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I always have a hard time knowing what to expect from Sherdog. They’ve got some really good regional columnists like Jordan Breen and Tim Leidecker, but some of their other guys just suck total balls. I’m sorry, but when your regional column comes out two hours after another website’s regional column and it’s basically the exact same thing, Professor Fightlinker is gonna give you an F for plagiarism. Or give the other site an A for espionage.

I guess the big problem with the Sherdog format is they’re great for specific news items but not so great for getting the ‘whole picture’ on the MMA scene. You’d have to be born around Chernobyl to have enough fingers and toes to count the major stories Sherdog has skipped over the years. Which is why it’s so shocking to me that they have an article now on the IFL’s shaky financial situation.

The article is a steamy piece of poo, but it’s not really the author’s fault. This thing had to be dumbed down for the average site reader, which means half the article is spent explaining what a company being ‘publicly traded’ means, and how the stock market works. Add in a dozen references to anonymous ‘Wall Street Traders’ and you’ve got another instance where Professor Fightlinker would be hard pressed not to give this thing an F.

Nothing in the article is anything new to us people who have been watching the IFL die an embarrassingly optimistic death for the past six months. So I guess this blog is just to point out the fact that when Sherdog starts writing about the company going down in flames, you know the end is near. This article reeks of Sherdog editors saying “Hmm, if ANOTHER major organization folds and we don’t cover it’s decline, we’ll look kinda silly.”

First off I gotta apologize: I’m way behind on news so you’re gonna be seeing some ‘last week’ stuff here. But it’s not like I’m the one cranking out exclusives or anything. You shouldn’t be coming here for cutting edge news, because we’re more like blunt trauma news. Anyways, the Ultimate Fight Night 11 pay figures have been released, and here’s my pithy observations:

  • Luke Cummo drinks his own urine, fights in the dark matches, and *still* makes 10 thousand dollars more than Kenny Florian, who headlined the show.
  • Din Thomas was the highest paid loser on the show, making 16 grand. No word yet on how much it’ll cost to put his knee back together.
  • Nate Diaz made 30k in his win over Junior Assuncao, proving yet again that TUF’s ‘six figure contract’ sounds better than it really is.
  • Kuniyoshi Hironaka has a 10k to fight / 10k to win contract, proving that while no one cares about these random japanese fighters, they’re still getting paid more than random noth american fighters like Leonard Garcia and Jonathan Goulet who only make 6k / 6k.

Normally I hate TUF Fighter diaries … most of them have the same level of insight as a random 12 year old who just watched the episode on Spike. However, I’m all about Mac Danzig’s awesome breakdown because it goes past just a regurgitation of what happened in the episode. For example, he reveals that he was the one who tooled Roman’s elbow (thinning out the competition, huh Mac?). As well, he had this funny insight into Matt Serra’s annoying corner style:

Puzzling to me, was how Serra would yell “good Joey!” during times where Joey was definitly in trouble. It was like he was trying to change the fight through some sort of audible osmosis. Maybe next time I get in a car accident, I’ll just yell “Good!- This is good- great!” and the cars will magically fix themselves- I don’t know what he was thinking.

Hywell Teague, my #1 favorite fight magazine editor, sent me over a link to the above picture of our #2 most hated guy in MMA. Guess who’s #1, Kevin. That’s right: Randy Couture. I’m sick of him and his pompous holier than thou attitude.

But wait, it gets better. The above horrible picture was taken by the very not horrible Esther Lin, who seems to be EliteXC’s general photographer / graphic design chick. And if you want to see more of her work, you can check out her massive Flikr page containing over 1500 pics. It’s definately worth spending a few hours on.

Oh my fucking God:

UFC 76 took place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. on Saturday, Sept. 22, and featured Keith Jardine’s upset split-decision victory over Chuck Liddell. Jardine earned $14,000 for the victory, and Liddell earned $500,000 in defeat.

In case you were wondering, Liddell earned over 35 times the amount of money Keith Jardine made. Of course, Chuck Liddell is like the Michael Jordan (or Wilt Chamberlain) of the UFC so it makes sense that he gets payed that much. Plus under the table bonuses. Plus UFC-brokered sponsorship money. Plus Dana’s first born child.

On the other hand, Keith Jardine making 14k for his win is simply hilarious. Jardine was an Ultimate Fighter 2 contestant, and he got the same shitty contract the rest of the TUF losers got: 7000 to fight and 7000 to win. That was two years and 7 fights ago. Looking at his record you can balance his salary out at $42,000 a year. For you kiddies still in school, here’s a nice point of reference: Plumbers make $54,000 a year on the low end of the scale.

One would hope that Keith is gonna get a renegotiated contract sometime soon, but for some reason the UFC is weird about stuff like that. Rich Franklin has been stuck on a dog of a contract for years now while Houston Alexander apparently signed a new contract before his first UFC opponent even made it to the hospital. So who knows if Dana White will reward Jardine and up his pay or keep him where he is until the terms of his TUF serfdom expire.

Of course, my bitching could be completely moot. There’s always all this talk of magic money that flows freely under the table and away from the prying eyes of sanctioning bodies. But I don’t have faith in Jesus or God existing, so why should I put faith in the idea of mystical pay either? Until I see definitive proof that the average UFC fighter can afford a mortgage payment, fuck that shit.

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