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Okay, I know soon enough I’ll have to start taking this whole ‘website’ thing seriously and begin covering more than just what I care about. But while I can get away with it, I’m gonna keep avoiding The Ultimate Fighter and not talking about it. Because it sucks big hairy balls.

One thing I will do though is cover TUF6 contestant Mac Danzig’s columns on the episodes. “Wordsmith” is not a term I would use to describe many fighters … most “TUF Diaries” read like grade 3 remedial english book reports with little to no insight. You can really tell who’s brain is run by a hampster on a wheel by checking out these things. But Mac’s is different: every time he gives a lot of insight that you can’t get out of just watching the show.

I remember talking to Joey that morning before our team left for practice and he said something to me like,”Hey man, when this is all over, we’ll be chillin’ together.” I really didn’t understand that he was gonna take off. When we got back from practice that morning, we learned that Joey was gone. This didn’t sit too well with me. It made me realize how negative the effects of being on the show were, and how being in the house was so bad it forced Joey to give up on any of his dreams of fighting for the UFC.It may sound stupid, but this caused me to break down a little bit and change the way I felt about being there.As you will see in future episodes, I was not the happiest of campers.

It definitely is an interesting concept … how miserable does a person have to be to give up their dream like that? The guys that quit and walk away never come back. They might give Danny Abbadi a preliminary match on a TUF finale, but if you quit TUF your chances of fighting in the UFC again are down there with chances of a happy resolution to this Iraq thing. And yeah, I know every time I want to compare something to a hopeless situation, I use Iraq. If you guys can help me out with some alternative comparisons that’d be great because I can’t keep using Iraq for the next 5 to 10 years!

Hi Guys

I dunno what’s up at the moment … I think I’m about to start my period because I think I have PMS. Everything I write today is just angry and lame. There’s probably not much difference between how things normally are, but I’m gonna go take a breather, eat some Chinese food (I’ve set a date for stopping), and try to get some content up later today.

Did you know that being called a homosexual is such an insult that you can sue someone for slander over it? Up until this point it’s mainly politicians and such who take matters to the court when a major newspaper tries to smear them by ‘outing’ them as gay. But now we’ve reached a new milestone in mixed martial arts history: when talking shit about a guy can get you slapped with court papers.

PDG: Last night during the broadcast on Yahoo sports, Frank Shamrock was commentating. When you entered the ring Frank said that you were “The first openly gay fighter in mixed martial arts.”

Josh: Yea I know I have been hearing about that. I think that my agent is in the process of hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit against Frank for slander. We’ll see how that goes.

The reason what Shamrock did is considered slander is because it wasn’t obvious to the average person that this was a joke. That might seem like an unimportant distinction, but trust me it is. That’s why on this site I can call fighters fags and drunks and rapists and molesters and not get into trouble. My site is so obviously retarded that no one can potentially take me seriously. Free speech is designed to protect comedians, satirists, and even low-brow humorists like myself.

On the other hand, Frank Shamrock deadpanned the statement in such a way that he was trying to pass it off as real. As soon as you’re trying to deceive people into thinking something is true that isn’t, and that thing affects another person’s reputation or livelihood … bam! That’s slander for ya.

Anyways, perhaps if this had happened on NBC or something I’d be concerned. But honestly, only the hardcore MMA fans streamed the Strikeforce show off Yahoo Sports. And then only the most hardcore of the hardcore managed to watch long enough to hear Frank’s comment. So yeah, maybe a couple TUF Noobs think Josh is gay. At least they’ll remember who is is now.

**UPDATE** I originally used the term libel instead of slander in this article. Libel is written, slander is spoken. I hope no one is studying for the bar exam using the stuff I write on the blog or they might get that question wrong.

Every time I start to worry that FightOpinion is just turning into a link farm (a link farm for the MENSA members of the MMA community nevertheless), the site kicks into overdrive with some awesome articles you’d never be able to find anywhere else. One of those awesome articles this week is on the financial status of the UFC as determined by Standard & Poors, a premiere financial company charged with assessing lending risk. One interesting tidbit of info:

Operating costs have more than doubled thanks to production costs associated with the two events held in the U.K and an aggressive marketing campaign to establish the brand in the U.K., the scale of which was criticized by the company’s financial officers according to Dave Meltzer. As result the company’s EBITDA as a percentage of gross revenues has fallen to roughly 20 percent for the year thus far.

The fact that the company’s financial officers were not happy with the cost of expansion might explain a few things as to why Zuffa backed down from Japan so quickly. With the cost of doing business in a new country revealed, could it be that Zuffa realized how big of a money pit Japan could be?

The UFC is still doing well on the gates in the UK, and they’re picking up some okay money off TV rights for those shows as well. How well would they have done in Japan? The prospect of no local TV deal and a tiny crowd is enough to make any company rethink it’s plans to enter a market.

There’s no denying that Dave Meltzer knows his shit. His knowledge of MMA history is probably unrivaled except by Jordan Breen, who just knows a lot more about obscure Japanese stuff no one else cares about. This article from Fox Sports has Meltzer droppin science on the Light Heavyweight division, chronicling it’s history. It’s good shit.

But what’s not so good is his vision of the division’s future. Here’s his breakdown of what should happen:

Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin
Keith Jardine vs. Houston Alexander
Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva
Winner of Ortiz-Evans vs. Shogun Rua
Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida

You know why Dave Meltzer is stupid? Because his ideas are different than mine. Here’s how I would set things up:

Tito Ortiz vs Wanderlei Silva, winner gets Quinton Jackson
Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans
Forrest Griffin vs Dan Henderson
Shogun Rua vs Lyoto Machida
Keith Jardine can go fuck himself
Houston Alexander vs Stephan Bonnar

Meltzer admitted that half the universe would groan if the UFC announced Jackson vs Griffin. So why do it? Why not save the UFC78 card by putting Tito vs Wanderlei, and then the winner will fight Jackson? That’s mega-bucks either way: Ortiz/Jackson or Silva/Jackson 3 are two retardo sellers.

You put Griffin against tough as nails Henderson … no one would ever doubt Forrest again as legitimate if he gets past him. Since you’ve put Tito against Wanderlei, you’ve gotta put Rashad somewhere. Why not put him against Chuck? Give Chuck another wrestler to bring him back from the edge. Perfect.

Anyways, these are just my fantasy world pics but they also make a decent amount of sense on the business side. And past that, who really wants to see Jardine / Alexander 2? Rematches are for a year or two down the road, for fuck’s sake.

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