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I’m gonna be spending my weekend futzing around with the new site design, so I make no guarantees as to how much content will be showing up for the next 48 hours. Just a heads up in case you were expecting 5-8 posts a day over the weekend like we do on the weekdays.

**UPDATE** If you see this, you’re on the new server. Oh happy day.

We talked about this on the last radio show we did: PRIDE guys need to learn how to cut weight. Everyone’s blaming PRIDE as an organization for making all their fighters seem larger than life. It’s a fun idea, but that argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. What’s more realistic is the idea that former PRIDE fighters are finding themselves facing guys who are cutting 20+ pounds to squeak into their weight division. Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Rua, Mirko Crocop, all these guys are small for their weight classes compared to the guys in the UFC. And lets not forget Dan Henderson:

Henderson, who lost a title unification bout with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson earlier this month, indicated he could be ready for a return to the Octagon by November. Though UFC officials are said to be encouraging the former Olympian to move down to the promotion’s 185-pound division, Henderson indicated he would like to remain at light heavyweight.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on in Dan Henderson’s head. He’s not a brute strength kind of guy, so why is he so against giving up weight training and returning to middleweight? If Dan stays at light heavyweight, he’s going to continue to be out-muscled by guys who are bigger than him. Why be a small light heavyweight when you can be a big middleweight?

Never mind the fact that the UFC’s middleweight division is looking thinner than an Ethiopian refugee at the moment. After UFC77 in October, there’ll be literally no one else the UFC can legitimately feed to Anderson Silva. Dan Henderson doesn’t really fit that well into the current LHW division, but he’s got a spot up at the top at middleweight if he’ll just agree to take it.

This is just one of those cases where hubris plays too much of a part in a person’s decision making process. There’s really no logical reason for Henderson to stay at 205. Unless of course he’s a masochist and likes being dominated.

Gotta love the perception of weed in today’s society:

Kazuhiro Nakamura tested positive for marijuana in the aftermath of his unanimous decision loss to Ryoto Machida at UFC 76: “Knockout” over the weekend, according to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

Perhaps that explains all the bizarre pre-fight antics.

Yes, because smoking weed really makes you do crazy things. I saw a movie once where one puff of the deadly ‘marihuana cigarette’ caused a teenager to sink into a psychosis from which there was no end! Truth of the matter is pot doesn’t do anything but make you sound like a burnt out moron. Nakamura was bizarre because Nakamura has always been bizarre. Out in Japan-land, that’s why they book you … the whole skill at fighting thing is secondary.

It’s interesting to note that Nakamura was only suspended for three months, which considering the UFC’s scheduling isn’t a suspension at all. Why does it seem like all the fighters we like get the book thrown at them but boring fighters get flimsy slaps on the wrist? I wish things worked like they do in Hollywood – the rich and famous get away with driving high on the wrong side of the freeway while anyone who doesn’t have an profile picture gets thrown in jail to rot.

This should be entertaining: The IFL is going to try and do a live show on MyNetworkTV. On the surface this sounds like great news: we get to see the IFL Grand Prix live on network television. But don’t get too excited because you don’t really get to see the event. You get to see maybe three fights. Because even though the show will be live, it will still only be one hour long.

I’ve always been impressed by the IFL’s ability to fuck up even the best of ideas. Good idea: Showing an event live. Bad idea: Showing 1 hour of an event live. It will also be interesting to see how ‘together’ the IFL is technically. Can they pull this whole thing off without it turning into a gong show? Trying to crunch three live fights into one hour when the UFC has a hard time with 5 over two hours should be interesting to say the least.

I’ll probably tune in just to see if it beats K1 Dynamite USA for poor execution.

If tells me ‘Congratulations, you’ve been selected to win a free XBOX360′ one more time, I’m gonna kick my fucking computer screen in.

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