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This is really lame ‘news’, but I figured I’d put it up here to try and avoid getting 1001 emails from people going “OMG LOOK CHUK LIDELL IN A NICKLEBACK VIDEO!!!”

Yes, what exciting news: Chuck appears for a grand total of 6 seconds in this abortion of a music video by Canadian embarrassment Nickelback. Even with the volume all the way down this thing still gave me eye cancer. I’m left wondering why MMA fighters can’t be in cool music videos? Ah well, at least there was that awesome Prodigy video staring Gina Carano. Okay maybe it’s not Gina starring in it. But I can pretend, right?

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Once the UFC’s greatest competition and holder of the best fighters in the world, PRIDE is now reduced to shilling for the WEC. Check out what those bastards at Zuffa have done to Pride’s English homepage. WEC banners everywhere. I’m not one of those hardcore PRIDE fans, but I gotta admit what’s happening here just seems wrong. It’s like squeezing your grandmother’s breast during her funeral. And yes, trust me … that’s very wrong. At least that’s what my grandfather told me when he threw me out of the church.

Well, it was Sean Sherk’s birthday on Sunday. I know what you’re thinking: what do you get someone who seems to have everything? How about a nice extension from the CSAC regarding your steroid charges?

Sherk did not appear before the CSAC panel but his attorney Howard Jacobs requested a continuance for the appeal as he was unable to obtain the proper paperwork in a timely manner in order to thoroughly represent Sherk’s effort of clearing his name and year-long suspension due to testing positive for Nandrolone Metabolite.

With a majority vote the commission granted Sherk a continuance for the next meeting scheduled for October.

“We are going to look at the test results and documents,” said Jacobs after the CSAC granted the extension. “Sean Sherk’s stance is that he did not take steroids. On Oct. 2006, he tested negative for steroids and this recent positive test was a very low level of steroids, so we have to investigate and make sure everything was done correctly.”

Don’t you just love the fact that this continuance was based on the CSAC not providing Sherk’s lawyer with the “proper paperwork in a timely manner”? Here’s where I hate being right … back when Sherk announced he’d picked up Howard Jacobs, one of the top juice-monkey lawyers out there, I predicted Jacobs would drag this shit out as long as possible. Never mind the fact that he’s already making misleading statements regarding the levels of Nandrolone in Sherk’s urine.

Of course, this means Sherk’s belt is once again off the market for the foreseeable future. But hey, who wanted to see BJ Penn fight for the lightweight belt anyways? This is the second time he’s done this. After winning the belt, he immediately took 9 months off to undergo surgery for a pre-existing injury. Sherk actually hid the injury from everyone, knowing that the UFC wouldn’t have given him a title shot if they had known he was going to be on the shelf for more than a year. So thanks again, Sean. You’re single handedly fucking the lightweight division up.

Ahoy, motherfuckers! Prepare to be boarded by yet another salty episode of The Low Blow! In this episode we lament the lack of decent MMA shows, discuss safe oral sex practices, and of course cover Sunday’s WEC event. We also tried to hate on the Tapout show, but it was just too damned hard.

You can download the show by clicking here, or by streaming it on the sidebar applet to your right. Internet Explorer users can find the applet tucked away at the bottom of the page … I don’t know why it’s down there for you, but consider it a sign from God to switch to a better browser. Last but not least I hear there’s this thing called iTunes, and you can sign up for the podcast over there as well.

Yesterday I ripped on Japanese fight companies for their shitty engrish, but one thing I can’t rip on is their impeccable design ability. Here’s a bunch of computer wallpapers based off of PRIDE posters, and damn if they aren’t slick.

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