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Modern Medicine is Great

It’s been less than two weeks since Anderson Silva suffered a horrifying leg break in the Octagon at UFC 168, but the progress of the former champ in his recovery is astounding. Thus far, we’ve seen him grinning with his family around him, and we’ve seen him undergoing some physical therapy. And then there’s the latest pic, posted to manager Jorge Guimaraes’ Instagram and featuring the Brazilian upright and smiling with Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White beside him. If Silva’s recovery continues at this dramatic pace, he may be back in the Octagon by the end of the month!

Anderson Silva Jorge Guimaraes Instagram

Girl Without Makeup Still Hot

Some women live and die by the coating of makeup they fastidiously apply to themselves in their efforts to make themselves into what they think embodies the word “beautiful”. This is, sadly, as true of those who probably need as it is those who are just naturally gifted with good looks. On her Instagram account, UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer – who gets paid to strut around the Octagon holding a sign aloft while smiling and looking pretty – posted a pic of herself without makeup. And believe it or not, she looks nothing like the Medusa of Greek mythology, so gazing upon it won’t turn you to stone!
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Matt Brown Isn’t Too Smart

Matt Brown has been kicking ass in the UFC for a while now, and his win streak – which is spawned from his toughness and ability to beat the crap out of opponents – extends to February of 2012. But for all his accomplishments in the cage, and talent and ability when it comes to throwing down, he’s still just a dude who gets punched in the head for a living.

Case in point: the debut episode of his “Legit Man Shit” podcast, which features him and a couple buddies rapping about whatever. Sure, that’s par for the course for the countless podcasts out there, but things go off the rails when Brown starts in on the subject of female MMA, and what he wants to see if he’s shelling out money to watch the pay-per-view. Said Brown, “I just think this, if I’m [going] to pay $60 for a pay-per-view to watch women fight they should at least be topless.”

You can listen to the podcast here:

It goes without saying that dumber things have been said in podcasts. In fact, just Google the word “podcast” and you’ll come up with so much dumb stuff your computer might explode. But Brown is unique in the podcast world because he’s a UFC fighter on track for a title shot, and regardless of whether or not he ever wins a title (which, given that his division of welterweight is now wide open, is possible), he’s just denigrated his co-workers Ronda Rousey, Sara McMann, Miesha Tate, et al., and demeaned all that they’ve brought to the Octagon.

If there’s a couch in Brown’s household, he should be sleeping on it in lieu of in bed with his wife.

Everyone is allowed their own opinion, no matter how idiotic that opinion may be. But Brown sweats, fights and bleeds alongside a number of women who put no less an effort into their work as he does. He should respect that – and respect their side of the sport – if for no other reason than he’s got an opinion people will listen to above others. Otherwise, he’s just another clown spewing ignorance.

Brock Lesnar – Blah, Blah, Blah

Going into UFC 168, talk abounded on the possibility that Brock Lesnar could come back to Octagon competition. “Did you hear? He’s in Las Vegas! He meeting with Dana White!” But of course, the images of Anderson Silva shattering his own leg and being carried out of the cage – possibly forever – made us forget, or even care, about the comings and goings of a former heavyweight champ who’d left the world of real combat for the realm of pro wrestling fantasy. And yet, the whispers did linger, and eventually returned to become a meta-story consisting of a lot of “he said/she said” but not a lot of cold, hard facts.

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Yeah, that’s Fedor Emelianenko chilling out in a towel in the back. Nope, I have no explanation as to why that guy is lying butt-ass-naked in the snow.

Fedor WTF

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