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Evan Tanner’s abandoned boat has become something of a tourist attraction to the folks over at the Underground forum. If I wasn’t two day’s worth of driving away, I’d probably go check it out myself. I wouldn’t be happy with pictures though … I would get all up in there and search for anything Evan left behind … a shirt … a sock. Then I would rub it all over my body and be like “Oh shit yeah. Washed up fighter stank.”

There’s a lot more pictures after the jump

When Gary Shaw came into the MMA world, many people were worried that he was a crooked sideshow carny who would suck the life out of MMA. But like any successful parasite knows, you want to slowly bleed your host over time rather than kill them outright. So while EliteXC is looking pretty good right now, I still don’t completely trust Gary Shaw. There have just been too many warning signs.

One of the main issues I have with EliteXC is they seem to snap up every bad news fighter out there. They bailed Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett out of jail to try and get him to one of their events. And now they’ve re-signed Nick Diaz and signed Kimbo Slice to their roster.

Diaz of course is best known for trouncing Takanori Gomi while high out of his tree. He’s possibly one of the biggest stoners in the MMA world, and thats saying quite a bit considering how bong-happy most jiu-jitsu guys are.

Kimbo Slice is what’s known as a felony fighter … that means he fights guys in parking lots and back alleys for money. Sure he’s gone straight now and sure he looks like the spawn of Shaft and a gorilla … it doesn’t change the fact that he’s famous for illegal brawling.

I can’t pretend all of these guys are evil or don’t deserve to be allowed to fight. God knows I’ve probably smoked a few pounds worth of Mary Jane over the years, and I ran a fight club out of the basement of a club for a few years. Fuck, I’ve even done most of the things Krazy Horse is in trouble for … the only difference is I’m much better at getting away with it. But the fact that EliteXC seems to be booking all the bad news fighters out there sets off warning flags for me.

I’m still shocked that EliteXC didn’t lock up Babalu Sobral the second Dana White sacrificed him to the press gods. My bet is they were waiting for the furor to die down a little bit before getting in there. It’s too bad other less scrupulous promotions got to him before then. Those contracts aren’t exclusive though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Babalu showed up in Shaw’s promotion down the road.

Welcome to Fightlinker University. Today’s course is Retarded Moments in Amateur MMA History. Your assignment for today is to watch the above video. After watching it, answer this multiple choice question:

What have you learned from watching this video:

  • a) Strobe lights should not be used at MMA events
  • b) Amateur referees suck at their jobs
  • c) Houston Alexander is stubborn / stupid
  • d) All of the above

Props to Odsae for passing this video along … thanks man!

Okay, so in addition to publicly shaming everyone who’s holding back on the M-1 story, I sent numerous emails to several different people demanding to know what the fuck was going on. No one would tell me who’s bought this thing but here’s the facts as they stand:

  • It wasn’t the UFC (which is too bad because Randy Couture would have looked really smart then)
  • It wasn’t ProElite (which clears Sam Caplan of hiding the truth from me to satisfy his overlords)
  • It’s not Mark Cuban (I already knew this one … that dude is too busy Dancing with the Stars and throwing mega cards like Ford vs Paulson)

While I wasn’t able to get direct confirmation that Ed Fishman isn’t involved, it doesn’t sound like he is. If Fishman was attached, we’d have already heard about it … that guy is such an attention whore. Basically it sounds like a completely new group, although as Sam Camplan stated in our last post about this, they’re planning on using a known name in the fight industry to publicly head the company. Wouldn’t it be totally wicked if it was Randy? Oh snap!

There’s the facts as they stand now. I’d like to thank everyone who responded after they realized I wouldn’t stop sending 20 emails an hour until they did. You guys are total pushovers. Remind me never to share my secrets with you.

Dana white has been on a rage lately about the interwebs. After UFC 76, Dana White choked with rage and snarled his hatred of the unjust websites that always downplayed his organization’s fighters. Now he’s at it again, blaming internet forums as a place where snake oil and lies are sold regarding the kind of money fighters really make. In this case, he’s specifically saying that Randy Couture thought people were making more money than him based on what he read on the internet:

“This business is like a beauty salon,” he said. “These guys are all the toughest guys in the world, but they’re like (expletives) in a beauty salon. They pass along rumors and gossip, which has no basis in reality and they believe all the (rumors) they hear. The Internet is very powerful and one of the best promotional tools we have, but it’s a crazy place.

Bitches in a beauty salon. I gotta remember that one.

Now I can’t really imagine Randy Couture in front of a computer. He seems like the kind of guy who can handle guns, motors, and heavy machinery at ease. But put him in front of a computer and I bet he tippy taps the keyboard with two fingers and doesn’t understand the concept of a double-click. So to say that he’s getting his information off the internet could be a bit suspect. Of course, I don’t doubt that many of the fighters he talks to on a daily basis DO get their numbers off the internet, so Dana is kinda sorta correct in that way.

But when Dana’s talking about internet and bogus financial information, is he talking about the financial information posted by sites directly from Athletic commission info? Because while I’m sure ‘PuZZyBanGa’ on the Underground may not be a trusted source, I’m pretty sure the Athletic Commissions are reliable. Or is he talking about his personal friend Dave Meltzer, who often comments on the hidden bonuses paid out to fighters?

The truth of the matter isn’t that there’s too much info out on the webs, it’s that there’s too little. Randy Couture said that he felt he was being lied to when the UFC said he was the 2nd best paid guy in the UFC. Obviously if you look at the comparisons between him and other fighters on Athletic Commission scales, you’d be ready to agree with Randy. According to the Commish, Randy made 250k straight win or lose, while Mirko Crocop made 350k straight win or lose. I’m sure Wanderlei Silva told Randy what his deal was worth and I don’t doubt it’s probably around the 250k scale if not more.

But one important bit of information that’s missing are the super secret bonus bucks that everyone’s always whispering about. Randy’s contract contains PPV bonuses that push his pay on a fight up past the million dollar mark. Word is that Randy was one of the last fighters to get this kind of general PPV deal and now fighters are just offered more on the downside instead. While it’s unknown as to if the PRIDE fighters have clauses in there for championship fights and defenses, I can tell you now that Crocop and Shogun haven’t gotten a percent or even a cent from PPV revenue so far.

I don’t doubt that Wanderlei Silva might have a specific deal to fight Chuck Liddell that pays him more than Randy Couture made to beat Gabriel Gonzaga. But it’s important to consider the fact that Silva doesn’t have the same kind of guarantees built into his contract as Randy. If Silva loses, he doesn’t keep collecting sweet paychecks. In fact, past the Liddell fight the only way I can see him making significantly more than what’s revealed on the commission books is if he’s fighting for the belt.

So it’s easy to say the UFC told ‘bold faced lies’ to Randy Couture. But contracts are not simple things. While there will be mega-fights where guys are making more on one occasion, I bet if you put Randy’s contract up against everyone but Chuck’s, he’d come out on top financially in the long run.

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