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Those who have been keeping up with Evan Tanner understand that he’s a few sides short of an octagon. Tanner left the UFC over a year ago in order to spend more time on Myspace and to grow what he hoped would become the world’s largest beard. Now he’s now apparently getting ready to stage his return. No word yet on if he’ll keep the beard, but I hope so. Also no word yet on if he’ll be the same Evan Tanner of the past who crushed people’s skulls and drank the delicious goo held within. A lot of his myspace blogs have a bunch of spiritual hippy shit about turning the other cheek and respecting your fellow man. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see if our man has gone soft, or if he’ll fight like the bearded stallion he is!

I’m really happy about this news … Eric Schafer is a big favorite of mine and it sucked to see him fed to Michael Bisping at UFC66. So when they announced Ravishing Red vs the Salty Salmon, I was not happy. Sean Salmon is another fighter who crane kicked his way into my heart, and with both fighters coming off a loss this matchup most likely meant the end of the road for one or the other.

Thank God Schafer’s rib is now broken! This sets things up so that I can continue to see both of these guys fight in the UFC and cheer for them both.

Interesting point raised by the dudes at

There’s a some truth to the argument that Chuck Liddell has made a career out of beating wrestlers and submission artists. He hasn’t faced a dangerous MMA striker since the last time he fought Quinton Jackson in 2003. Before that, Vitor Belfort took him to a decision, as did Russian kickboxer Amar Suloev, undersized Brazilian Pele Landis, and boxer Noe Hernandez.

Here’s a fun little video of Jason “Mayhem” Miller discussing his recent WEC win. He also touches on the fact that he totally reamed his opponent in the nutsack.

David L’Oiseau has had a rough year and a half. So rough that pretty much everyone covering his win this weekend came out with a similar headline:

Holy Shit, David L’Oiseau actually won!

Oh David, it wasn’t always like this. I remember just a short time ago you were kicking ass and taking names. Your elbows were so crazy I used to holler “Is David L’Oiseau gonna have to cut a bitch???” every time I saw you at Tristar gym. I miss the old Crow … here’s hoping this is the beginning of a comeback!

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