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Bodog has an ‘exclusive’ interview with Royce Gracie, who is supposed to be fighting on the K1 Dynamite card (who knows what’s up with that though). The interview completely focuses on Royce’s past history, which is pretty much standard for all his interviews. Royce loves to talk about the past. Royce loves to talk about the Gracie legacy. It’s understandable but when you’re fighting in a week, why not discuss the upcoming fight? Why not talk about the new techniques and skills, the new people you’re working with? This just never seems to happen … for all the waxing and waning philosophical about the past, Royce Gracie just doesn’t seem to live in the now. And that, my young jedi, is why he will lose.

The UFC is suing Take Two Interactive, the company that publishes Grand Theft Auto. What’s the case all about? Well, it’s pretty simple:

The suit revolves around a deal for the game rights to the UFC brand that was originally struck by two parties who aren’t actually involved with the current case. According to the suit, in July of 1999, then-UFC-owner Semaphore Entertainment Group struck a five-year deal with Crave Entertainment for games based on the mixed martial arts brand. However, Zuffa purchased the UFC organization in 2001, and Take-Two received the rights to make games based on it in 2003 when it acquired TDK Mediactive, which had obtained the rights from Crave. A revised agreement between Zuffa and Take-Two extended the deal until March of 2005, with the publisher then being given a 180-day grace period during which it could sell off any existing inventory.

So to summarize, Take Two didn’t check the fucking calendar and now the billz gotta be paid! Truth be told, I’d be pissed off if I was the UFC … the game in question, Sudden Impact, was a total turd. Check out this screenshot of the ‘action’. The detail of the fighters is so impressive, they actually got the skin tone right. Oh wait, that’s the only thing they got right. What a piece of shit.

Goddamn it. You all might remember me drooling over the lineup for the next Art of War, which was supposed to take place on June 30th. Now they’ve switched the date forward to August 18th, which I assume is just long enough for them to pack their suitcases full of stolen stock money and flee the country. The official reason is some balderdash about needing more time to promote the PPV aspect of the show. But history speaks for itself: when companies like this push events back, it’s usually not a good sign. The typical reason people need more time is because they don’t have the money right now.

Dave Meltzer reports that K1 has started looking for a replacement for Hong Man Choi:

We know of four names that are definitely under consideration, which are Tank Abbott, Ruben Villareal, Butterbean and James Thompson.

However, Loretta Hunt from the Fight Network points out that an appropriate replacement isn’t going to be very easy to find:

With nine days remaining, this can not be an easy task, especially since Lesnar is 0-0 as a fighter and the CSAC will surely not let him face an opponent with a wealth of experience above his own.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing who K1 thinks the CSAC will approve. It should be good fodder for the site. Can you say gong show? K1 can. GONG SHOW!

Okay, I mentioned in the radio show that no one cares about the Terry Martin vs Ivan Salaverry fight. Apparently that sentiment extends to Ivan Salaverry as well:

“It’s not so much that I care or I’m giddy to go back to the UFC. I’m in contract so I have to fight. So fight I will.”

Wow, now that certainly hypes me up for this fight. To make matters worse, when Salaverry was given the standard cue to smack talk his opponent, he passed again:

Salaverry says he hasn’t really paid attention to such pre-fight jibes, but admits he has seen a few things on the Internet. He doesn’t seem fazed.

“I don’t think they pay me enough to frigging care,” he said with a laugh.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of those “So you wanna be a fighter?” speeches Dana White pulls on the Ultimate Fighter show, but I have to wonder why the fuck they don’t look at this and stuff Salaverry in the dark matches. There are plenty of other fighters busting their ass to get somewhere in the UFC that would kill for TV time. The Salmon-Belcher, Thomas-Stephens, and Silva-Irwin fights would all make great replacements.

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