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If tells me ‘Congratulations, you’ve been selected to win a free XBOX360′ one more time, I’m gonna kick my fucking computer screen in.

When GSP said he made a lot of changes to the kind of people he hung around with, I would have hoped he’d have weeded out wannabe web designers from his entourage. Apparently not … behold Georges St Pierre’s website, possibly the worst fighter website I’ve seen that doesn’t involve lasers firing out of Frank Shamrock’s eyes.

I don’t wanna drop too much web-science on y’all. God knows, my current site is about as generic as you can get. But at least it’s practical – I can update it easily and quickly. GSP’s new page on the other hand is built completely in flash, meaning it’s very difficult to update. My prediction: the site will be updated once every two months for … two months. And then never again until whoever is supposed to be managing Georges St Pierre’s reputation sees it and throws a fit.

Newbs like to give Babalu Sobral a hard time over his choke of David Heath, but that’s nothing compared to what Mike Kyle did to Bryan Olsen back in May 2006. The CSAC wasn’t able to collect a nice bonus from Kyle like they were for Babalu, so they ‘indefinately suspended’ Kyle from competing in MMA. And by ‘indefinate’ I mean 16 months. Kyle is back in action October 2nd at a Central Valley Cagefighting show in Fresno.

There’s lots of rumbling and grumbling that Kyle will be given a taste of his own medicine soon enough. Isn’t it great to see MMA has grown to the point where we’re willing to deal with our own problems rather than rely on athletic commissions to do that kind of stuff? Thank you CSAC for re-licensing a guy who should never be allowed to fight in mixed martial arts ever again. I hope his $180 application fee sits in your pockets comfortably after the next incident like this.

Whoever’s at the UFC that’s responsible for booking Japanese talent needs to be punched in the face 5000 times by Houston Alexander. Stop booking the wrong guys, goddamnit. The last thing the UFC wants to do is encourage the stereotype that Japanese fighters are bland and never finish fights. While Akihiro Gono certainly has some flashy entrances, over half of his 46 fights have gone to a decision. BORING!

I don’t like Jake O’Brien, but when I heard that he had a potentially career ending injury, I was nice and wished him a speedy recovery. Now that his recovery is almost complete, I can go back to shitting on him for being a boring lay n pray fighter that I never want to see in the Octagon again.

Here’s an idea: let’s put Jake O’Brien against Justin McCully. Or perhaps we shouldn’t … the combination of these two unskilled opponents might be too much for the fabric of the space/time continuum. A vortex will open up in the Octagon and Deep Elder Cthulu will emerge from within to enslave earth. Fortunately, Jake O’Brien will score the takedown on Cthulu and lay on him for the next 4 million years, saving mankind with his brave sacrifice/strategy.

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