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If it seems like Randy Couture is training everyone nowadays, it’s because he is. Most of you are worried about a world where Zuffa owns all MMA companies. Me? I’m thinking it’s more likely we’ll see a world where all fighters are part of Xtreme Couture. The only problem with that scenario is apparently Xtreme Couture fighters just don’t lose. Last weekend, Team Couture went 7-0.

So if two guys from Couture’s camp faced off in a fight, would reality explode? This is kinda like that whole “Can God make a rock so big He can’t lift it?” question.

First off, I’d like to preface this post by saying I’m generally a Kenny Florian fan. He smashed Alvin Robinson good and while his win against Thomas was a bit fishy, he really got in Din’s face after Din tried to showboat off him. But one thing I’m not a big fan of is how he’s proud of finishing fights by cuts.

Kenny’s got perhaps the most lethal elbows in MMA … he’ll fuck your face up good if you give him more than 4 inches of momentum on the ground. Now I don’t have a problem with elbows as a weapon … they’re just as legitimate as kicks and punches and shouldn’t be removed because they sometimes cause cut stoppages. My issue is when a fighter actively tries to finish a fight by cutting the other guy. To me that’s about as glorious a way to win as trying to get kicked in the nuts to force a DQ.

A cut stoppage isn’t a ‘real’ win like a knockout or submission. With those finishes, you stopped the other guy. With a cut, it’s the doctors that stop the other guy. While that might earn you a win on paper, it doesn’t prove jack shit as far as I’m concerned.

With that in mind, check this out: Kenny wants people to name his ‘signature move’ elbows. Here’s my suggestions.

  • The Hail Mary
  • The Cheap Win
  • Plan B
  • The Escape Route
  • That thing I do when the other guy is better than me and I can’t win any other way

When it comes to sketchy promotions, there’s two main kinds: the ones that run their shit on Indian reservations to avoid pesky ‘laws’, the the kind that book freakshow matches involving a former boxer (AIDS optional) or felony fighter.

Today’s story is about the CFFC, who is the latter of the two sketchy promoters. Their event on October 12th featuring Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott was rumored to be canceled yesterday, but the promoters have come out and clarified that:

Martinez believes rumors of the event’s demise coincide with the news that CFFC’s deal with iNDEMAND Pay-Per-View had fallen through recently. The show will instead be carried live on the Web, according to Martinez.

“We just lost the iNDEMAND deal,” Martinez said. “I can’t get into [specifics], but we had an investor who backed out.”

Martinez believes the absence of a PPV deal will ultimately work to his promotion’s benefit, both from a financial standpoint and in regards to viewership.

“It’s expensive to be on pay-per-view; it’s going to cut cost,” Martinez said. “I got so many complaints about pay-per-view. A lot more fans will get to see it live now.”

Man, I’m sick as shit of these events being carried ‘on the net’. The last thing I want to do on a Saturday night is hunch over my computer and watch MMA on a window the size of a playing card. I did it for the Strikeforce show and I’m not doing it again. Maybe in 10 years when everyone’s TV is connected to the net and it’s as easy as switching the channel to htwebtv://1129482 then maybe I’ll check it out again. For now though, fuck this shit.

Poor Yushin Okami. If he’d managed to twist Rich Franklin’s arm 20 more degrees it could have been him fighting Anderson Silva for the belt at UFC77. Instead, he’s officially been stuck in a preliminary slot, which means his fight may not be shown on the PPV. To add insult to injury, Eric Scafer vs Stephan Bonnar and last second addition Kalib Starnes vs Alan Belcher will definately make it onto the televised portion of the event.

One would hope this is some kind of data entry mistake, but of course it’s not. After all, why would you ever want to show a fight which could be for #1 contender status at middleweight? That would just be too smart. Congrats for the UFC continuing to sabotage their middleweight division. It’s almost as bad as the heavyweight division was a year and a half ago.

I don’t bother posting about rumored matches any more … I get burned way too much when I do. Take this string of occurrences for example: first it was rumored that Nogueira would face off with Frank Mir. Then Mir was going to fight Kongo. Then Nog was facing Kongo. Then it was supposed to happen on New Years Eve. Now it’s not happening on New Years Eve.

Fucking hell.

So yeah, unless it’s speculation on a major headlining matchup, I’m not gonna waste my time covering phantom bookings any more. But what I will do is speculate on why Nog/Kongo (if it’s actually gonna happen) was moved. The UFC’s shitty situation with UFC78 came about because they ran too many cards in too short of a time period and used up all their names. Between injuries and contract issues (Tito AND Arlovski), they had nothing left to pull out of a hat for UFC78. So my bet is they’ve decided to stop stacking their New Years show and spread the wealth out to other events in January / February to keep from being stuck in that position again.

If that’s the case, at least they’re taking precautions to ensure another ‘New Jersy’ doesn’t happen again.

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