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One day a journalist asked who Quinton Jackson’s favorite PRIDE fighter was. He replied “Mirko CroCop.” When asked why, Rampage said that CroCop didn’t like Asian women, so he always told them to go see Rampage.

CroCop helping a brotha out.

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I still wonder what would have happened if it had rained.

Well, it’s official. Mike Swick is dropping from Middleweight to Welterweight. This is good news, because if he stayed in the Middleweight division we might have had a TUF fighter holding a belt by the end of 2008. Swick is leaving the weakest division in the UFC to try his luck against the likes of GSP, Hughes, Parisyan, and Serra (hehe). I’m sure this will work out great for him! After all, who wants the pressure of being #2 or #3 in a division? It’s much more relaxing being somewhere down near the bottom, getting fed as a rebound to the real contenders.

I want to be the first to say I’m really impressed by this decision. Other fighters would have taken two or three losses before dropping weight classes. But Mike has decided to make this change at the first sign of adversity he’s run into. Good luck fighting at welterweight, Mike. We’ll miss seeing you win.

P.S. : For fuck’s sake Mike, don’t drop to welterweight!

Strikeforce continues to pump up it’s June 22nd lineup, adding Josh Thomson to the lineup vs K1 kickboxer Nick Gonzalez. Josh’s name might be familiar. He’s kicked the ass of some pretty serious competition, including Nam Phan and Duane Ludwig. He’s also the dude that was suspended for 6 months over the t-shirt pictured above. Just another stupid suspension doled out by the CSAC. You also may be confusing him with big dumb bull James Thompson, who almost murdered Don Frye in the ring at Pride34.

This officially makes the Strikeforce show 10x better than UFC 72. Not only is the Shamrock-Baroni main event a solid one, but the undercard destroys the UFC: Cung Le vs Tony Fryklund, Joey Villasenor vs Ninja Rua, Paul Buentello vs Carter Williams, and Krazy Horse Bennet vs Joe Boxer. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it now: If you’re gonna buy a PPV in June, make it the Strikeforce show.

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