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You can add Nate Quarry vs Pete Sell and Kenny Florian vs Din Thomas to the list of fights Mario Yamasaki has let go on too long. There’s nothing like watching a fighter spread eagle on the ground receiving a leaping punch to the face. Or a fighter lying face down with his hands over his face getting played like a taiko drum.

And please people, don’t think this is me not liking the violence. I fucking love it. The UFC is all about getting drunk and watching people inflict violence on eachother. If I couldn’t get that from SpikeTV, I’d probably be out at the women’s shelter screaming and kicking in doors. When things seem out of control in my life I enjoy imposing control on others. That’s my ‘thang’, you dig?

So yeah, I love to see that kinda stuff, and Mario’s always good for letting it happen. Sooner or later someone’s gonna die and that’ll be really great for the sport. I can’t wait for that day … maybe it’ll be good for my site traffic!

Garth from Flying Guard Pass has put up a post going into detail on the 10 point must system, which I’ve always found weird. Why is it ten points when the biggest differential between one guy and another is two points? Why the hell don’t they just make it a 2-point must system instead? Are low numbers just too lame? Is it so Mauro Renallo can make 10-inch must jokes when Gina Carano’s fights go to a decision?

Anyways, I’ve said in the past that the problems we’re having are judging problems and not scoring problems. Why in God’s name are we trying to dummy proof a system when we should just be telling dummies to fuck off? Everyone understands that a close fight can go either way … that’s just how things are. However, the controversy here is when a good 90% of the watching public completely disagrees with an obviously bad decision.

MMA isn’t rocket science. Okay, sure there’s a lot to take into account but even the average joe can get a general idea of how a fight is going and who’s winning. The current judging criteria is about as clear as it can be without going down the path to hell and counting every punch, kick, and shoot.

Honestly, why all the hate towards the 10-point must system? When you boil it down to it’s bones, it’s pretty straight forward:

  • Fighter X won this round
  • Fighter X dominated this round

Those are the only two options. And I guess that’s why people aren’t happy: There’s a lot of cases where a round is too close to call, or a tie. But seriously people, what the hell do you want? Do you enjoy ties? Was the result of Tito Ortiz vs Rashad Evans pleasing to you? Granted that was a tie for point deductions, but once you allow for ties strictly from the scoring criteria, you’re gonna have TONS of ties. And that would suck the world’s largest dong.

So in the end I say this: Don’t change the point system. Don’t start counting different kinds of attacks and defenses. The system is fine as it is. It’s the retard judges that are fucking things up. Set up some kind of accountability system for that, and the problem is solved.

Up here in Canadia-land we’ve got some good stuff going on, like the tv show Off the Record with Michael Landsberg. Sure Michael looks a bit creepy and sounds like Mauro Renallo’s more successful big brother. But damn does this guy get some good guests for his show. This show here which you can watch in it’s entirety features Royce Gracie, Fight Network president Mike Garrow, and some boxing dudes.

It’s really interesting to hear guys that aren’t just spouting rhetoric and soundbytes regarding the whole mixed martial arts versus boxing debate. It’s also interesting to hear Royce Gracie accuse the UFC of a conspiracy to destroy K1 and tamper with his urine. Despite that crackpot shit, Royce comes off as a simple guy who just wants to fight no holds barred. Sucks for him that the sport he launched has taken off and turned into something else. Ah well, there’s always Japan … they let people do anything.

I don’t ‘do’ cable TV any more … I stopped watching it right around the time The Learning Channel became The Retard Channel and SpikeTV stopped showing Star Trek: The Next Generation in favor of Star Trek: The Homosexual Shows. Generally TV channels were getting worse and worse, and as I understand A&E followed the trend. A channel that was once all about … er … ARTS and ENTERTAINMENT became the home for Criss Angel and Dog the fucking Bounty Hunter.

Honestly, I had thought that they had canceled every show with any kind of redeeming intellectual qualities, but apparently the show Biography is still on, and there’s plans to feature UFC legend Randy Couture in one. Which is awesome, because I really wanna find out what the deal was with his first (or second?) Yoko-style bitch of a wife. I also wanna see if his daughters are hot or not. In my mind it could really go either way: they could be total hotties or just look like nasty Randelinas with long hair and lumpy tits.

Ryan and Jacob discuss a variety of topics, including:

Cheesy Beef Tacos – Ultimate Fight Night 11 – How to win – How not to lose – We are the awesomeness – Homosexuals in mixed martial arts – The ‘Butt Scoot’ – Lesbians on Fightlinker – Erin Bucknell on Fightlinker’s face – The Ultimate Fighter – The Annoy-O-Meter – Crazy guys named Roman – Big vaginas named Joe – UFC 76 – Callin’ Luke out again – Pride fighters overhyped? – Praying for Keith Jardine

42 minutes of pure MMA madness. Download it here or stream dat shit using the Talkshoe app to your right. Last but not least, you can subscribe to our show via iTunes if you swing that way.

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