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I just thought I’d take this opportunity as June approaches to thank the MMA Gods (Thor, Odin, and Jeff Blatnick) for the bounty they have provided us in this coming month:

June 2nd – EliteXC / DynamiteUSA (event subject to implosion)
June 3rd – WEC
June 12th – Ultimate Fight Night : Fisher vs Stout
June 16th – UFC72 : Victory
June 22nd – Strikeforce: Shamrock vs Baroni
June 23rd – TUF5 Finals: Pulver vs Penn
June 30th – ICON : Fearless

Goddamn. Sherdog continues to land some sweet deals, first with ESPN and now with Stephen Quadros. Quadros, one half of the best commentary team in MMA history, will be doing a radio show for the site every Tuesday at noon. Of course I’m sure Sherdog will team him up with some annoying fucking ass clown from their writer’s staff just to make the show unlistenable.

Yeah, I like to rip on the K1 show because they seem to be completely clueless. But K1 isn’t the only one having problems with losing headliners. The WEC is this weekend and there is still no word on a replacement for injured WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit, who was fighting Brock Larson. With Urijah Faber fighting inexperienced sacrificial lamb Chance Farrar, this doesn’t leave the WEC card in very good condition. Condit’s injury was announced five days ago, so there’s been ample time to sort this whole thing out. At the moment Condit isn’t listed at all on the WEC’s event card, which is a bad sign.

UPDATE: WEC’s site has been updated with new promo banners and Brock Larson is stuffed somewhere in the middle of the pack against Kevin Knabjian. does a good job of digging the dirt on Chuck Liddell’s late night activities the week leading up to UFC71:

There were multiple sightings of Liddell at Body English nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel, starting on the Sunday before the fight. He was at Jet nightclub at The Mirage on Monday and back at Body English on Wednesday, as seen in a photo posted on

You’re only famous once, right?

Fight of the Night

UFC Says: Kalib Starnes vs Chris Leben

Fightlinker Says: Who the fuck at the UFC is on meth? That fight was the dog of the night, with Leben looking literally drugged and Kalib Starnes looking incompetent and clueless on the ground. Karo Parisyan vs Josh Burkman was clearly the fight of the night, a solid 15 minute battle.

Knockout of the Night

UFC Says: Quinton Jackson

Fightlinker says: Say what you will about the importance of Rampage’s win, but a good knockout is one that satisfies everyone. And if you’ve been reading the yokel blogs from mainstream morons you’ll know the Jackson knockout just didn’t do it for them. However, only hippies and communists didn’t love Houston Alexander’s brutal KO of Keith Jardine. It is possibly the most awesome KO I’ve ever seen in my life.

Submission of the Night

UFC Says: Din Thomas

Fightlinker Says: Oooh, Din landed an armbar against some virgin. Really impressive. No one gave me submission of the night when I triangled one of those mouthy grade 6 kids hanging around behind the Burger King. So why give this to Din? My pick: Wilson Gouveia’s choke out of Carmelo Marrero. Marerro was spazzing out so hard it looked like he was riding a bike.

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