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Fighters are morons. That’s why we don’t wait for them to tap when they’re in trouble during a fight, and that’s why we here at fightlinker don’t bother interviewing them. For the most part, the only interesting part in fighter interviews is when they say something unusually stupid or obviously false. Case in point, Wanderlei Silva’s Q&A with Yahoo:

Re: Are you worried about receiving too many concussions and how that will effect you later in life?
I have only one problem in my head, and that is that I am only more hungry to win.

This has got to be the lamest dodge ever, and there seems to be more and more question dodges happening in MMA. Why the fuck would Silva dodge a question like this? It’s not one of the many verboten topics that Papa Dana says “No speaky” on, so my theory is the concussion issue is a very real concern to Silva, and he’s probably at the stage where it’s causing him to hear voices that are telling him to murder his family and hang himself on his gym equipment.

Re: Steroids in Pride
Actually, they do test in Japan. I was tested before and after my fights in Japan.

Wrong! PRIDE may have taken pee and blood, but it wasn’t to test for steroids. So either Silva is lying, or he just didn’t know what those sneaky Japanese were doing with his fluids. You would think these guys would have a better understanding of what’s going to happen with that stuff. Knowing the Japanese there’s a good chance there’s vials of Silva’s urine inside vending machines across Tokyo right now! Or he’s got an Asian clone being grown in a vat somewhere.

As mentioned in approximately 30% of the posts over the past week, Jake and I are off to Cincinnati to see UFC 77. For most people, this kind of trip would consist of a a 4-5 hour flight. However, we are not most people, so we have ‘decided’ to take the bus, also known as the most ghetto form of transportation in the universe.

The trip will be long and hard … Jake never shuts up and I can only hope the border police don’t take away the meds I need to induce a comatose state for the 21 hours we’ll be on the road.

We’ll be documenting the trip as best we can and if there’s wireless internet in Cleveland then maybe you’ll get a fresh post and possibly even a video. But if that’s not the case then all you get is pre-written posts over the next few days. I apologize in advance if anything earth shattering occurs between Thursday 5pm and Saturday 10pm.

We’re definitely gonna write up some shit after the show, although god knows if that’ll be at 2am, 4am, 6am … yeah. And depending on how much Mickey’s we’ve drank, I make no promises to the accuracy of anything I say (yeah I know … how is that different from any other time). So anyways, at least being at the show is a better excuse for delayed posts than playing DDR all weekend!

DirectTV gone and fucked up the announcement.

(thanks TIGERTAO, you are a true Fightlinker Jackal!)

This is a goddamn sexist world, isn’t it? Women get to post cam-whore shots of themselves all the time on Myspace, but the very day after a guy does it he gets a big post mocking him on Fightlinker. Well, he does if he’s Stephen Quadros and he’s apparently doing some creepy late night shirtless self portraits.Before today if I was gonna bet on which Sherdog Radio host spent his evenings taking these kinds of pics, I would have guessed Jordan Breen. There you go Jordan, are you happy I’m expanding my characterizations of you past Japanese trivia buff?

In this episode, Mac and Blake get into a NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ANY MORE. This shit is getting more and more frat by the episode. The only way it could be more like high school is if people were getting stuffed in lockers.

I never thought I could dislike the two Matts any more than I did when the season started, but at this point I’m praying for light trussing to fall and crush them during their fight at UFC 79. Hughes may think God is on his side but I’m pretty sure there must be some kind of “Thou shalt not be a lame-o” law somewhere in the bible that might give me a spiritual edge.

Past that, balls fight. Troy Mandaloniz looks like he could go somewhere, but we’ll have to wait and see how he reacts to a ground fighter who does more than wiggle around with a closed guard. That Paul guy deserved to get knocked out. If I was him I would have crawled across the mat Rani Yahya style rather than risk taking any more punches. And if I was Matt Hughes I would order a Code Red on any fighter who doesn’t follow the game plan. Fuck, seeing what retards half these guys are, I would spend the first 30 minutes of every practice having them repeat “I will follow my corner’s advice”.

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