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This has made it’s rounds of the internet and I kinda ignored it because I don’t want to be “that lame blog that posts the same shit as everyone else”. But goddamnit, my mandate is to keep people in the know about everything related to MMA that doesn’t actually have to do with MMA itself. And if this doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does. So ladies and gentlemen, here is Chuck Liddell getting it on with two chicks. Like you didn’t already know that was happening….

Hardcore fans often look at PRIDE with rose tinted glasses. Because of the cultural divide and lack of insider news, people got a much ‘purer’ experience with the promotion. You watched the show. You enjoyed the show. The end. None of the politics and scandals and other distractions which plagued the company for it’s final two years. However, people tend to think that because they didn’t hear about this stuff, nothing was actually happening.

Well, that’s definately not true. In what I feel should be a HUGE FUCKING BLOW to the credibility to PRIDE, Quinton Jackson has come out and said he was offered a bonus to lose to Sakuraba. Jesus fucking Christ. This is beyond putting a 500 pound man in the ring with Fedor. This is past putting a guy wearing a wrestling mask against CroCop. This is straight out fight fixing. All I can say is WTF?

If you wanted to make people fight in an 8-sided cage, wouldn’t the natural choice of shape be an octagon?

Hat Tip: MMA Annotation

Just a quick update: We’ll be recording the next podcast right after watching UFC Fight Night, which means you should be able to get your mitts on it late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who’s been listening and extra thanks to those who have been giving us feedback. It’s the fuel which drives the Hummer that is our ego.

“Research shows that the more you ejaculate the higher your (testosterone) test levels are.” He says. “So have at it.”

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