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Interesting point raised by the dudes at

There’s a some truth to the argument that Chuck Liddell has made a career out of beating wrestlers and submission artists. He hasn’t faced a dangerous MMA striker since the last time he fought Quinton Jackson in 2003. Before that, Vitor Belfort took him to a decision, as did Russian kickboxer Amar Suloev, undersized Brazilian Pele Landis, and boxer Noe Hernandez.

Here’s a fun little video of Jason “Mayhem” Miller discussing his recent WEC win. He also touches on the fact that he totally reamed his opponent in the nutsack.

David L’Oiseau has had a rough year and a half. So rough that pretty much everyone covering his win this weekend came out with a similar headline:

Holy Shit, David L’Oiseau actually won!

Oh David, it wasn’t always like this. I remember just a short time ago you were kicking ass and taking names. Your elbows were so crazy I used to holler “Is David L’Oiseau gonna have to cut a bitch???” every time I saw you at Tristar gym. I miss the old Crow … here’s hoping this is the beginning of a comeback!

If a grappler wins at the ADCC but no one is there to see it, did he really win? Seriously, where the hell is everyone? This picture is of Absolute Champion Robert Drysdale after his final win at last week’s ADCC. Is grappling like hockey, where you leave 5 minutes before the end of the game to avoid parking lot traffic?

So lets see … which pay per view should we buy in June … UFC72 or Strikeforce? Remember folks, they’re one week apart. Don’t let Zuffa piss in your mouth and call it lemonade. Send a message and at the same time watch an amazing fight card.

When people are talking about the next big MMA organization, one of the groups they often overlook is Strikeforce. Mind you, Strikeforce isn’t tripping itself up trying to be something it’s not (I’m looking at you K-1 Dynamite). Instead they seem to be concentrating on the fundamentals : putting together solid cards and doing proper event promotion. Their upcoming Shamrock vs Baroni show looks like it’s going to be awesome. Don’t believe me? Check out the Strikeforce website, which was upgraded from old and busted to new hotness.

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