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Read Mike’s Monday Morning Reverie here. He discounts BJ Penn and Frank Shamrock’s victories, but then heaps praise on Cung Le’s win over Tony Fryklund. As I talk about in the upcoming episode of the Low Blow, something was rotten in the Le/Fryklund bout. I won’t go as far to say the fight was a fix, but I don’t think winning was #1 on Tony’s mind.

Rather than having 10 tiny sponsor logos on his shorts like half the other fighters in the UFC, BJ Penn just plastered a huge BJPENN.COM logo on his butt. Apparently this was a good idea, as he is currently #1 on Yahoo Buzz Sports and his website is so overloaded it’s going up and down more than Jenna Jameson at an AVN awards afterparty.

If there was one guy who came out of this finale looking very good, it was BJ Penn. He dominated the fight and looked very slick throughout. It will be interesting to see what the outspoken fighter wants to do with the clout he’s got at the moment. I wouldn’t count out a rematch with Georges St Pierre for first crack at the winner of Hughes/Serra. Now that would be fucking wicked.

Above you can see ‘Happy Hughes’ … happy because Matt Serra knocked out Georges St Pierre, and now Hughes doesn’t have to face GSP to get his title back. Below you can see ‘Sad Hughes’ … sad because his friend Jens Pulver just got choked out by BJ Penn, another fighter who seems to have Hughes’ number.

I’ve heard of pro wrestling doing this, but this is the first time I’ve heard of it happening in MMA : IFL Battleground is manipulating their crowd noise to try and make it seem more impressive. I haven’t been able to put my finger on the actual process yet … if they are just amplifying and layering the actual crowd noise for each fight or if they’ve actually taken general raucus crowd noises and are mixing them in as the fight goes along. But either way, it’s not being done very well and it’s pretty distracting. How distracting? I put it up there with the retarded gong sounds used in Fight Girls whenever a girl lands a good hit.

We recorded the newest Low Blow episode last night and it’s in the process of being edited as we speak. There’s something fucked up with Talkshoe at the moment which is why the widget to your right isn’t displaying anything … we’ve been in contact and the old shows should be accessible through that sooner rather than later. But don’t worry – we haven’t gone anywhere, and the show is still weekly.

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