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With Jake in Cambodia diddling young boys, I was going to try a solo run at the Low Blow thing. But my relationship of a year and a half just fell apart today and I don’t think anyone wants to hear me crying alone for 30 minutes. Yeah, it would be funny for the first 5 minutes but after that it just gets uncomfortable, you know?

Anyways, I have decided to lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling instead. But worry not, loyal listeners. I leave you with the infamous LOST EPISODE where I got shitfaced and made no sense whatsoever. This podcast dates back to just before UFC73 … Shakespeare it is not. But if there’s one thing Britney Spears has taught me, it’s that the show must go on … no matter how bad it may be.

Yeah, we’re all crossing our fingers and toes in hope that Mark Cuban will prove himself to be the most awesome dude in the universe and announce Fedor vs Barnett tomorrow at his press conference. Hell, earlier on I was hoping my lost love Ken Shamrock would make an appearance!

Unfortunately, I’m now thinking things will be a bit more small fry. How much more small fry? Try Erik Paulson vs Jeff Ford small fry. Of course, that’s completely based off of what the HDNet Fights website says. Who knows, it could all be an elaborate trick.

If you wanna know more, just go to the Meet the Fighters page, where it lists 20 fighters. Basic math brings that out to 10 matches. Could these be all the fighters for Cuban’s first show? Well that would certainly be disappointing. Other than Pete Spratt and Sean Salmon, there’s nary a name my TUF Noob brain recognizes!

So anyways, I suppose Cuban could grow a pair overnight and make some kind of earth shattering announcement. But considering there are guys in Alberta with better fight cards than this, I stand by my initial opinion: Cuban’s gonna start small and figure out what’s up before blowing a big wad of cash on anything.

Yesterday I busted Sam Caplan’s balls for having some silly ideas. Today, I say damn Sam, this is one awesome idea:

Hey, here’s a random thought pertaining to the UFC and Spike TV. Why not make the Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill rematch another edition of “Bad Blood” and televise it live and free on Spike?

It makes perfect sense too … it’s a perfect publicity stunt that will result in great ratings and deal with all these stupid allegations that there was a conspiracy in play. Dana White managed to turn around the Tito-Ken 2 debacle the same way. So why not this one?

Here’s some good ol’ Mayhem action from … uh … I dunno exactly when it was, but it was at the Icon event where Frank Trigg and Robbie Lawler fought and just before Mayhem went to the WEC.

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