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Lest Ye Forget, Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva I

They met back at UFC 162, and at Saturday’s UFC 168 they shall dance once again. I’m talking about Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva, who provided 2013 with one of its most memorable moments in the cage. What’s that? You don’t remember how the first fight went down? Well, I got you covered.

Ronda is Fighting This Week – You Ready?

If not, here’s a little primer. Remember, Ronda Rousey is not just defending her belt at UFC 168 against Miesha Tate, she’s also the face of female mixed martial arts.

Some MMA from the 1980s

Because it’s Sunday, and why the hell not?

The TRT Mess

With the news of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva being just the next fighter the UFC has given a permission slip for anabolic steroid (testosterone) usage, it’s no surprise that the most vocal supporters of UFC are coming out of the woodwork to try to defend the company — and defend steroid usage in combat sports.

And I am here to tell you, as I have the last two years, what a giant political loser this argument is.

Sam Genovese wrote an article titled How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept TRT. The article encapsulates pretty much every argument you can find online in defense of testosterone use in the UFC, albeit in a more concise & honest approach.
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UFC 169 vs. the Super Bowl? Uh-Oh

When the NFL announced the Super Bowl at Metlife Stadium in the New York/New Jersey area for February 2014, you could hear the screams from Madison Avenue. An outdoor stadium… in the Northeast… in early February… for a sporting event that only rich fat cats & corporate executives can afford to buy tickets for. Big Apple or not, Metlife Stadium isn’t exactly the kind of warm-weather climate you envision for the biggest sporting event of the year.

It’s not just the suits who are unhappy about what’s coming at Metlife. Fox, which will be heavily invested in the broadcast, has analysts who are less than pleased. Terry Bradshaw gave a piece of his mind when talking about the weather and the traffic. Who can blame him?

And if those first-world problems aren’t enough of a hassle, you have the Super Bowl committee at Metlife admonishing any potential fans from tailgating in the parking lot. Must be un-American or something. We wouldn’t want the parking lot to smell like Kansas City BBQ or have cars blocking the limos carrying the A-list celebrities who won’t even bother watching the game itself.
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