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David L’Oiseau has had a rough year and a half. So rough that pretty much everyone covering his win this weekend came out with a similar headline:

Holy Shit, David L’Oiseau actually won!

Oh David, it wasn’t always like this. I remember just a short time ago you were kicking ass and taking names. Your elbows were so crazy I used to holler “Is David L’Oiseau gonna have to cut a bitch???” every time I saw you at Tristar gym. I miss the old Crow … here’s hoping this is the beginning of a comeback!

If a grappler wins at the ADCC but no one is there to see it, did he really win? Seriously, where the hell is everyone? This picture is of Absolute Champion Robert Drysdale after his final win at last week’s ADCC. Is grappling like hockey, where you leave 5 minutes before the end of the game to avoid parking lot traffic?

So lets see … which pay per view should we buy in June … UFC72 or Strikeforce? Remember folks, they’re one week apart. Don’t let Zuffa piss in your mouth and call it lemonade. Send a message and at the same time watch an amazing fight card.

When people are talking about the next big MMA organization, one of the groups they often overlook is Strikeforce. Mind you, Strikeforce isn’t tripping itself up trying to be something it’s not (I’m looking at you K-1 Dynamite). Instead they seem to be concentrating on the fundamentals : putting together solid cards and doing proper event promotion. Their upcoming Shamrock vs Baroni show looks like it’s going to be awesome. Don’t believe me? Check out the Strikeforce website, which was upgraded from old and busted to new hotness.

So it’s official. Sherdog is now providing MMA content for ESPN’s website. I figured this was going to be announced soon … with the swarms of locusts and bloody rivers, this is yet another sign that the end of days is at hand. Now I have to decide if I should find a guest blogger for when the Rapture hits. I guess when it happens I’ll go up to Heaven and those left behind can just read Sherdog’s coverage through ESPN. Hell on Earth indeed.

Not discussed anywhere else is what the UFC thinks of all this. To make a long story short, Sherdog is kinda like that crazy chick the UFC slept with a few times but then crushed. There’s not a lot of bias on the site, but when listening to Sherdog’s radio shows you definitely get to hear a lot of UFC bashing and specific bashing of Dana White. Considering Zuffa likes it’s news coverage sycophantic and ass-licking (soft, light, along the grain, perhaps even a little bit of finger), I imagine they’re none too pleased that Sherdog cracked ESPN before they had a chance to install their own press regime.

-Hat Tip: Mad Squabbles

There’s a saying in business: Timing is everything. Zuffa timed the official release of their UFC73 lineup to coincide with the Mayweather-De La Hoya fight in an attempt to highlight the difference between shitty boxing cards and UFC cards. It was a smart move and good timing; the story was picked up by a lot of fight community bloggers and columnists. However, that timing is now coming back to bite them in the ass.

Just a few days later UFC72 was switched from a free event on SpikeTV to PPV. There’s a whole controversy over who’s decision that was, with the UFC bluntly stating it was Spike’s decision and Spike slyly stating that they “never didn’t not want to not show UFC72 … not”. Spike is lying through their teeth, but I’ll get into that in another post. For now, the ramifications are pretty simple: the UFC has put all it’s pay per view eggs in one stacked basket, leaving UFC72 with a rotten egg no one wants to pay for.

You can’t deny that UFC72 got the shaft because of Zuffa brass’ plan to air it on free TV. I don’t think there has been a less impressive UFC PPV card in years. What I wonder is if they hadn’t released UFC73’s lineup for the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight, would they have transfered some of 73’s weight onto the ailing 72? It wouldn’t have taken much … move one of the two title bouts over and you’ve magically got a card that people wouldn’t call a ripoff. Or perhaps just move Nog vs Herring, which is something no one wants to miss (despite all their bitching and whining about it).

Anyways, I’m sure Zuffa is now looking at the silver lining in all of this: UFC72 is a perfect test to see how many PPV buys they can get with a shitty card.

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