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The UFC has a history of being the tightest cocksuckers in the business. If they think they can squeeze you for a penny, they’ll try for a dime. They continued this tradition last night by blurring out the logo of their biggest sponsor, Xyience, during the entire Countdown to UFC71 show. Some people are thinking this might mean there’s trouble in the relationship between Xyience and the UFC. My bet is Xyience just wasn’t willing to pay for the exposure, and the UFC will be damned if they’ll actually do anything for free.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done this kind of shit. Tito Ortiz complained that the Punishment Athletics logo is always blurred out on all UFC shows, just another way ‘The Man’ is keeping him down. And of course every time I pull my cock out at the live shows, they blur it out on the DVDs. I’m like what the fuck did I pay for ringside seats?

UPDATE: Looks like all the blurring might have to do with the fact that Xyience is no longer sponsoring Chuck Liddell. Probably because Chuck realized Xyience Cran-Apple tastes like radioactive frog jizz. Or his new contract demanded seven buxom Xyience girls be delivered to his bed every month.

Just a quick update, MMA’s hot and sexy Loretta Hunt (one day we shall marry) has reported that the CSAC has Sakuraba slated to come in on May 23 for his medicals. So it’ll be two more days before he fails. Just thought you guys might like to know.

I goddamn HATE Urijah Faber. Maybe it’s because he’s a no good silver spoon sucking motherfucker. Or maybe it’s because he beats up guys who are too poor to even afford a gym membership at the gym his parents bought him. Or maybe it’s because he’s an 18-1-0 fighter who’s fighting a 3-0-0 guy at the next WEC event. Anyways, I don’t know the exact reason but regardless: Fuck you Urijah Faber. Fuck you and your disgusting chin.

When I heard about the japanese fight promotion Smack Girl I was pretty excited! Now I get to watch a full show of girls beating the shit out of eachother. But man was I ever disapointed. For one thing, where the hell was the pool full of jello? And another, these have to be some of the ugliest girls in Japan. Who would have thought that getting pounded on for a living would result in this? You know things are bad when the hottest chick in the above picture looks almost identical to my roommate Colin. Which is just disturbing. And confusing. Hmm….

Hot on the heels of a story where a shirtless Drew Fickett chased people through a hotel, another side of the story comes out care of a close friend of Drew’s:

One of drew’s training partners (dont know name) was in a bar with drew (both shitfaced). TP says “I don’t like brazilians” Drew says “hey man, you cant say that shit around here”

Kid Peligro’s wife heard this happen and said “I’m brazilian do you hate me” Drew tells her that hes drunk just ignore him and offers to buy everyone a round.

Next thing you know Rani Yahira gets in drew’s face drew offers to buy him a beer and Rani says something along the line of “get that shit out of my face” and slaps it from drew’s hand. Then punches drew a couple times and drew just lookes at him and says “why are you punching me and why do you hit like a fucking bitch?”

Out of nowhere some huge brazilian guy comes up and kicks drew about 5-6x in the leg. drew drops.

Cops come. they ask drew if he wants to press charges and he says nah forget about it.

Drew is now suspended from ADCC for 10 years.

Whoever wrote that story must have done something to drew. I know drew very well and he doesn’t chase people down and try to attack them.

this may be two different stories we have here or someone doesn’t know what there talking about.

although I don’t put anything past drew I don’t think he chased anyone to there hotel room.

Personally, I liked the first story much better. A racist scuff up with rowdy Brazilians will never beat a drunken white trash tear. Lets hope the next Drew Fickett story will be more entertaining. I’m already working on my own version of events, which goes something like this: Drew Fickett is like totally being a dick to these chicks and then I come out of nowhere and am like FUCK YOU DREW and I totally smash his goddamn face in. The chicks are like omg thank you for saving us from that washed out UFC LOSER and I’m like less talk more fuck baby. We go have hot sex with them and like 10 other chicks but not Drew because he’s like dead or something. THE END.

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