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There’s been a whole lot of hubbub regarding Michael Bisping’s bad manners at the UFC75 post-event conference. Of course, those in the know are aware that while Bisping Jr was getting roasted by the press, Bisping Sr was getting manhandled in the parking lot. Another interesting factoid is that some of the quotes being attributed to Bisping Jr aren’t actually what he said. James from Fighting Spirit Magazine did a quick comparison between what Fox Sports had Michael Bisping saying and what he really did say:

As for the rest of that article on the Fox website, it should be pointed out that there is some outright fabrication in Ben Cohen’s Mike Bisping “quotes”, most of which are completely made up. I’m not usually this anal about misreporting (especially on the internet), but since I was there, and since I’ve just been listening to my audio of the press conference, I think it needs to be pointed out that what Cohen is “reporting” is largely fictitious.

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“Of course I (expletive) won. What the (expletive) do you know you fat (expletive) (expletive)?”

What Bisping ACTUALLY said was:

“Of course. Don’t insult me like that.” “Seriously?” replied Oliver. “What do you mean, ‘seriously’? You wanna go three rounds? Cheeky bastard. Of course I f**king won the decision. Get the fuck outta here.”


“Staring aggressively at the hapless journalist, Bisping continued. ‘You can wipe that cheeky smile of you fat (expletive) face as well.'”

What Bisping ACTUALLY said was:

“Get that smile of your face too, while you insult me.”


“Well you are the only one who seems to think so,” came another remark from the press.

Just being picky, but the ACTUAL remark from Wolfgang was:

“I think you are the only one who think so.” (Just to illustrate that the Fox guy is fabricating the press’ statements, not just the fighters’.)


“You can (expletive) off, too. Who the (expletive) are you? Let’s see how many rounds you can go in the octagon you fat piece of (expletive).”

Not only is this misquotation, this is SHEER FALLACY, as Mike said no such thing. In fact, he didn’t say ANYTHING, as Marshall Zelaznik interjected, saying: “I don’t think that’s right – there was a professional judge, two of them, that felt that way.” It was then Rampage who stepped in and made a comment (which I can’t make out on my recording) about Oliver and Wolfgang. Mike said NOTHING, and at no time did he make ANY comment about the men’s weight.

Just thought it was important to set that straight, as there is arguably even more wrong with Ben Cohen posting falsehoods than there is in a fighter speaking out of turn at a press conference. If you want to take Bisping to task for the way he reacted, you’ve got more than enough fuel to do so – you don’t need to LIE.

This info was from a comment posted on the always interesting comments section of Zach’s site is a safe haven of sorts for intelligent people who like to discuss MMA in a civil manner. While over here we just talk about nailgun accidents, dungeons and dragons, and other random shit. Yeah, that’s just how we rollz. Anyways, I’d encourage you to go check out the conversations but I’d rather you just stayed here and talked to me. So fuck them!

**Update** Fox Sports has changed the article and removed the offending passages. No correction notice in the article and I dunno if any of those involved in uncovering this foul treachery will be receiving a fruit basket from Fox. I might send myself a fruit basket … then tommorow I can go “Wow! A fruit basket! Who could be so nice to do that? Oh, it’s me? I’m just awesome!”

When it comes to women’s fighting, Australians don’t fuck around. You won’t see any Barbie dolls fighting down under, because the real fighting women are tough as nails and mean like sharks. I don’t know why Australia is a hotbed for women’s MMA action … maybe its because they’re so close to Thailand. Or maybe since it’s okay for guys to hit girls in Australia, no one has a problem with girls hitting girls.

Okay lets go through all the rematches Dana is setting up in order from ‘good idea’ to ‘bad idea':

Good Rematch: Mikey Bisping vs Matt Hamill
While the majority of the universe saw it as a total screwjob, the match was still close enough to warrant a second go at it. The fight was also pretty good … I enjoyed watching Bisping bounce all over the Octagon getting chased by Hamill. His fits at the end of every round were pretty entertaining as well. All in all I wasn’t too hyped for this the first time around, but now I’m chuffed to see a rematch, preferably in Hamill’s backyard this time. Fortunately for all of us, both Hamill and Bisping have agreed to a fight, so we might get to see this before the end of the year.

Who Cares Rematch: Gray Maynard vs Rob Emerson
This is the one that ended with Gray knocking himself out at the same time the ref stopped the fight. This was ruled a no contest, but everyone knew Gray won this fight. He pounded mercilessly on Emerson for two rounds … the fact that he accidentally knocked himself out doesn’t swing karma back towards Emerson somehow. I’m willing to let the ‘No Contest’ ruling stand … on a techincal level it makes sense. But a rematch between Maynard and Emerson will go the exact same way the first fight did … only hopefully Gray will keep his head up on the slams.

Dumb Rematch: Tito Ortiz vs Rashad Evans
Here’s another case where just because the result was a tie, it doesn’t mean the fight was worth re-doing. The only reason Tito didn’t win this on the scorecards was because he grabbed at the fence for no apparent reason. Ask anyone with half a brain who ‘won’ the fight, and they’ll tell you Tito took it. To make matters worse, this was a total dog of a fight. At least with the other two rematches above, the fights were worth watching. Ortiz/Evans 1 is the kind of thing you make suspected terrorists watch over and over to mess with their brains. And now we have the rematch scheduled for UFC78 in New Jersey. At least I know I’ll have a 15 minute window to take a dump or go get more beer before the main event.

You learn something new every day:

According to the book No Holds Barred: Ultimate Fighting and the Martial Arts Revolution by Clyde Gentry, Rorion [Gracie] considered several types of arenas for the original UFC including a floating platform surrounded by alligators. Other things he considered incorporating were barbed wire mesh and electric fencing, so as to play up the no holds barred vale tudo style of the fights. It’s pretty likely that had he gone that route, mixed martial arts wouldn’t still be around today, at least not in America or Japan.

As awesome as it sounds, alligator pits generally don’t work out that well in sports. The last sport to incorporate an alligator pit was Rollergames, which only lasted one totally radical season. I remember watching the show when I was a kid praying to the Lord that someone would fall in, but apparently God doesn’t answer those kinds of prayers. Around the same time I lost my faith … hmmmm…
You can’t help but pine for the days where you could actually consider mixing together barbed wire, wild animals, and no holds barred fighting. Whenever we talk about the WWE doing some MMA, that’s the kind of stuff I’d want from them. But that ship has sailed … maybe back in the wild unregulated days of 1993 you could make two men fight in an electrified ring but now the government has to stick it’s damn nose into everything and ruin our fun.

Of course, I do have to wonder about the veracity of the initial statement. General UFC lore taps Conan director John Milius as the creative mind behind the Octagon. No word on if he gets a cut of the lawsuit money Dana makes suing people over the shape.

Here’s a picture from a past UFC where you can see what an awesome job Cecil Peoples is doing judging a fight. Unfortunately Cecil was watching the fight back in section 202 instead of the one in the Octagon. Did history repeat itself?

**Update** Turns out Cecil wasn’t a judge at UFC66, which is where this image comes from.   Damn you reality for ruining my fun!

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