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Have you ever over reacted to a situation and actually made things worse? Examples like the US in Iraq pop into mind. Another example is the UFC freaking out about judging and opening the door to the CompuBox guys and their new ‘MMA scoring system’, CompuStrike. For those of you not familiar with the system, CompuBox is basically a statistical crunching system which ‘counts and categorizes punches thrown and connected in boxing matches.’ They’ve now ported their system to MMA where I’m sure it will wreak havoc within a year or so.

While on the surface I don’t have a problem for more information regarding fight statistics, the thought of this system being seen by judges scares the fuck out of me. The day rounds start being given to fighters based on their ‘hit percentage’ and ‘number of punches landed’ is the day I’m gonna fuck off and rededicate this blog to a real sport like competitive eating or something.

This isn’t soccer or basketball … you don’t get x number of points for putting a ball in the net and you don’t get a ‘score’ every time you manage to touch your opponent. You win by beating the other guy up worse than he beat you up. While it makes sense that the number of punches landed should matter, there’s going to be a fuckload of controversy down the road if it becomes a basis for judging criteria.

You’ll notice around here at Fightlinker that we love post trends. For a while we were all about Tito Ortiz and The Ultimate Fighter. Then we were on steroids, then Evan Tanner, then Loretta Hunt’s birth cannon (the clock is ticking, Loretta). For a while we were all about hating Kevin Iole, and then we decided it was passe because everyone else hates him too. Plus he’s like a distant inbred relative of our boys at MMAJunkie now, so we were trying to be nice. But sometimes this guy releases such smarmy fucking articles that I just can’t help but bang my head against a desk and pray for the Allah of MMA to cut off this infidel’s head.

Case in point, check out this article on the UFC76 post event press conference. Or you could just call it the ‘Kevin Iole licks poop off Dana White’s heel for two pages’ article. Here’s some highlights:

White had the answer – which he’s long had – which is to make the best fights. For years, he was unable to do that as the former owners of the Pride Fighting Championship were unwilling to pit their best against the UFC’s best.

They built this mystical belief in their company among a small cadre of passionate and loud fans.

It’s never made sense, because a good fight is a good fight, whether it’s promoted by Pride, the UFC or the Triple-A leagues like Elite XC and Bodog Fight.

When Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company, bought Pride in the spring, White gloated because he said he’d be able to make the fights he’s never been able to make.

And those fights are going to be the way to identify the best fighters in the world.

He’s going to match No. 1 vs. No. 2 in division after division on card after card. And after a year or two of those types of cards, the best fighters will be obvious.

Perhaps then, these silly Pride vs. UFC arguments can end.

Believe me, it’s long overdue.

Okay first off, Kevin Iole isn’t allowed to say anything in MMA is long overdue. Kevin Iole wishing the whole Pride vs UFC debate was over is like a new recruit getting off the chopper in Iraq telling an Iraqi citizen “I wish this war was over!” Now I’m not saying Kevin isn’t allowed to make statements like this because he’s only been a UFC fan for three months. But don’t throw this “Believe me” shit in there. No, Kevin. We don’t believe you. Because you’re wrong all the time and just regurgitate what you’re told.

Now onto lickspittle territory: “White had the answer – which he’s long had – which is to make the best fights.” OH MY FUCKING GOD. That anyone has the audacity to say this shit after an event featuring Liddell/Jardine and Rua/Griffin makes my blood boil. Just because these squash matches didn’t go as planned doesn’t absolve the UFC for putting them together. Jardine and Griffin were sacrificial lambs who were being fed to the UFC’s more valuable properties. If anything, the fact that these matches were ever booked PROVES the “Dana puts the best vs the best” argument is complete and utter bullshit. Maybe it makes sense with Dana’s fuck flute up your rectum, but I wouldn’t know … Dana doesn’t return my calls.

Anyways, I’m off to Little Jamaica to see if I can find an especially dumb looking voodoo doll.

It seemed like a lot of people were upset that instead of doing live play by play and instant post-event commentary for UFC 76, we decided instead to work on beating the PARANOiA Survivor MAX song in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME. And no, that’s not a joke. We literally did spend the night playing DDR. I’d show you footage, but our DDR sessions usually get pretty wild and naked. I have a general rule as far as that goes: you have to pay money to see that kinda thing.

Blogging here is on the same kind of basis. Maybe someday when we’re making some cheddar on this shit, I’ll be willing to pass up DDR with a basement full of young naked asian chicks. Until then you’ll have to rely on all those other internet mouth breathers, or people who are actually being paid to cover banal events like UFC 76.

But on a more serious note, we do appreciate the fact that people love the site and want to hear what we think. Which is why we’re making changes around here that will hopefully allow us to spend more time on the site giving you our two cents on everything going on in the MMA world. Those who have been around here for a while know that things have improved greatly from the days we posted three or four times a week. Once the new site goes live in a few weeks, then Fightlinker will officially become a job as opposed to something we do just because we’re totally awesome and stuff.

I think the whole fight community let out a universal “Huh?” when we all learned that Forrest Griffin *requested* to fight Mauricio Shogun Rua. My opinion went from   “Forrest had unusually large balls” to “Well, losing to Shogun is better than losing to another lame guy like Jardine“. I don’t think anyone saw Griffin taking this one, let alone dominating the fight and submitting Rua late into the third.

I’m sure there’s a few very happy gamblers and some very upset bookies coming out of this fight. To me this was fight of the night … I went into it liking Forrest but not believing he could beat Shogun. Simply put, I was off the Griffin bandwagon after he went all pussy during his bout with Hector Ramirez. He won some points back for admitting he was afraid of getting knocked out, some nice candor in an industry where most guys won’t admit that kinda shit (let alone cry in the Octagon after a loss). And now he’s won back a lot more points for his performance against Shogun.

I’d like to say I’m back on the Forrest bandwagon, but right now I don’t feel worthy of getting on his bandwagon. So I’ll just walk behind it and do some penance for not believing in him.

I’m not really the kind of guy to usually say “I told you so”. Wait, what the fuck is that? I’m totally the kind of guy to do that. I do the “I’m right” dance … I rub my rightness in people’s faces. I fucking love being right.

But today I don’t love it, no sir I do not one bit. For now I was right about Dana White jinxing the main event by promising Chuck vs Wanderlei if Chuck won. So of course Chuck didn’t win, and now here’s what’s being said:

“It’s just not meant to happen,” said White, who talked about a conversation with Silva as the fight was going on, and telling Silva that he thought Jardine was going to win the fight. He noted Silva was in complete denial, seeing huge dollar signs fly out the window.

Okay, W T F. One part of my brain understands that you can’t just match these two guys up at this point in their careers without potentially ruining one of them. But the other part of my brain says “Who fucking cares, you’re running out of time! Do it now before it’s too late”. Finally, my entire brain is blaming Dana for the overscheduling that ‘forced’ him to stick Chuck in a pointless fight against a washed up TUF fighter like Keith Jardine.

Yes, it’s Chuck Liddell’s own fault that he lost. But it’s Dana White’s fault that he put Chuck against an opponent where there’s no upside for winning. Dana White talked about ‘Chuck not having the fire anymore’, but how hard is it to get that fire when the fight you’re training for is just filler? It’s a known fact that you give a guy a squash match and they’re not going to train as hard or care as much as if you’re giving them a shot at the title or something. How was Chuck supposed to give a shit about his fight with Jardine when even the newest of TUF noobs didn’t?

Here’s the fucking deal Dana: you want Chuck to show if he still has the fire? Book him against Wanderlei Silva. Chuck has been fighting whoever the UFC puts in front of him for years now, but the only guy he’s really wanted to beat is Wanderlei. And now because Pride fucked up by putting Silva against Dan Henderson, and you fucked up by putting Chuck against Jardine, it seems only decent that you fix both mistakes by finally booking these guys against eachother.

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