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A little snip from The Fight Network regarding the Gracie-Sakuraba match to be held at Dynamite 2006:

Going forward, the CSAC says they have requested FEG bring all of its foreign athletes to the U.S. by May 24 to complete the requisite tests for June 2. For Sakuraba, they have asked he make his way to the States by May 21.

So the question is: Did Sakuraba show up?

Here’s a super secret website, full of such sensitive information any threads started about it on the famous Underground Forums get deleted within minutes. Here’s one of the nuggets of tabloid goodness which rival even Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan in their salaciousness:

For quite some time now, Pat has also been intimately involved with a woman in the local area by the name of Joy Williams. She is reportedly a local stripper (Hooker??) by trade. [Note to self: Do I know any strippers \ hookers who are not involved in the recreational and illicit drug scene?]. She has been passed around the MFS gym like the prize in a box of crackerjacks.

Here’s the first bit of proof that this guy doesn’t know what he’s writing about : the prizes in a box of crackerjacks suck! In fact, no one even eats crackerjacks anymore. What the fuck is this, 1968? Pat Miletich and the gang were out at the ice cream fountain eating sundaes and crackerjacks or some shit?

When you’re checking out this site, try to remember this: people lie all the time about everything. If you listen to what some people say, they’ll have you believe I’m a nobody living in his mom’s basement writing this site and playing dungeons & dragons (second edition, baby). When the truth is I’m a 6’10 handsome son of a bitch and barber to all the MMA stars. I shave and wax both Dana White and Bas Rutten’s heads which is where I get all my scoops and exclusives. Now that is the truth.

Way back in December, made a post about UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste making fun of a nonsense blog entry on her Myspace page:

Sadly, if she were ugly, most people would call her borderline-retarded after reading that. Instead, she’s drop-dead gorgeous, so idiot males like me find it cute and adorable and totally forgiveable.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when interviewed Arianny and asked her this Pulitzer prize winning question:

Q7: once commented that you are “borderline retarded” , you have any words about them?

Now I’m a bit worried … I thought I had found my niche in the MMA blogosphere as the asshole, but the Countdown guys are beating me at my own game. I’m gonna have to get Arianny on the phone and take it one step further: “Yo, TopDude69 posted on the Underground that he’d like to lick your tight asshole, what are your thoughts on that?”

(note: the above picture isn’t actually from GFC … there were less people at GFC.)

From Sherdog:

Gracie Fighting Championships’ sophomore pay-per-view effort was on display in front of a scarcely populated Jerome Schottenstein Center in Ohio’s capital city Saturday night.


A friend of mine who works for the Jerome Schottenstein Center told me that they were informed that they only sold 489 tickets. I have no idea if that’s true.

From The Fight Network:

With roughly 1,200 fans filling the seats in the Value City Arena for the promotion’s second effort in a little over a year, energy and expectations were high for an undefeated Nissen Osterneck (3-0) and Chris Myers (3-7).

All I can say is BRUTAL. Just thinking about the amount of money lost hurts my brain.

My grandmother often asks me why I never come to visit her. “Because you’re fucking boring, bitch!” I say. Sometimes I wish I could slap people through the telephone. Anyways, this sentiment extends past my annoying grandma: old fighters are notoriously boring as well. Last night at the IFL Chicago event, they proved this true yet again as Maurice Smith and Marco Ruas fought in a snoozefest of a fight:

By the time the third round began, at least half of the crowd had left and more were following suit. Those that braved stay behind voiced their displeasure loudly. As in the first two rounds, Ruas got a takedown. Perhaps in an effort to salvage some face, Ruas, to his credit, passed Smith’s guard and then attempted a painfully ineffective north-south choke. The crowd, though, didn’t seem to notice or care that Ruas had bothered to move this time the bout was on the ground, and just booed with abandon.

Of course it’s important to note that roughly 1/3 of the people in attendance were given free tickets, so leaving early wasn’t as big of a deal as if they’d actually paid to show up.

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