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I was holding off on posting something about Wand-Chuck because I’m sick and tired of reporting ‘almost maybe’ news. I’m a sensitive motherfucker and I’m tired of getting my hopes and dreams crushed over and over by the general MMA news sites. I’m looking directly at you, Loretta Hunt. Just because I want to have sex with your vagina doesn’t mean you can get my hopes up about Ken Shamrock.

Anyways, things look firm enough now to make a post. Sam Caplan translated a post on Wanderlei Silva’s official site which basically says “The fight is happening on September 22nd”. So that’s good enough for me. Now we just have to see what the MMA Gods do to try and deny us this fight again. Perhaps Silva will get hit by a bus. Or Chuck’s penis will be sucked clean off by a horde of hot club bitches. Anyways, lets just cross our fingers and think positive thoughts.

Well, looks like the Rich Franklin video is really really popular. After 13,000+ views on Dailymotion it got yanked, and now it’s only on Youtube, where it is#18 on the list of top 20 sports videos of the week. It has spawned about 30 threads across the internet and has spiked our traffic pretty hardcore. So hopefully people who have come by stick around and enjoy the site.

Fun fact for all you new peeps: posting in the comments section makes me a happy webmaster, and happy webmasters post more funny stuff. Thanks everyone for your support, and don’t forget to tell a friend if you like the site.

I was originally going to write a post on here mocking Pramit Mohapatra for saying EliteXC’s next event would be on July 27th. Considering July 27th is 16 days from now and nothing was announced yet, I thought it was pretty unlikely to say the least. However, I’m glad I kept my mouth shut because it does look like he was right. The Fight Network confirms the event:

Pro Elite and Showtime will launch the first of its “ShoXC” events on July 27 at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California. In the vein of the pay premium cable network’s “ShoBox” events, “ShoXC” will spotlight up-and-coming talent.

Lightweight strikers Edson Berto (12-3-1) , fresh off an electrifying 47-second submission over Victor Valenzuela as a four-day replacement at June 22’s Strikeforce-EliteXC venture, and KJ Noons collide in the main event.

It will be interesting to see the production level for this new ‘smaller’ show. is reporting that Rick Slaton, the fighter at the center of a huge brawl/stabfest back in 2002, is not suspended forever as originally believed and could be back in action very soon. Which is really cool, because if there’s one thing we’re missing in MMA right now is a bunch of violent bikers who will stab you in the eye for booing their bro. What’s that you say? You never heard about the Rick Slaton riot? Well, lets hop into my magical time machine with our friends from MMA Ring Report:

However, several of Slaton’s numerous fans took exception to the ruling and began to toss beers into the ring. The real fireworks started though, when a fan in the front row retaliated by throwing his own cup back towards the legion of Slaton’s followers. At this point, all hell broke loose as “The Mongols” rushed the ringside area. Blows were thrown, chairs began to fly, and the overwhelmed security force battled to regain control as fans fled out of the chaotic scene. To his credit, Slaton took the microphone and pleaded with his “brothers” to stop the fighting, but to no avail. The event was cancelled and the event center eventually cleared, after some semblance of order had been restored.


Man, our troops are getting fucked. They’re driving around in unarmored humvees wearing inadequate body armor. And now we’re sending over a couple B-list UFC guys to try and cheer them up. This isn’t the only example of lame fighters no one cares about going to the middle east. Justin “Fat Mullet” McCully is also headed over with Tito Ortiz.

I gotta give credit where credit is due: these dudes are fucking hardcore going over there. My jew uncle tried to get me on a plane to Israel and I told him no fucking way was I going anywhere where the sand extends past a beach. There’s goddamn spiders the size of cats out there, not to mention a nation of really pissed off religious fanatics. You couldn’t pay me to go, although I suppose you could pay Jorge Rivera since the last time he fought in the UFC was March.

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