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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: MMA is full of people with serious issues. Don’t bitch about your problems because there’s an MMA fighter out there who has it way worse than you. Today’s example of this is Shonie Carter, who released this public plea:

This message is on behalf of U.F.C. fighter Shonie Carter, Mr.International……He needs your Help seriously!
His little boys Samearion Andreas his namesake, Kavion Osiris were taken by their mother who moved to Jacksonville, Florida, with her new boyfriend to an undisclosed location, supposedly to live with his parents until she gets on section 8 housing. She was accompanied by ber so called cousin Kati and her boyfriend Paul Zias a convicted 2x felon. Her full name is Samantha Weiner and she left town in such haste to avoid court proceedings she left all of the children’s posessions behind including toys and clothes that Shonie bought them recently.

The courts and authorities said it is out of their jurisdiction. He will be posting pictures of the suspect soon, and photos of the apartment they were living in. It was a squalor as far as living conditions are concerned. Shonie had no idea this was the situation. As papers were trying to be served, they fled the premises apparently. Shonie is offering what ever he has for information for locating the children. They were last known to be heading to Jacksonville, Florida. The said reward will be starting off at $1,500 dollars out his own pocket till he can raise more! please let everyone know about this even thru your email. more info will come as he gets it. look for interview concerning this matter on various mma websites. You can also contact shonie thru email , Thankyou.

I don’t have much else to add to this except that if you live in Jacksonville and want to make a quick 1500 bucks, here’s your chance.

Oh this is just too easy. In an interview with UFCMania, Alessio Sakara was mentioning he’s sponsored by Gold Ribbon Valley. Who?

Indelible Foods LLC through its brand name Gold Ribbon Valley_ is a food development and marketing company that specializes in delivering all natural healthy fast foods. The Company’s products includes it’s award-wining hot dogs, hamburgers, pastrami, and other bison deli meats, all made with 90% bison meat.

Okay, bison meat to begin with kinda sketches me out … I thought we wiped those things off the plains 200 years ago. And why only 90% bison meat? Where the fuck is that other 10%? One thing about all this that impressed me is the fact that Alessio’s management group put out a press release regarding this sponsorship:

UFC Fighter, Alessio Sakara, understands that no matter how prepared you are for battle, it all comes down to physical conditioning. That is why, in preparation for his fight against newcomer Houston Alexander at UFC 75, Sakara is going to incorporate American Bison into his training.

Sources close to Sakara suggest that Sakara has signed a sponsorship deal with Gold Ribbon Valley (, a food manufacturing company, specializing in Bison “Buffalo” products.

Because of the incredible health attributes of Bison, his fight management team and trainers feel that a proper Bison Diet, “as opposed to beef”, will give Sakara an additional edge in his overall stamina and conditioning for future fights. Sakara is extremely excited about this opportunity, and feels his “relationship with Gold Ribbon Valley is another perfect piece to his fight team puzzle.”

So while the whole thing makes me go ‘Huh?’, I do have to say thumbs up to Sakara’s management, who are thinking outside the box when it comes to eating meat.

Oh Kevin Randleman. What would I do without you? Back in the salad years of my blogging, you were there using dog urine or dead person urine or SOMETHING for your tests. And now a laundry list of charges which can best be described as an epic bender interrupted midway through by the Fuzz:

Malicious destruction of private property
Intimidating a police officer
Being under the influence of a controlled substance
Driving without a valid license
Failure to drive in a travel lane
Driving under the influence of liquor and/or drugs
Speeding 21 to 30 miles per hour over the posted speed limit

According to the detention center’s Victim Information and Notification Everyday hotline, Randleman is also charged with possession of narcotics and an undisclosed gambling offense.

I like Kevin because he proves that no matter what your background, there’s a good chance you’re a fucking juicer. Randleman is a three-time All-American and two-time national champion wrestler at Ohio State University, and my bet is he juiced his way through that just like he juiced his way through MMA competition. Just because he wasn’t caught back then doesn’t mean he wasn’t doing it. And I bet there’s a whole bunch of other guys in the UFC with wrestling backgrounds and stunning minor-league MMA experience who are in the same boat.

So APPARENTLY Kevin Iole is having this thing where WE write HIM questions for DANA WHITE and Kevin picks out THE BEST and asks Dana. This would be a pretty exciting proposition except for the fact that this basically puts a retard filter between us and The Bald One. There’s no fucking way Kevin’s gonna pitch anything other than softballs to his patron. What, and risk losing face time on the UFC Countdown shows?

Don’t believe me? Kevin’s already did the same thing with Floyd Mayweather. Here’s some excerpts from the hard hitting questions Iole selected for that one:

Floyd, I believe you are the most talented and skilled fighter of this generation. I also believe you could possibly be the greatest boxer of all-time. People continue to criticize your obviously impressive resume, which is wrong. Your resume, however, does not qualify you as the greatest of all-time. At the age of 30, you are still in your prime and will be for the next few years.

Cotto will jack you up. You’re a runner, not a fighter.

Great, useless fawning or just easily dismissed stupidity. And the answers all come from the cookie cutter press run:

Chad, thanks for the support. After I beat Hatton on Dec. 8, I will make the best and biggest fight out there for the fans, whomever it is. But my sole focus is on beating the crap out of Ricky Hatton.

My fight with Hatton will be a very exciting fight for the fans.

I went on a nationwide tour after the Oscar fight to speak with kids in number of cities. Everywhere I went, my fans urged me not to retire.

Anyways, even though it’s probably futile, I plan on taking some time to think up some hard hitting emails as soon as this cough medicine wears off. Unless of course I imbibe another bottle in about 45 mins. Then I may never get around to that. So once again I turn to you, my faithful readers: what kinda questions should we send to Dana? And we’ll see if Iole’s got the testicles to toss his master some questions from

By now everyone’s heard the rumors that Fedor has signed with HERO’s, rumors which of course have been denied by everyone with any insight into the real situation at the moment. But there was something I read in one article that peaked my interest:

Such a signing is indeed possible for Hero’s, which is backed by the mighty K-1 organisation – the Worlds largest Mixed Martial Arts events organisers – yes bigger even than the UFC. K-1 typically get 40,000 – 50,000 live spectators at their largest events in Japan, and their events are screened live on terrestrial television to millions of loyal Japanese fans.

Hmmm. K-1 bigger than the UFC? Is that actually true in any sense? Do they make more money? Do they draw more people over the course of a year? Do more events? Reach more people? Any insight is helpful. I spent 15 minutes on Google and Wikipedia looking into that but then started reading about flying squirrels. The term flying squirrel is actually kinda misleading, as the squirrels actually glide, not fly. So long story short: any insight into the question is appreciated.

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