website for a few days that says “Fightlinker is smarter than me” I suppose if you win the banner will say you’re smarter than me, but of course there’s no way I’ll lose.

So what do you say Luke? Are you willing to step up? Will you go on record and say Spencer Fisher is gonna take out Sam Stout? Are your testicles anywhere near big enough to put something on the line? I pray to my lord and savior Jesus Christ (rapture be soon!) that they are. Because there’s nothing I will enjoy more than rubbing it in your face when Stout wipes the mat with Fisher.

Bragging about getting 45,000 people when only 3000 people paid is like bragging about fucking 90 chicks when 85 of them were prostitutes.

More info from The Fight Network:

The report points out fans could have entered through gates without turnstiles, but the fact remains that only 18,340 were actually counted. Most estimates put the actual crowd at no more than 25,000. The CSAC reported a paid gate of $2,545,590, all but $203,090 of which came from tickets handled directly by FEG. The Japan-based promotion handled 39,083 tickets, raising eyebrows and leading many to speculate that the new attendance record was bought more than it was established.

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