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Yeah, that’s Fedor Emelianenko chilling out in a towel in the back. Nope, I have no explanation as to why that guy is lying butt-ass-naked in the snow.

Fedor WTF

Matt Serra is From Long Island – That’s All There is to It

At UFC 168, Long Island native Chris Weidman squared off against Anderson Silva for the second time, and, well, we all know how it ended – with Silva in a crumpled heap on the canvas, clutching his shattered shin and wailing in pain. But if you listen closely in the moments after the bout was waved off, you can hear someone who’s mic’ed up utter in a thick Long Island accent “Fuck him.” Harsh words? Yes, but according to Weidman coach Matt Serra – who confessed to being the voice behind those words on yesterday’s “The MMA Hour” – those words weren’t meant they way they sounded.
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Rest in Peace to the True Father of MMA

Sad news coming out of Hong Kong. Run Run Shaw, the Chinese film auteur and entertainment mogul who founded the world-famous Shaw Brothers production company, has died. He was 106-years old.

Shaw Brothers was the wildly successful studio that produced a seemingly endless supply of cheap kung fu movies for public consumption in the 1970s. But it wasn’t until 1978 when Run Run, along with his brother Run Me (seriously, those were their names) created perhaps the single greatest influence on the sport of MMA as we know it: the multi-martial arts discipline documentary “Five Deadly Venoms“. Continue after the Jump ››

The Value of an MMA Roadtrip

It may come as a surprise to many MMA fans, but there’s a whole side of the sport that exists beyond the confines of the cage. It is an aspect never seen on any pay-per-view broadcast, a world that encompasses more than just the fights, fighter walkouts and the sanitized faux-drama of countdown shows. And Bleacher Report scribe Duane Finley is hopping into his car and driving cross-country to tell it. Here he is talking about this potentially monumental undertaking:
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WSOF Wants to Fight Bellator, Because Why the Hell Not?

Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” is like a magical tree that yields a different, and often succulent, piece of fruit every day. Once, we got to see Jason “Mayhem” Miller have an epic meltdown, and other times we’ve seen fighter after fighter put their feet in their mouths and damage their own careers. Well, today we got a particularly interesting segment with World Series of Fighting matchmaker Ali Abdel-Aziz, who took his time with the figurative conch shell as an opportunity to issue a roster versus roster challenge to Bellator MMA. Yup, WSOF vs. Bellator.
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