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After our special post-UFC 71 show, we return to our weekly show. 50 grams of fat, 40 grams of sugar, and 30 minutes of MMA tomfoolery. We discuss the two UFC 71 prelim fights, UFC 71 fighter pay, the K1 Dynamite show, the WEC show, and why you shouldn’t buy the UFC 72 PPV.

Download the show here, or click on the widget to your right. Internet Explorer users can’t see the sidebar at the moment (goddamn it!), so click here if you want to stream the show rather than download. We’ll try and fix the site sooner or later.

As always, comments are greatly appreciated. We’re also always looking for more completely inappropriate opening songs and closing fight-ballads.

(above: Ken Shamrock wrecks Bas Rutten’s leg in a Pancrase match.)

Tucked down at the bottom of a daily update on the Fight Network website is this little gem of information:

Ken Shamrock has not been offered a rematch with Royce Gracie if Sakuraba fails to get cleared to fight. Shamrock’s manager Rod Donohoo says an individual not representing the famed fighter had approached K-1 on Shamrock’s behalf without his knowledge, bringing life to the rumor. Shamrock has no immediate plans with K-1, but is pursuing another fight in the UFC. Donohoo says they are still awaiting a response from UFC president Dana White.

Personally I think Dana White would be stupid not to bring Ken back to the UFC. I don’t think anyone wants to see Ken get stomped by another top ranked guy, but there are tons of other ‘first generation’ legends out there who would make for great matchups and amazing PPV buys.

So the UFC 72 site is up and as always it’s a slick bit of flash. The main thing I wanted to point out is the lack of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, who many of us had hoped would be a last second addition to this shitty card. The chances of Shogun being added now that the site has gone live: very low to impossible. And with this my heart is sad.

Here’s an interesting article sourced from an asian site that delves a little deeper into the situation with Hong Man Choi’s medicals for the K1 Dynamite shows:

However, Choi was denied a license for medical reasons by the California Athletic Commission after it found a tumor in his head. They also found blood stains on it.

And here’s the kicker: One of K1’s japanese heads is saying they are ready to file suit over the situation:

Jeong Yeon-soo, the CEO of the Korean branch office of FEG, the organizer of K-1, said, “He knew about the tumor. It’s not that big. Most giants have this disease. It wasn’t a problem when he fought in Korea or Japan.”

Jeong said, “The MRI test on Choi Hong Man didn’t go well. There was no MRI equipment that fit the size of his head, so he had to do an external MRI. The low definition of the image caused the blood stains to appear.”

He went on to say that when he had an MRI scan at two other hospitals in California, the results came out fine. Nonetheless, the California Athletic Commission did not look at them.

Jeong said, “Lesnar had medical check-ups from hospitals not designated by the California Athletic Commission and passed his physical. So not accepting Choi’s is discrimination.” He said that he might file suit or seek all measures necessary to overturn the decision.

So here’s the question: Is the CSAC being reasonable with it’s medical requests? It’s fun to imagine that the guys at K1 are total idiots who don’t know how to throw an event, but could it be possible that the CSAC is actively fucking over K1 by denying fighters on every single technicality they can find? The tumor has been in Hong Man Choi’s brain his entire life and is the reason he’s 7 feet tall. If K1 is telling the truth about the ‘blood spots’ being a result of a low quality MRI, then why won’t the CSAC relent?

Remember, the CSAC has a history of fucking over lots of people in the past. These are the guys who:

  • Suspended Brian Ebersole and Shannon Ritch indefinately for ‘working a fight.’ The proof? Ebersole showboated and did a cartwheel during the match.
  • Suspended Josh Thompson 6 months for wearing a t-shirt that said “Frank Glamrock is my bitch”
  • Suspended Joe Martin 6 months for unsportsmanlike conduct. No one is really sure what the fuck happened here, but everyone agrees it’s bullshit

This is just a partial list off the top of my head. So while I’m pretty sure there’s no deep dark conspiracy in all this, I don’t doubt that the CSAC is being less than helpful and reasonable with K1.

UPDATE: I originally accused the CSAC of overturning Nick Diaz’s win against Takanori Gomi. In truth this was the NSAC. Damn bloggers and their irresponsible accusations!

(above: Chance’s record on May 21st as shown by

Okay, so if you listen to our May 30th podcast you’ll notice I totally pooch the WEC news by mixing up Carlos Condit and Brock Larson. My bad. You’ll also hear me say that Chance Farrar is 3-0 when the WEC currently shows him at 5-0. Well looky looky: just last week, Chance Farrar WAS listed as 3-0. When Condit was removed from the lineup with an injury, Farrar magically scored two more wins for his record. I can only hope this update means Chance has a CHANCE at beating Faber.

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