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The ADCC site has an interview with Elvis Sinosic, who just can’t seem to get a break in the world. His record reads like a who’s who of MMA, with Sinosic having his ass kicked by more top tier talent than anyone else I’ve ever seen. Dispite his spotty record, Sinosic almost pulled an upset off against an overconfident Michael Bisping. How close did Elvis come to winning?

ADCC: Talk more about that kimura and what was going through your head and how tight it was?

ELVIS: I pretty much thought I had the fight won and it was over. The kimura was tight, his arm popped. He just didn’t give up. That’s a credit to him and his heart.

Personally, I like Elvis because his fights are never boring and he bleeds a lot. So here’s hoping we see him again soon in the Octagon.

Yesterday I was calling K1 a bunch of retards for trying to sign Ruediger onto their Dynamite show. Why anyone would want to board the Titantic after seeing the incoming iceberg, I don’t know. But common sense said that Ruediger would be stuck in his existing UFC contract or at least a no compete clause from the Ultimate Fighter contract. However, it looks like I am the retarded one. Hot fox Loretta Hunt has the following on the topic:

“The Ultimate Fighter 5″ contestant Gabe Ruediger has been released from his contract with Zuffa LLC. and has had his “administrative suspension” lifted, says Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer, thus clearing the way for Ruediger to compete on June 2’s K-1 “Dynamite” card.

I have to admit that I’m pretty surprised. I had assumed Dana White was secretly happy with Gabe and all the drama he created for the show. There’s no doubt that Ruediger is the best known character on the show. While he did come across as a pussy, he was saved from being Pussy of the Season by Andy Wang, who continues to astound us all with his idiocy. Letting Gabe out of his contract is against the standard ‘Evil Corporation Manual’ the UFC follows, which states “Fighters who annoy or embarass the company should be locked in a dark basement for the rest of their contract, never to be heard from again.”

When it comes to cool chicks who fight, it doesn’t get much cooler than Roxanne Modafferi. Roxanne is like that girl who plays video games, loves surfing the internet, and is always down for a night of naked Star Trek. Except on top of all this, Roxanne is also an MMA fighter, which adds about 5000 cool points. If I was allowed to marry outside of my cult I would totally track her down and woo her.

Anyways, Roxanne keeps a blog of her adventures in Japan. It’s full of insightful fight-related thoughts that could only come from someone with a vagina:

On the day of the weigh-ins, I found myself face to face with my opponent, Shayna Baszler. Unable to produce any sort of evil glare without looking ridiculous, I settled for a thoughtful expression. I hate meeting my opponents before fighting. I fear I’d start to like them and my emotions will effect me when I’m trying to pound her face in. I couldn’t avoid talking to her without being rude, however, and we ended up promising to be enemies before, and make friends after the fights. Both avid fans of Dragon Ball Z, we posed DBZ style during the face-off. I left the weigh-ins forcing myself to mentally imagine kicking her face without feeling bad.

(To the left: Trip Shatfires aka Trip Strychnine, one of Wayne Weem’s ‘MMA wins’. To the right: Homeboy McFuckFace)

Continuing the trend of TUF5 fighters with weak records, it looks like Wayne Weems’ record may be padded with PRO WRESTLING bouts. The obsessive MMATorch guys give the goods, pointing out what should be obvious to anyone with half a brain: ‘Trip Shatfires’ is not a real name (as much as I’d love it to be) and the IWIA isn’t an MMA org but a pro wresting org. Past that, MMATorch has pointed out two more matches which are most likely bogus:

Wayne Weems’ last win is listed as an armbar submission victory over Josh Sobeck (real name Josh Reimers) at Midwest King of the Ring 33 on November 2, 2006. Here’s a recap of a February 2005 pro wrestling show where Nathan Ironside (real name Wayne Weems) beat Josh Sobeck by armbar submission. Since the dates are a year and a half apart, this doesn’t prove anything, but it’s funny that Weems beat Sobeck the same way in an MMA match as he did in a pro wrestling match, and that Sobeck is listed in the Fight Finder under his pro wrestling name.

If you go back to the SCW Website, you can see Johnny Wisdom is listed among the pro wrestling roster with Wayne Weems. Weems is credited with a submission win over Johnny Wisdom on October 26, 2006. Like Trip Shatfires, Wisdom has an 0-1 MMA record with a loss to Wayne Weems. Like Josh Sobeck, Wisdom’s also had pro wrestling matches with Weems.

So I suppose we can just count the days before we’ll see the result ‘TKO : Chair Shots’ as a result in the Sherdog Fight Finder. Thank God ESPN has teamed up with this bastion of accurate MMA sports reporting.

Not content to bore the fuck out of me in the octagon, Jake O’Brien is now boring us in interview format. I was originally hoping he would offer an apology for his fight with Herring and possibly some kind of refund, but this is the best we got:

Explaining his calculated approach on the ground, O’Brien replied: “I knew how good he was at staying out of stuff. Watching his fights and seeing who he’s fought, I knew he was just about impossible to submit. I didn’t want to tire myself out and then get caught in something. After he caught me I went back to what I know best, and I stuck with it since it was working. “

Translation: “I didn’t have the skills to beat him so I lay on top of him and humped him like a drunken fourteen year old.”

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