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I rip on non-UFC promotions quite a bit, but it’s hard not to when so many of them suck. I’m looking at you, IFL, Bodogfight, and Gracie Fighting Championships. Things are starting to look up though. The Strikeforce card last month was nothing short of phenomenal and while EliteXC still hasn’t done anything too noteworthy on their own, the shows are decent.

Another group of guys who may actually know what they’re doing are the Art of War guys. They’re based out of Texas and have Guy Mezger booking their fights, which is a bit fruity but whaddevah. Their next show is pretty stacked for an ‘independent promotion’, including names like Jeff Monson, Pedro Rizzo, Jeremy Horn, and Ron Waterman.

Anyways, there’s no real point to this post other than the fact that I give this card a thumbs up. It will be a welcome follow up to UFC74, and we’ll definately be covering the main matches on our radio show.

And no, they didn’t pay us to say this.

The UFC is seriously manic. You have 1001 instances where Dana White decides to burn bridges … nay, nuke bridges, with people working in other organizations. Then you have other times where he seemingly extends olive branches to guys like Pat Miletich, who was one of the first guys on board the IFL and was involved in some heavy lawsuits against Zuffa. Moving from the IFL to the UFC, lets get into what some of your other fighters are doing starting with the former welterweight champ, Matt Hughes. Has training started for the title fight against Matt Serra or is he still filming for The Ultimate Fighter?

Miletich: They’re still filming the show right now and Rob Lawler is down there helping him. Matt and I had talked about me going down there and Dana White was receptive to me going down there and helping Matt. But I had some things going on with military people and some meetings I had to take care of and so unfortunately I couldn’t go down there. But they’re still filming and when he gets done with that and he’s ready to start training I’ll be waiting on him.

I have no problems with companies that decide to crush their competition. I only demand they are consistant with their evil powers. Perhaps it was a trap? Would they have shackled Pat up in the basement of the TUF mansion and exposed him to a Clockwork Orange montage of season 4? I think I’d swallow my own tongue after episode 6. Ah well, at least putting him on TUF would have kept him from whoring all over Iowa or some junk.

I went from being ahead of the curve on this one to being the last to report this. I really gotta stop being a lazy asshole. Venerable UFC sponsor Amp’d Mobile has officially bit the dust. I knew about this last week because my mom is on Amp’d (don’t ask me why) and she had been told by customer service that unless the company was bought, the service would be shut down by the end of the month.

Now my mom is stuck with a shitty branded cellphone that probably won’t work on any other carrier. Sucks to be her. And sucks to be the TUF4 guys who got given “free cell phone service for life”. Actually, it sucks to be a TUF4 guy anyways. This is just an extra layer of suckage for those poor bastards.

One of the main reasons we changed Fightlinker from a links and video site to a general blog was because the UFC got really really good at having every single UFC fight taken off Youtube and DailyMotion. Considering Dana’s such a fucking control freak, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the one cruising the site every day flagging shit himself.

Anyways, the internet is about to get a lot more boring. Tons of Pride videos are starting to be taken down too, courtesy of “Pride Worldwide Holdings, Inc”. Isn’t it great that they’re spending their time combing the internet for grainy peice of shit videos rather than … oh I don’t know … THROWING A FUCKING EVENT?

I’m not an unreasonable person. I can understand why Zuffa keeps a tight lid on video sharing sites … if a person can watch all the fights from a PPV on Dailymotion the day after the event, that’s not good for business. But here’s what’s happening now: Zuffa is removing one of the most effective avenues for fans to get familiarized with all the new guys they’re bringing into the UFC.
Guys like Crocop, Nog, Herring, Sakurai, Henderson, Rampage … the list goes on and on and on. Without youtube and dailymotion there to show people they’re the real deal, I don’t know how Zuffa expects the average joe to give a flying fuck about any of them.

Smart companies use video sharing sites to their advantage, taking down content that costs them money while leaving up stuff that markets future products. At a time where two former PRIDE guys like Quinton Jackson and Dan Henderson are set to face off on national television, I have no idea what the fuck Zuffa is thinking taking down all the old footage of these guys from the net.

Well, looks like I gotta eat my words. A week ago I said Shogun / Griffin was’t gonna happen because Forrest didn’t have the balls. Well, I guess he does indeed have large testicles because I just got a letter from the UFC with the above image. It’s on: Shogun vs Griffin will happen at UFC 76.

I can understand now why Griffin was tapped to face Shogun now … with Chuck vs Keith Jardine as the other headlining fight, there was no way the UFC would have been able to get away with Shogun vs Machida. It would have been UFC73 buyrates all over again (which of course we never heard anything about … is Dave Meltzer on fucking vacation too?). Anyways, I’ve already picked Jardine for the upset but I don’t think Forrest’s got what it takes to pull one off over Shogun. Regardless it will be an entertaining fight for sure … big respect to Griffin for stepping up and making the UFC76 card less shitty.

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