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Okay, okay. For once I’ll actually discuss Evan Tanner’s UFC career. Things have hit a boil on the internet, with the word being that Evan Tanner may return to the Octagon at UFC76 against Marvin Eastman. Not to put down my man Tanner, but I have my doubts. His website is nothing but pictures of fish and sunsets. No one has breathed a word about Evan training since that announcement from Chute Boxe USA. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that between existential poetry and fixing boats he’s managed to do some sit-ups and maybe a bit of grappling. Eastman is a tough son of a bitch, and if Tanner doesn’t come in ready he’s gonna get whupped.

Hey guys quick tech note: Talkshoe seems to be down at the moment, which means no streaming applet to listen to the radio show. If you want to listen to the shows, you’ll have to download them from here for the moment.

If you thought Ali Sonoma was going to win the award for dumbest statement of the year … you’re right. But now we definately have a second place winner:

ADCC: David talk about your last fight with Ryoto Machida.

DAVID: Honestly, it all boiled down to him sticking to his game plan and me deviating from mine. The plan was to be smart no matter how many boos I heard. I knew going in that his style would possibly make for a slower pace, so the plan was to be patient. I got bored about a minute in and my plan went out the window (laughs).

ADCC: In a perfect world for David Heath, what happens on August 25 and the Octagon cage closes?
DAVID: Ideally, I would like to sub him. That’s not my pan at all though so that may be tough. I’m sure we will spend some time on the ground though. There are still a few goofballs out there that still think because you don’t train at a BJJ school that your outmatched on the ground by those that do so, it would be nice to do that for them. (laughs)

David Heath subbing Babalu Sobral. That sounds almost as dumb as Matt Serra knocking out Georges St Pierre.

Looks like all of those lawsuits the UFC started a while back are starting to hit the fan. Today’s UFC legal victory is against Total Fight Alliance. What crime did TFA commit that forced Dana White to sic his lawyers on them?

The court found that Total Fight Alliance, promoted by Todd Meacham, infringed on Zuffa’s Octagon trademarks by promoting fights inside an eight-sided cage and utilizing an Octagon for its TFA logo.

Wow. Just wow. Let it be known that the UFC officially owns a polygon. And not just any polygon … the octagon. When you think of it, that’s not too shabby … octagons are way cooler than 9-sided enneagons, and even the mighty 13-sided tridecagon just can’t touch it’s 8-sided sibling. I hope this is a lesson to everyone out in the MMA community that you can’t just USE any shape you want and expect to get away with it.

All us people out here in internet-land should be worried about this scorched earth approach to trademark protection, especially those withUFCin the name of their URLs. Or for that matter, an octagon in their logo. I have to wonder if the only reason Dana hasn’t come after these sites yet is because he’s too busy suing half the MMA promotions out there. Anyways, good luck to you guys … me, I’m already preparing for the day I get nailed for libel / slander / defamation of character / obscenity / hate crimes / etc.

Hello and welcome for coming on my sites. Today lets spend some best times doing whats happy: Gomi and Kid will be our guides! Between these two it’s always ultimate teams. Now lets be curious champions in the sand! While we search for victory lets not forget: take good heart and spirit from everyone and we will all success! We are always good friend. It’s constant.

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