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MMACalifornia is reporting on a casting call for a new reality show centered around Frank Shamrock’s gym. Zach Arnold wonders aloud if this is the beginning of Mark Burnett’s new reality show. Because there’s nothing I enjoy more than proving Zach wrong Wrong WRONG, I did a little bit of research into the situation.

The email included in the casting call leads us to, which is a cheap parked GoDaddy page … not exactly a good start. Checking out the registry, it shows up as private. The user registered the site in April of this year for one year only, with it’s administration company located in Arizona.

Doing a google search on “Outside the Box Entertainment”, I dug through a ton of different talent agencies, music labels, and other bullshit before finding this guy:

I created Outside the Box Entertainment back in 2000. In addition to my law enforcement career I have always enjoyed writing as a serious second hobby. Supported by an outstanding core of family and friends my writing dreams became reality when I was introduced to Jay Jacobs, a retired V.P. from the William Morris Agency (WMA). Under his leadership, guidance, and direction I was able to finally take all of my creative thoughts and turn them into a reality TV show pilot titled “Under Pressureâ„¢ “.

Unfortunately along the way the process of marketing this show (which allows average sports fans the opportunity to challenge professional athletes in numerous sports challenges) the idea was stolen by a television network and rushed into production under the name “Pros vs. Joes” which airs on Spike TV.

Fortunately for me my Under Pressureâ„¢ idea was copyrighted, trademarked and also registered with the Writer’s Guild of America- which legally protected all of my work. In May 2006 my legal team filed a Federal Copyright Infringement Lawsuit with the United States District Court against Spike TV and we are extremely confident that we will prevail. If you were a contestant (or anyone else affiliated) with the Pros vs Joes show I would love to hear from you.

Further down the page:

Currently I am planning the release of another revoluntionary reality television show, once that project is copyrighted and protected I will post an update as to what it is about as I love feedback from my viewing audience.

Interesting. Other connections include his interest in the UFC (his favorite show after the show SpikeTV allegedly ripped off him), and his connections to Arizona (connecting him tenuously to the URL provided in the audition calling). At this point it is obviously speculation, and all I have going for me are the facts listed above. But it’s food for thought. I’ve messaged the guy and will update when/if I hear back from him.

I like Jason Mayhem Miller a lot … he’s an exciting fighter with lots of personality, so how could you not? But I’m worried for this guy. Why? Because he’s playing a dangerous game. Miller is signed with the WEC and getting some good coin. However, on the side he’s been doing some stuff with ProElite, also known as EliteXC, also known as THE FUCKING COMPETITION. Yeah, it’s just promoted chats on the ProElite website and other mundane stuff like banner ads. But remember: Zuffa owns the WEC now and I have no doubt that Dana White will not look kindly on Miller fraternizing with the enemy, especially considering the media push they’re giving him.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the UFC from running this website is that they’re assholes. If there’s two things, it’s that they’re assholes and they value loyalty just as much as some dumb Italian mafia stereotypes. So please Jason … for the sake of your career, I’d make sure you’re not pissing in anyone’s Cheerios by working with EliteXC.


Here’s an interview Dana White gave to ESPN, which is interesting considering ESPN’s mixed martial arts section is normally handled by Dana’s mortal enemy Sherdog. One has to wonder what kind of machinations are going on behind the scene here … the UFC works hard to keep a leash on mainstream sports media … NBC and Yahoo both slurp at Zuffa’s cock. So is this one on one interview with ESPN just an interview or the UFC attempting to work around Sherdog?

Regardless, there’s a good amount of elaboration in this interview on the stuff Dana said at the post-UFC73 conference:

  • He admitted the UFC originally agreed with SpikeTV to show the Thomas/Sims fight (something originally blamed on SpikeTV).
  • They’re hard at work on Wanderlei/Chuck, making calls on it every day. This further cements my theory that Dana was just putting the squeeze on Wandy by telling people the fight wasn’t going to happen.
  • He played down the competition and said Frank Shamrock didn’t look good in his fight against Phil Baroni. Then again, he said Sean Sherk was exciting, so maybe Dana White lives in Opposite Land. He also said Tito Ortiz would crush Frank Shamrock. Hmmmmmm. Yeah. Sure. No comment there.
  • Being cheap with fighters isn’t something new. While the UFC shelled out 10 million bucks to produce The Ultimate Fighter season 1, all of the fighters were fighting for free. What’s really funny is Dana White says “I went down and gave them the Do You Want to be a Fighter speech” … proof positive that Dana White and Zach Arnold are super secret best friends who get together on Tuesdays to watch Puresuro and eat pulled pork nachos.
  • Dana says that he hopes to have Fedor by the end of the year and basically implies it’s the small stuff that’s keeping him out right now. Of course, ‘the small stuff’ could be the whole ‘Thou shalt not fight anywhere else’ thing Fedor refuses to bend on.

While I am a fervent MMA fan, I do not browse through the UFC website every day looking for oddities in the site’s layout. Fortunately for us, the geeks at MMA on Tap do, and they noticed that for about half a day on July 9th the UFC website had Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions listed on their title holders page. Hmm, what the fuck is up with that?

I don’t consider myself to be a tinfoil hat kinda guy (except when it comes to Tony Fryklund), but it does seem curious that these things popped up on the UFC’s site. On the other hand, the WEC and UFC websites are built on the same core, and currently the WEC site doesn’t have a title holders page. So if the WEC site gets updated in the next few days with a Title Holders page, I think that will solve this mystery: someone was testing the new page on the UFC site before bringing it live.

When you think about it, that really does make a lot more sense than the UFC adding two new weight classes when they’re still busy developing their own lightweight division and the WEC’s lower weight divisions.

Everyone has been to lazy to type up a full transcript of the post-UFC73 press conference. The closest we’ve got so far is with a collection of important information from Dana White. And man, does it seem like he’s got shit figured out now. Considering how stingy he’s been for info the past two events, he really gave the goods this time. Here’s a couple statements with commentary:

(Regarding Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans) “I didn’t know that he lost a point. We have to see a rematch between Tito and Rashad. It was a good fight. If it went five rounds, it would have been very interesting”

First off, how can you miss the point deduction? Aren’t you ringside? Aren’t you paying attention? Secondly, I guess his second statement on Tito gassing gives us some perspective into the rematch. Even though Tito won the fight on the scorecards (minus the point deduction), Dana saw Rashad winning if the fight had gone longer. Of course, this is a bit strange … if Rashad had a chainsaw he would have won too, but since the rules say no chainsaws and 3 rounds only, it’s kind of a null point. Fucking stupid Unified Rules.

“I am very confident that we’ll have an HBO deal very soon.”

I would really like to know what Dana White’s definition of ‘very soon’ is. If you consider time and the universe as an infinite reality, then eventually every single possible thing that could ever happen will happen sooner (in the next five seconds) or later (the next 5 bajillion years). However, I wouldn’t describe this HBO deal as something that falls into the ‘sooner’ category. So just stop saying it because you’re starting to look like a teenage girl waiting by the phone all night for the captain of the football team to call you.

“Would like to make the Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell for September”

This is a classic example of Dana White talking out both sides of his mouth. Just two weeks ago Dana White was backpeddling on the Wand-Chuck matchup, and now again he’s saying it looks good. Here’s where most people call Dana White a big fibber and a smelly pants, but the truth is that public statements are used all the time for business ends. All this talk of the fight being off could have been a ploy to push stalled pay negotiations with Wanderlei’s camp. Or maybe Dana just has no idea what the fuck he’s doing. Which seems to be the consensus of all the 14 year olds on Sherdog.

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