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The real title of this article should be “Rich to get his ass kicked in Cincinnati OR DENVER”, but it just doesn’t have the same snap. From UFCJunkie:

With a win at last weekend’s UFC 72 event, former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin (22-2 MMA, 9-1 UFC) secured a shot at reclaiming his belt. He’ll now face the winner of UFC 73’s fight between current champ Anderson Silva and top contender Nate Marquardt, and according to Franklin, it’ll happen in Cincinnati or Denver.

I have no idea why Denver is an alternate choice, except perhaps because it’d be a less shaming experience for Rich to lose there than in his hometown of Cincinnati. For this reason, I’m rooting for Cincinnati. At the last Ultimate Fighter finale, they had the families of the fighters at the show, and I’d really love to see Franklin’s mom witness a repeat of Silva/Franklin 1.

Oh I’m sorry … I’m doing the same thing the UFC is doing and assuming Anderson Silva is going to walk through Nate Marquardt. Which is foolish, because it seems like every time the UFC makes an assumption like that the exact opposite happens. So maybe this time they’re hedging their bets: Denver if Silva wins, and Cincinnati if Marquardt wins.

There’s been a lot of weird shit going on in MMA lately … giants not being allowed to fight, dudes with AIDS being allowed to fight, over the hill boxers versus felony fighters, and the list goes on and on. Well, those stories have nothing on this … perhaps the most important story in the history of MMA: The green power ranger, Jason David Frank, is fighting in the cage:

After years of restrictions from fighting because of contracts with Disney, Frank is now getting a chance to show his skills. But Frank said he’s doing this for more than the rush in a fight.

“It’s not just fighting, it’s the training and preparation before you fight – the training, the sparing,” he said.

Frank won his two previous bouts, but he said fighting is something he wants. It’s not necessary for him.

“I don’t need to fight for money like all these other guys,” he said. “I just do it because I like to.”

Now lets be clear on something: this isn’t just some fucking loser from the later Z-Force Genesis or Ultra Turbo Ninja Vibrator series. This dude is one of the originals, from the same class of Power Rangers that brought us naked pink power ranger, the dead yellow power ranger, and the underpaid black power ranger (no, I’m not kidding).

Here’s a picture of evil mastermind Dana White. Man, for someone without hair on his head, he sure has some fuzzy eyebrows. Let this photo be a reminder to you Dana that even between seasons of the Ultimate Fighter, you should get those caterpillars clipped.

This is just one of several shots taken at UFC72 by Mark Leetch. I encourage you to check out the others, especially the one of the ring girls (bow chicka wow wow).

Up until about a year ago I didn’t really pay attention to much outside of the UFC and PRIDE. As far as I was concerned, if you weren’t in one of the big orgs then you weren’t worth watching. There are two people who changed my mind on this: Kid Yamamoto from HEROs and Clay Guida from Strikeforce.

Of course, you all know that Clay Guida is busy in the UFC getting fucked over again and again. But Yamamoto hasn’t fought in over a year now, because he was busy trying to fulfill his dreams or some shit of fighting in the Olympics. Fortunately for us MMA fans, he was injured in a wrestling competition and missed his chance. While there hasn’t been any official announcements of his return to MMA, he’s been sighted down at AKA training. Which is all this fanboy needs to get the Yamamoto bandwagon up and running again!

If you have never seen Yamamoto, I put a highlight vid of him after the jump. He’s like a midget with rabies.

Cesar Gracie has been a busy bee lately. After the disaster that was the Gracie Fighting Championships he was lying low. But yesterday he has posted some explosive and possibly libelous statements regarding the UFC trying to mess with Phil Baroni’s physicals for Friday’s Strikeforce card. And with a new day comes a new story regarding his student Nick Diaz:

Nick Diaz will not be cornering his younger brother, Nathan Diaz, in what will surely be the biggest fight of Nathan’s career. Nick, who is himself under a six month NSAC suspension, has been advised that due to his suspension he will not be able to secure a corner’s license in Nevada.

This is kinda harsh. The baseball commission banned Pete Rose from being inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but it’s not like they’d toss his ass out of the building if he tried to take the tour. My advice to Nick: Get ringside seats and a megaphone. Or better yet, run out from backstage and smash Manny over the head with a folding chair. That’s what always seems to happen in pro wrestling when someone is banned from ringside.

As a side note, I think this is the first time in a few months where I’ve actually had dirt on a commission other than the CSAC. Congratulations NSAC for breaking the CSAC’s total cocksuckery streak.

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