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From the always fun Rumors and Innuendo Department comes this completely unsubstantiated report on the status of K1’s license and the medicals of Hong Man Choi and Sakuraba:

Firstly, Choi Hong Man failed his medical check because doctors discovered a growth either in his brain or right below it. The growth, coincidentally is located right next to his pituitary gland! Doctors have no ideal how long this growth has been there, but if left unchecked, Choi Hong Man could develop a disease called acromegaly! Pressure on the pituitary gland results in excessive production of human growth hormone (HGH) resulting in extreme growth!

Naturally, K-1 has gotten a second and third opinion of Choi’s condition (both positive). They are now in negotiations with CSAC.

Next, Sakuraba actually did pass his MRI. His failures resulted from an abnormality detected during this EKG (heart) examination. He is going for follow-up checks today.

Finally, K-1’s promoters license is pending. More than likely, it’ll come through, albiet last-minute. Right now they are scrambling a bit to guarantee all the fighters purses in advance. I am not sure how this works exactly, but I heard that the purses had to be “insured.” Or perhaps it was “ensured,” which would be a different matter altogether. In any case, K-1 does have the money, so it should just be a matter of time.

The irony here would be if Sakuraba’s brain is okay but his heart was not.

Embedded fights after the jump. Features:

Jeremy Horn vs Josh Burkman
Jon Fitch vs Josh Burkman
Diego Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan
Karo Parisyan vs Shonie Carter

Josh Burkman

Jeremy Horn vs Josh Burkman

Jon Fitch vs Josh Burkman

Karo Parisyan

Karo Parisyan Highlight

Diego Nightmare Sanchez vs Karo Parisyan

Karo Parisyan vs Shonie Carter

I link to the ADCC website way too much, but it’s hard not to when they’re the only ones NOT interviewing Quinton Jackson. This interview is with Mark Hominick, who is fighting Rani Yahya at the WEC show on June 3rd. The question not asked in this interview is why these two guys are fighting each other and not getting a shot at Urijah Faber, who gets to fight newbie Chance Farrar (3-0-0). I’ll tell you why: because Urijah Faber is a testicle gobbler. Anyways, I’ve gotten to see a lot of Hominick’s fights and I’m pretty confident he’ll be winning his fight on the 3rd. I can only pray Faber ends up having to fight him next – I’ve been waiting far too long to see Urijah get his face pounded in.

BuddyTV has an interview with the always confident Chris Leben. As in every single other interview, Chris says “I’m gonna knock this guy out”. While Kalib Starnes isn’t exactly contender material, I want to throw this fun little logic puzzle at you: Jason MacDonald beat Chris Leben. Kalib Starnes beat Jason MacDonald. Who wins in a fight between Chris Leben and Jason MacDonald? Hint: You’re stupid!

Bodog has an ‘exclusive’ interview with Royce Gracie, who is supposed to be fighting on the K1 Dynamite card (who knows what’s up with that though). The interview completely focuses on Royce’s past history, which is pretty much standard for all his interviews. Royce loves to talk about the past. Royce loves to talk about the Gracie legacy. It’s understandable but when you’re fighting in a week, why not discuss the upcoming fight? Why not talk about the new techniques and skills, the new people you’re working with? This just never seems to happen … for all the waxing and waning philosophical about the past, Royce Gracie just doesn’t seem to live in the now. And that, my young jedi, is why he will lose.

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