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There is a Slight Possibility That Thiago Silva Might Be Out of his UFC 171 Bout

There is a possibility – ever so slight, but it exists – that Brazilian hothead Thiago Silva might not be fighting Ovince St. Preux at UFC 171 on March 15. Silva, it seems, decided to go buckwild last night, and while details are sketchy at this point the facts are thus:

  • He allegedly stuck a revolver in his estranged wife’s mouth and threatened to kill her;
  • He showed up at Pablo Popovitch’s school drunk and threatened his wife and Popovitch with a Glock;
  • Silva went back home, barricaded himself inside, and SWAT had to come down and get him;
  • Silva has access to a lot of guns.

The UFC fighter (ha, not for long) is now in custody and is being arraigned on attempted murder charges.

Quick, someone tell St. Preux that their fight may be jeopardy.

BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz On Ultimate Cartoons

BJ Penn, Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz all compete for cash and prizes on Ultimate Fighting Cartoons episode of Rener Gracie’s TV game show.

Check out “The Prodigy” nail question after question and earn his nickname.

Penn and Frankie Edgar will be coaches on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, and are expected to square off later this year at featherweight.

Henderson, Rua Pose For Interesting Picture With A Camel

Former Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson and ex-UFC champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will try to re-create their epic 2011 battle that resulted in Henderson being declared the victor later this year at UFC Fight Night 38.

Earlier this week, the duo posed for some interesting pictures while in Brazil to make the card official.

That includes a picture with a dromedary, which is a large animal with one hump on its back, on the beach.

Nick Catone Posts Picture Of His Ridiculously Swollen Knee

Nick Catone’s fight with Tom Watson was ripped apart by several members of the “media,” and even his boss, UFC president Dana White.

Well, Catone might have a pretty good reason for struggling to finish out Watson: he tore his ACL.

The New Jersey fighter posted a picture of his swollen knee, with the ligament looking to be about two-or-three times the size of his normal right knee.

“Knee is banged up,” he posted, along with the below picture.

Catone’s decision win was one of 10 on the card, much to the dismay of White.

GSP, Jon Jones “Happen” To Run Into Each Other In NYC

Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones have surely crossed paths on a number of occasions.

However, when they did so this past weekend in New York City ahead of both the Super Bowl and UFC 169, it didn’t seem like they wanted anything to do with one another.

GSP recently left the UFC, vacating his welterweight title in the process. St-Pierre claimed he needed time away to clear his head, and has been seen out and about quite a bit since doing so.

Check out the video, courtesy of the gossip hounds at TMZ below. And make sure to catch the pair of “evil eyes” Jones shoots St-Pierre before “noticing” him there.

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