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Just a quick update: We’ll be recording the next podcast right after watching UFC Fight Night, which means you should be able to get your mitts on it late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who’s been listening and extra thanks to those who have been giving us feedback. It’s the fuel which drives the Hummer that is our ego.

“Research shows that the more you ejaculate the higher your (testosterone) test levels are.” He says. “So have at it.”

For more pleasant mental pictures, go here.

Here’s an interesting little thing: Mickey’s is giving people the opportunity to win a training session with Forrest Griffin. I dunno though … considering what he did to the guy in this video, I don’t think it sounds like a good deal. I can go down to my local MMA gym and have someone kick the shit out of me, thank you very much.

I’m sure many of my regular readers have been waiting for my reaction to the news that Jake O’Brien may have a career ending injury. I’ve made no qualms about hating Jake … I’d rather watch The View or Dutch guys vomiting in each other’s anuses than see him fight. However, I’d also like to say I’m sad to hear his injuries may retire him. He’s boring and I don’t like him, but I’m not a heartless bastard who wishes death and injury on those who practice the ancient art of the human blanket.

Jake, please get better so I can keep talking shit about you. You really suck. Love, Fightlinker.

Today’s business blunder comes from Montreal fighter Jonathan “The Road Warrior” Goulet:

Speaking out recently against his manager and TKO CEO Stephane Patry, Goulet said he feels he has been neglected in recent months. Goulet also believes he will be a champion within the year, regardless of who his manager is, and that he will not fight for TKO again now that his contract is up with the Canadian organization.

Unfortunately, Goulet is forgetting one thing: reality. Stephane Patry is the Canadian Dana White, right down to the ultra-buffed bald head. While he’s not the only way for a Canadian fighter to get into the UFC, he’s definately one of the main guys the UFC turns to for Canadian talent. And Patry is also known as one of few managers the UFC actually likes.

If Goulet hadn’t made a big stink about the split, it may not have been that bad of an idea. Sticking with Patry would mean fighting once every 3-4 months. Now that he’s dropped Patry he’s back at it with two fights in two months. It’s not too far fetched to think a few impressive KOs on the road could bring him back to the UFC sooner. However, when it comes to business I think the best policy is “Slow and steady wins the race”. Another good policy is “Don’t burn your bridges”. ‘Cause you never know if you might have to cross them again, dummy.

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